Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Let's Talk Vintage: What is Selling in Brick & Mortar Shops?

Hello friends!

 Hope you are as excited 
about SPRING coming as I am! 

Today I'm sharing what things are moving 
in our brick and mortar shop. Now, that being said, 
we are in the North East, and what is selling here may not be selling out on the West Coast. But it is fun sharing and reading about it all so let's keep going...

We sense a revival, an awakening in the shop, as folks come out of the winter season ready to work on their homes. It is really an exciting time. The landscape changes and so does our mood, thanks to Mr. Sun!

So what is selling in the vintage 
world of brick and mortar shops?

We've noticed home decor, DIY projects, 
and spring things are moving right now.

Farmhouse items are still moving. Signs, accessories, kitchen scales, ironstone, industrial lamps, metal containers, etc.
What really hasn't been moving for some time now, is china.  Most folks are downsizing and the younger generations aren't acquiring any of it. People come in and tell me they have tried to give it to their children and they say "no one in the family wants it." Same thing with glassware. I'm sure there are some who collect it, but the majority are passing on it.  Will this trend change? Only time will tell! Things do have a tendency to come back around. And there are true classics like the Blue Willow above!

Signs are still a popular item! Hand crafted or mass produced, they are always a hit.  I did not make the one above, but I am working on creating my own.  I bought a Cricut and it is a whole other world that I am starting to get into. I'll do another post on that later!

Upcycled and Repurposed Items 

Anything that has been made from something, out of something, or a creative re-use is very popular. 

We've made chalkboards out of old cabinet doors,

old doors into signs, wire baskets into shelves, 

old wooden ironing boards into storage caddies, etc. It can be a lot of fun being creative and watching them being discovered by customers is a great reward for a job well done.

Greenery and floral items are also always ending up at the check out counter. 

I love decorating the shop with it too! A win/win this time of year.

Enjoy the birth of a new season and I'll be back to share some of our furniture makeovers and sign making projects!