Friday, October 24, 2008

Auctioning For Vintage Treasures

We all know yard sales can be great places to find long lost vintage treasures, but local auctions are where the GOOD stuff is found, although sometimes pricey.

There is something about an auction that gets my heart pounding...the anticipation of what I may be able to bring home for either my own personal collection, or to resell to you. I hurry in as fast as I can so I can get a good look at what is on the tables before I "miss" something wonderful as it passes through the auctioneer's podium.

As usual there are many things that catch my eye. If it is an item I REALLY want, I will bid as high as I can to obtain it. One of my favorite auctions to go to in Central Pennsylvania is HORST Auction. Generally I find very nice items here, but sometimes pricey because we are bidding along with dealers who have stands in Adamstown, PA, the "antique capital" of this area.

Unfortunately that means we have to pass the price along to the customer. This is what makes antiques unique and fun however, if there is a high demand for the item, the higher the price. Otherwise, I pass the savings on to the customer. I'm not out to make tons of money, I just enjoy buying and selling. Mostly, dealers have to play it right so they don't lose money.

And if I think an item would fit perfectly into the Bella Rosa Antiques theme, I will wave my number high and keep bidding until I get it. As they say in the biz "going once, going twice, SOLD!" And there is goes...tucked away, neatly wrapped in my carrier and out the door waiting to find just the right person who will give it a good home.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Antiques & Collectibles

What is it about antiques and collectibles that draws us to antique shops and malls in nooks and crannies in far away places? For me, it is the nostalgic look back into the past. Seeing a glimpse into a time I never knew. Reading about what life used to be like and finding their actual tools or instruments or playthings really make it fun to browse.

What do I buy? Well, I love so many different items for my, vintage or retro kitchen items (especially when found in PINK,) vintage beaded evening bags always catch my eye, pretty porcelain pitchers with floral or rose transfers just to name a few. I have a growing collection of vintage books from the late 1800's so when I can find one in good condition for 5.00 or less, I add it to my purchases. This makes it challenging and fun to set a low price and hope to find one in my travels. I have found most of them in New England, either on the way to visit my Father in Maine, or on the way back in New Hampshire, Vermont, etc.

Recently I have started collecting crystal pieces. I'm not sure what it is but I like the heavy glass in the pretty cut patterns and the way they sparkle in a china cabinet.

What do you like to collect? Leave me a comment or two about your collections or love of all things vintage!