Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Antiquing Trips ~ Pennsylvania ~ Reed & Barton Trophy Bowl

There's no denying it. One of my favorite things to do is explore. And I'm not talking about with a pair of hiking shoes, a backpack, and the sun to guide me. I'm talking about a pair of comfy shoes, a handbag, and a vision. I'm talking about antiquing.

We recently stopped at a tiny little store near Abbottstown, Pennsylvania. Kind of jammed full of trinkets and odds and ends....perfect really, for finding that "something special." But you have to dig. And dig I did!

This little Reed & Barton silverplated bowl caught my eye. ( That and some silver napkin rings, souvenir spoons, and a pastel McCoy mixing bowl set.) It wasn't easy to see because it was wrapped up in a plastic sandwhich bag which was stapled shut. At first, I just thought it was a minature sized version of a bowl I had at home, which of course, made me love it instantly. Then I noticed it was marked Reed & Barton. Then upon further inspection I noticed it was a trophy! Truly charming!

Some of the designers in the decorating magazines use them for wonderful bookshelf displays, vignettes, etc. I love to pass on the treasures I they may find the right home. Since my new website, Bella Rosa Antiques is not quite ready yet, I have listed it in my online auction, here, in case you are looking for trophies like this to add to your collection.

Of course, if you are an avid antiquer like myself, you know how much fun it is to find something "special"... which only means you are even more eager to go exploring, again, and as soon as possible! Maybe I do need those hiking shoes and a backpack. . .

Friday, February 8, 2008

Oh so Bella! ~ Antiques From a Local Auction

Thrilling! This is the word that comes to mind when I think of my time at the auction. I actually had to attend TWO different auctions because the first one resulted in only a few great finds.
The first day I was able to bring home a lovely Tole handpainted roses tray, some vintage jewelry, an old and very beautiful marriage certificate, the cutest child's chair, an old German Testament, and some glassware items.
But then yesterday I went again to a different auctioneer and wow, I was just filled with anticipation. There were so many things I wanted to bid on, I had to write a list. I did manage to bid on and win several of the things I wanted. Yay! One of my favorites is this gorgeous, vintage ROSE collar box, seen in the photo below. There were collars inside, too! This was definitely "Bella Rosa!"
I also love vintage jewelry and I brought home several pieces that I just fell in love with. Rhinestone earrings, necklaces, pearl necklaces, bracelets, clear and colored crystal necklaces, and LOTS of sparkly pins. I love to decorate my denim jackets with the pins, but during this time of year, my dress coat.
Some of the other vintage finds: evening bags, an extremely tall hat pin holder, even taller hat pins, a very old photo album, a roses fan, sterling pieces, perfume bottle, mini decorated shoes, prints, and a very kitschy kitty kat string holder.
Some of the "jazzy thoughts" I received (from some very bella bloggers) helped tremendously. This may lead to a "request list" on my website. This way, if you're searching for something, tell me, and you just never know, I may be able to find it.
Well, there are more finds that I did not show...some things need to be a surprise! But, as the inventory grows, so does my excitement to begin my new venture. And as usual, I'll post the latest update on my blog.

Monday, February 4, 2008

What Antiques Would You Like to See?

The time has come! Time to start adding to my inventory!

I have to admit, this might be my favorite part. Shopping! What gal doesn't like to go out and spend a little money?

So, I'm asking for some of your input. What type of antiques would you be interested in on Bella Rosa Antiques? There are a couple of auctions coming up this week, and I am heading there with goals in mind.

Something vintage classy, like this?

Or cozy and cottagey like an artist made vase full of colorful flowers?

Or something fun and nostalgic like a vintage piggy bank or other figurine?

Or if you're like me, you like old books:

Or for the entertainer; classic vintage dinnerware and flatware:

Or for the VERY refined settings:

Or basic items chock full of vintage patina like old keys?

I'd love to hear from you all....tell me what you LOVE! I'll be sure to look for it. And thank you so much for all of your support on my new website. Coming soon!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Moving Right Along & A Very Bella Recipient

We're getting closer and closer to having the first steps complete in the construction of the new website. Pretty soon I will be able to see what Arlene of Retro Boutiques has created for me.

Yesterday I went on a little buying trip as well. Found some pretty things I thought you might enjoy. I'm going to keep them a surprise for now...but just think vintage sassy with beaded, sparkly, and some additional shine!

For another post I'm going to ask for requests and find out what YOU are interested in seeing. This way when I am attending local auctions, estates sales and roaming area antique stores, I can find what you might be looking for. Or just leave me a comment on my blog, anytime and I'll add your name and item to my list.

And in closing for today, I would like to link you back to the winner of my "A Very Bella Giveaway," Carol of Sassafras & Lulu. Her photo is just too cute. I'm not sure who enjoyed the giveaway more, the giver or the receiver!