Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Prayers Please

Taking a little break from blogging and listing the rest of my new items this week. I thought I could get it all done but the realization hit me this past weekend that it will have to wait.

My dear Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer recently and my Sister and I are taking her for surgery. The doctors say this is a slow growing cancer so she should be okay. Singing praises it is not an aggressive form!

Just simply asking for your prayers this week as we move forward.

Thank you all, my friends!

Be back soon.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Big Dining Room Reveal: The Impossible Metamorphasis!

It is finally here! My big dining room reveal.
Joining with Thistlewood Farm to share my reveal.
Doing the impossible is the theme!
What seemed like impossible became well, a real vision.
Big thanks go out to my Sweet Hubs.
He did a lot of work on trim, crown molding and three different paint colors.
We used Behr from Home Depot.

Without further ado we have the before:

Quite cluttered  and not very well thought out.(This is how it looked right after Christmas)
We had moved in almost six years ago and when the furniture was delivered we weren't ready for it nor had we painted yet.

Then time flew by and the next thing you know, I'm pregnant and the dining room took a back seat.

Well, more than a back seat...it ended up in a remote location in Siberia because that is how impossible it seemed that we were ever going to tackle it.

Then out of the blue, hubby was inspired and decided RIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS, he was going to get it done.

So, not wanting to wait any longer, I said "OKAY, Yes!!!!"

And now drum roll please......

Are you ready? Are you ready?

Here it is:

 We went with a brown color from Behr called "Soft Chamois" and added a chair rail.

We moved the china cabinet to the other side of the room which was questionable since the wall was so much smaller. I just had to try it out because it felt like the cabinet overwhelmed the room  before.
I was so pleased when it seemed to fit "just right" here!

 I'm still working on adding in some deep reds. Like for the curtains and maybe here in the table runner. More to follow in the near future!

 Love the detail on the chair rail.

 Sissy cat wanted to share in on the big reveal today too!
 The ceiling is painted a lighter taupe to offset the crown molding.
We haven't decided on a new chandelier just yet.
I'm still mulling it over.

After shopping in several stores for a new mirror, I ended up using my own mirror from the living room.

 Just look at the faux wainscoting hubby created! It was a lot of cutting, painting, and arranging.
These are not full panels that you just nail on....he had to create the look piece by piece.

 This is the view from the windows.

My china cabinet was full of figurines, mismatched plates, etc.
I decided to start editing out pieces to create a more "cohesive look."
China plates, goblets, and crystal were staying.

I have my eye on a corner curio for my figurines and special pieces.

I'm really happy with the new cohesive look now!
It felt really good to clean out and streamline.
(There is a cheetah figurine still sitting there, I decided he could stay since he fit the color scheme.)

From Kohl's, mahogany wood frames filled with black and white photos of a teapot...
and a teacup from my shop.

So, there you have it.
I really enjoy being in here now!

I hope you enjoyed my reveal.
It really was a big deal for us to accomplish this.
I'm usually too busy taking care of Bebe or running my website to stop and work on my house. It felt good to get it done!

Check out the other projects and impossibilities over at this really amazing blog Thistlewood Farm and her partner blogs!
I'm off to hang out in my new dining room.

Also linking with Metamorphasis Monday.
I'm so excited I actually have a project like this so I can join the party!
(Update: I can't seem to find today's post on Between Naps on a Porch for MM?
Not sure what happened to her linky party today.
I'll try again later...)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine Gifts Using Antiques Like... Old Skeleton Keys and Other Fabulous Ideas

The other day I was searching for a Valentine's Day card template online for Bebe's preschool class. Of course I was distracted and happened upon a BHG page about making your own Valentine gifts.

And of course I couldn't tear myself away when I discovered they were showing how to use antiquey things in the gift presentation.

I just HAD to share them with you for Pink Saturday!

We'll start off with the skeleton key gift topper. Love this idea...and well, I just happen to have some old skeleton type keys for sale in my shop, here.
As in "Here is the Key to My Heart."

Now why didn't I think of this one? Buy a pretty arrangement at the grocery store and present them inside a vintage teapot or creamer. Or even a vase!


(I also have some lovely and unique vintage china to check out at BellaRosaAntiques.com, in case you're looking.)

 I'm not sharing my age here but I do remember playing 45's on a little turntable when I was a kid.

This idea of using an old record with a love song title like Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love" is just precious!

And making up a crafty box of neat little supplies looks like a lot of fun to do!
Wooden spools are hard to come by these days....fill it with vintage buttons and ribbons too!

And there are more projects to make here, on the Better Homes and Gardens website.

Have a super Pink Saturday! Check out the rest over at How Sweet the Sound.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Budding Photographer

During the holidays we were having fun.
Decorating, baking, laughing.

 I even let Dear Bebe try out my pocket camera.

 Should I have been surprised when the shots turned out like this?

Or this?

OR maybe this lovely portrait of moi.
I can't believe I even put this one on the internet.

But this one she actually did pretty well with.

It is so different with the digital age.
We don't have to worry about "wasting film" like we did back in the day.

And she really enjoyed it.
Who knows? I may have a budding photographer in the making.

I love my little Sweetpea.

And I'm so thankful for everyday I get to be her Mommy.

