Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weekend Finds: Feminine and Lovely

It is an early Saturday evening and I am taking a moment to share my latest finds with you. Monday is going to be a busy one... it is my last day of teaching a dance class at Bebe's school. We are having cookies and punch and the parents are invited to see what the girls learned.
So without further ado:

Lots of pretty, feminine things. 
Vintage needle point kits. (2)
(I never see those still in the box, unfinished)
American Sweetheart depression glass serving bowl
(My sister may want this so we'll see!)
Shenango china transfer dish
(Perfect for soap)
Austrian perfume bottle
Lovely tapestry style evening bag
Small German Floral Pitcher
We found a bunch more...
More for the retro Etsy shop.

I'll be back later in the week!
Don't miss Tuesday's Let's Talk Vintage!
I'm sharing my long awaited find
from a couple weeks ago
with y'all.
Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Vintage Finds of the Week #8: A Mid Century Throw Back: Lamp and Diorama Ornament

Hello my vintage loving friends!
Today I'm sharing a few "Vintage Finds of the Week!"

This past weekend we were up in the Adirondack mountains searching for vintage treasures.

And treasures we found! Our sweet little thrift shop in the woods moved to a larger building.

There were so many I can't even show them all... but did manage to get a few things photographed for you, mostly of retro and mid-century modern pieces that I sell in my retro Etsy shop here.

Check out this Anchor Hocking tulip pitcher.
Named for the shape of a tulip flower
on the side.  Love this color blue!
 It is listed here on Etsy.

These "spaghetti" decorated glasses
caught my eye...
and the holder too.
There were only five glasses but the holder
can carry 8. What would you do?
Sell them separate from
the holder, I think?

Some retro jewelry.
I love the owl necklace as
it comes with a smaller, "baby" owl
pendant, too.

lamp shouted
"Take me, take me!"
Really it did. I heard it.

(Now these items fit little bit more into
my website
... but some crossover.)
A couple of hand blown cranberry
 glass serving pieces, german china
salts for a celery set, and some more jewelry.
Can you tell I love things that sparkle?

And speaking of sparkle...
There was a whole section for Christmas
items and we found a large storage box
with two layers of ornaments.
Mostly old, but some new.
I took out my favorites, above, to keep.
I couldn't resist the lovely pink
and aqua pastels!
I found the tray the same day, too.
 But the best find in that box of old ornies
I've checked them out on eBay and some of the
prices were crazy high. The average seemed
to be about 35.00 - 60.00 so I priced
mine on Etsy at 39.00. I like to pass on
the savings if I get things at a great price.
I'm really busy now taking inventory, listing,
and packing current orders...
The kind of busy I enjoy!
I'll be back soon.
Enjoy the day!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage #33: Stepping Back in Time Along the Jersey Shore

Hello and welcome to Let's Talk Vintage! This is where a whole lot of bloggers get to join in and link up together. We share our vintage stories, creative posts, items we sell, or things from the past that inspire us.

Today I'm sharing a beautiful old hotel we stayed in, a couple of weeks ago - along the New Jersey shoreline.

Check out some of what I captured for you:

As soon as you walk into the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City, NJ, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, you are greeted by a sense of nostalgia and are immediately transferred back to the 1920's. 

(The name refers to an American Cemetery in Belgium,
where American soldiers from World War I are buried.)
 This hotel was built in
the Spanish Mission Revival style.
There used to be a large salt water 
pool in front, along the boardwalk.

Did you know that Grace Kelly had
 a summer home in Ocean City, NJ?

Here is how the Flanders looked when I took a photo
in 2009.  Didn't think about the
telephone poles when I snapped this shot!
Note the pool has been replaced by
amusement rides and shops.

The lobby is decorated using antique furniture, lighting, and museum-like displays in old, elegant gold picture frames.

And this beauty by a baby grand piano. You see, the Flanders hosts many weddings... the beach is a popular place to get married. Now I know I took some pictures a few years ago of a wedding taking place outside, but out of the thousands of photos in my computer, it's like finding a needle in a haystack!

I love the display on this wall. They took old postcards and blew them up, framed them, and then used them as a focal point for this old antique bathing suit.
Here is another oldie but goodie.
Sorry about the glare!
I zoomed in on this photo to show you
this amazing green and pink marble
clock in the lobby. I'm sure the marble 
is European... is it Italian? Who knows!
All I know is that it is gorgeous!
Here are some of the old menus, Memorial Day and July 4th, in particular... the summer holidays.
I actually used to live right next door to this hotel,
in an apartment , on the boardwalk.
Back in my twenties, when
I was a struggling local TV producer.
I remember during a "Nor Easter" the water
had risen so much I had to go through the hotel
to get back up to the boardwalk so I could
get into my apartment. This hotel has
weathered many storms, especially
Hurricane Sandy, not too long ago.
I'm going to leave you with this gal,
the mermaid of the old Flander's.
Actually, I'm guessing this is a newer
lamp, but I could be wrong.
And by the way, here is a shot the
living area of our suite. It was lovely!
Hope you enjoyed my mini tour!
Here are this week's LTV features:
took us on a tour of Magnolia Ridge Farm's antique
and art gathering. (Try and say that five times fast!)
Her post makes we want to go to this fest
next year!
and Wisconsin Magpie shared her rummage sale finds.
This old A&P peanut butter container has my mouth
watering for some old fashioned goodness.
shared how to make a button pillow.
Thanks so much everyone, your posts
continue to inspire me... each and every one!
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Now, it's your turn for this week.
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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Reflections

Memorial Day
A kick off to summer, right! That's what I always thought.
But the older I get the more I realize it is so much more.
It is a time to look back, remember, and have a grateful
heart. Someone, maybe related to you, or someone you've never had the chance to meet, had the courage to stand up for the values our country was founded upon.
So when the hot dogs and the chips are handed out
take a moment to say "Thank you" to all
those who have served and sacrificed so we can
be free. I know I will.
Have a great week, I'll be back for
"Let's Talk Vintage!" Tuesday mornings at 9.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vintage Finds of the Week #7: And a Few Good Deals!

Another week flew by ... which brings me to another "Vintage Finds of the Week!"

Lots of neat treasures but I am behind in my picture taking so this is going to be a short version this week!
First we have an antique book from 1900 .... The Cradle of the Republic.... a book about Jamestown and the James River. Fascinating! Early history of America right there. I found them listed on for 100.00.... and new versions for 50 to 60 dollars. I'm thrilled to have found it...
and would love to read more about it before it sells.
Then we have the cobalt butter pats in the next photo. Be still my heart! Four of them in good condition. At a price so good I almost said "NO WAY!" but we had spent a bit of time and money at this dealer's sale so I think he was happy.
Then, what I believe is a Russian hymnal, but printed in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Guessing it was for mass or church services, I hope. (Good grief, who knows what it reads... it is printed in Russian! I tried an online translator, to no avail.)
And my favorite.... the celluloid covered glove box. Which I just realized I mentioned in my last post.
 Then for my Antique Retroactive shop on Etsy I found these:

Anyone ever play Mah Jong before?  It looks really complicated but I've heard if you get the hang of can be quite addictive.

While we were at the Jersey shore last weekend I happened to find this little charmer. An ice bucket... with "France" embossed on the bottom. I'm guessing it is made by Arcoroc. Really, really wanted to keep it for the lake house.
I just might still!

I've listed most of these in my Etsy shops:

The Jamestown book has already been listed here
The cobalt butter pats are here
The ice bucket is here
The Mah Jong game is here
And the Russian hymnal is here.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about my latest finds...

I'd love to hear about your exciting finds as well.
Drop me a line!

Enjoy the day!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage #32: A Hunting We Will Go

Hello and welcome to Let's Talk Vintage! If you found your way here, then you are probably into vintage as much as the rest of us here today.

This is where we link up our favorite finds, collections, vintage inspired projects, old recipes, etc.

Today I'm sharing a few snapshots I took along the way during a "vintage hunt" last week.

These photos are from a local antique mall
about 15 - 20 minutes away from me.
I usually find a couple of
nice things for my shops in here.
I brought along a friend and
she and I really lost track of time.

Taxi anyone? I love this because it is not only graphically interesting, but it is also being used as a lamp.
Smile and say "CHEEEEEEEESE!"
Vintage cameras never go out of style.
Always fun!
My favorites are the kind that "Fold out."
Another treasure trove of antique photographs.
Love the pictures of the little ones.
So sweet.
And this large painting caught my eye...
which looks like a street scene
from Paris in a nice old chippy shabby frame.
The dealer has it resting on a mantel.