Monday, January 23, 2012

How to keep your Antiques when you really want to Declutter

It's January.
It is cold in many parts of the country.
What else is there to do except examine your home?
Your stuff.
Your clutter.
 Thinking about getting rid of that collection you've been working on for the past 15 years? Wait!
There's still hope for it yet...

 Make an arrangement out of it all!
Group like things together and take advantage of your walls, shelving, or like below, a dish rack.
 While this rack was advertised as being from Ethan Allen for $679 I know a few handy andy's out there who are out of work and could use the extra money. Why not hire someone who needs a job?
Or maybe your hubby dear is a bit handy?
Or in this case, nothing needed to be built at all. The article itself became the dresser.
This neat stack of vintag suitcases we've seen before but a reminder of how much storage
is available INSIDE them is always handy, especially this time of year!

I'm taking a look at my own stuff to see what I can do to declutter... it's the perfect time of year!

All the images were found on Countryliving.com's Antiques and Collectibles category.

I hope they helped you come up with an idea or a plan .... or were just a source of inspiration.
I'll be back later this week with some updates on my dining room...I've had to declutter in order to get the look I want. And then I went mirror shopping again. Wait 'til you see what I came up with for my final decision.

PLUS, a few more finds and fabulous jewelry listings this week. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Antiques From A Secret Shop Around the Corner: Just Listed!

It isn't often I can get away to shop for vintage goodies.
But I found a little antique store not too far from me
with just the right stuff.

Today I'm highlighting some of these finds, which I just listed late last night, here today.

 This four compartment applied rose vase is so interesting. It actually looks pieces of eggs now that I'm looking at it for the blog. A possible Easter display piece?

The jewelry in this assortment was from an auction my Dear Hubby attended.
I have to admit, he did well! 
 Vintage shoe stretchers... these are in a wonderful soft pink.
 Chintz never seems to go out of style.
 So vintage, girly, and feminine.
A pink crystal necklace.

 With a brooch to match!
 What is better than an antique German dessert plate with soft pink roses?
Three of them!
And a "flow blue" style cup and saucer.
How did I get so lucky to find one with a pretty pink rose on it?

All these and a few more special finds, here, in my latest listings.

Linking to Pink Saturday here. Linking to Ivy and Elephant's What's It Wednesday" because they had this great post about cameos and I just had to share!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Nutcracker: Just For Christmas? And Other Finds

This past Christmas season I had a ball decorating my house. I really did.
I gathered natural greens and found new ways to "spruce" up the landscape so to speak.
Then I came across a nutcracker. It called to me!
"Oh Jillian," he said. "JILLIAN!"  And I fell for it. I bought him.
And the darn thing isn't even an antique. And then I bought two more. You have to hae a trio of something, right? (I have a soft spot for these little men due to the fact I danced in The Nutcracker in my teens)
The question is. . . do I have to put them away for Christmas?
By the way, that's a snippet of the new dining room in the background!
More on that later. I've decided to wait until January 31st for my big reveal.
Karianne at Thistlewood Farms is having an Impossibility party...where you show the impossible. Makeovers around my house are usually just that so I find it appropriate to share! (She is located on my blogroll to the right.)

And speaking of share, my Dear Hubs went to a jewelry auction recently and brought home some really nice pieces for my Bella Rosa shop. And no, I am not sharing him. Tee hee.

More Valentines, these I am sharing with you!

And while the hubs was at the auction, Bebe and I found a perfect little antique shop not too far from where I live. Of course I will be listing these new, fabulous finds this week! Due to the need to keep my fantastic places to shop a secret, I cannot mention the shops name.

You gotta do what you gotta do to protect your goods! Ha!

And that leads me to another question. Do men wear cufflinks anymore?

I'll be back soon with my listings ...  I'm planning for this Thursday if you are a follower of my antique shop.
Enjoy your week!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting Inspired by My Antique Stuff

What do antique keys, antique bottles, old autograph books and vintage ephemera have in common? They were my inspiration for my Etsy listings this morning!
Feeling a little rustic.
Or should I say RUSTY.

The dining room furniture is back in. But I would like to wait to take pictures until I have the mirror I want and chandelier.
I may just do the "use what you have decorating" but a quick run to the stores will solve my dilemma.

For now, check out my etsy shop here!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting Pink For My Winter Blues

It is super cold here in Bella Rosa land...and my dining room redo is still "un-done" but a little pink always cheers me up.

 How about some pink roses to chase away your winter blues 
I take pictures of the flowers hubby gives to me so I can enjoy them at times like these!
Vintage goodies....ahhhhhh! 
I've been thinking about my favorite fleamarket and counting down the days
Until it opens again! April can't come soon enough.
 I would have never thought of having a pink striped couch but somehow it works perfect in this room! I just love it and think this is the pefect beach house. (I actually have no idea where this is as I found this photo in my computer!)
And I've been putting away the Christmas ornaments and think "bye bye" decorations but realize there are only 10 months until we get them all out again!

Hope you are keeping your winter blues away...and if you are living in a zone that has sun and summer right now let me just say "Send some my way, please!"

Happy Pink Saturday.... check out the rest of my pinkie friends, here.

If you'd like to see my latest listings check them out, here. I've got several antique Valentines to cheer you...

For my next post...the dining room furniture should be all back together again so I'm taking the "AFTER" pictures! Can't wait. Stop back early in the week to see the reveal!