Here are some of the things I found:
An old celluloid covered glove box.
And it came with all of these
wonderful glass topped pins.
A sweet little mug which reads
 "A Present" on the side.
There is one more piece I'm going to
share with you for next week's
"Let's Talk Vintage!"
I was so excited to find it...
I've been looking for it for
a long time...
Curious yet?
Stay tuned!
Here are this week's features:
Last week, Penny of Penny's Vintage Home,
shared her vintage finds from
an estate sale. Good eye, Penny!
shared her garden centerpieces
using thrifted and found items.
and Cozy Tea Cottage shared
some fabulous teacups with us!
Thanks so much to everyone
for joining me!
Now it's your turn:
Let's Talk Vintage!

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Pink Peony Perfection

A Mother's Day treat ... look at this beautiful, gorgeous, amazing pink peony.

I'm not really sure what variety it is... but it is the biggest bloom I've ever seen.

I love pink peonies. We used to have them at our last house. I'd always make a bouquet of them and place them on the porch.

One of our favorite things to do was to sit on the porch in rocking chairs (And I was still in my 30's then,) light candles in the evening, and have wine with a cheese and fruit tray.

We can't grow peonies here because we live in the woods. There's just not enough sunlight. Well, I thinke we have some growing but it has never flowered.

The Hubs was visiting the neighbors and noticed the beautiful blooms. They gave him one to take home because he remembered how much I like them!

Taking a closer look, look how delicate
the petals are. We know, from experience,
 that the feel of them is soft and silky.
I am reminded again, how beautiful flowers are.
How man cannot make something this amazing.
It comes from a tiny seed! If I really think
about it, which I do, it blows my mind!
God is good. Really good. Can't even describe how good. In awe, every time.
Pink. Peony. Perfection.

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Today is our anniversary! 11 Years together!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vintage Finds of the Week #6: Patriotic Summer

This week I unknowingly bought a bunch of summer themed items... perfect timing though to head into summer with a few patriotic treasures in stock.
From a silk embroidered postcard sent by a soldier in France, to a souvenir pitcher from Independence Hall in Philadelphia, I've hit the patriotic jackpot!
 I'm not sure I want all of these goodies to sell.
 I love decorating with ribbons and patriotic themes...

I also found a Statue of Liberty souvenir ... and three Atlantic City souvenirs. Looks like dealers were doing the same thing... loading up with summer themed items.

Summer also means taking time out for reading ... I found a stack of books which includes "Gone with the Wind" and "The USA in 1,000 Photos." I might be taking the book on the USA to the lake house.

Now this is not part of the theme, but totally irresistible! Found at a yard sale.... for ...get this....
20.00! I couldn't decide... sell or keep?

Keep of course! (It didn't take me long to decide, obviously!) I have it in my office already ... I love it and it holds so much of my newly acquired china and teacups. The question is ... To Paint, or Not to Paint?

Most of my new finds are already in my Etsy shop, and soon to be loaded on to

Hope you found some great finds too, I'd love to hear about it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage #31: Antiquing Small Towns

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage! Today I'm taking you along to see what we did for Mother's Day this past weekend... 

The Hubs, Bebe, and I took a one tank trip to my In-Laws for a dinner date. Then, as we all would have it, we did a little antiquing in some neighboring little towns.

I love small towns. From the quaint feel to the fantastic history of early America, I'm right at home.

My In-Laws have had the antique bug for decades. They love 'em as much as the Hubs and I. I always learn something new when I'm with them because they know a lot more about some of the earlier antiques than I do. I welcome their insight!

The first stop brought us to this sleepy little town. It was a hot Sunday afternoon and it seemed just right to be sitting on a bench sipping a lemonade but we realized it's not even summer yet!

We made our way in to this shop.

Look how the owner used a vintage suitcase to display old photos. A perfect pairing.

And here... old bottles....

And here.... my favorite kind of books! Ahhhh, be still my heart.

I also noticed the owner of the shop had lots of art work for sale. Every area of the walls was covered with a piece of local art or by an amateur artist. Some of them were pretty good!

And now for this week's features:

Last week Rita of Panopoly took us on an old home tour during her time at a homemade barn style wedding. Everything was amazing! Thank you, Rita!

and Anne's Attic was having fun making her own signs. I "believe" they look great!

And Sheryl at Red Tin Inn shared this awesome Singer sewing machine. I am not an avid sewer but I love these old machines. Something about them just speaks to the inner woman in me. Kind of like how men feel about power tools!

We went in a couple more shops to satisfy our curious antique souls... It was a great time and I'll show you later on in the week what we found. Thanks so much for coming along with us!

Now it's your turn: Let's Talk Vintage!

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