Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strolling Through Cape May

Ever been to Cape May, NJ? If not, I highly recommend it.
 This my friends is part of the REAL Jersey
 Shore, not the kind you see on TV.

It is old fashioned.

A place I can find antiques and nostalgic things!

A place where candy and beach lovers delight!

Shopping is fun, too.

You'll take a step back in time
whenever you set foot in beloved Cape May.

The inns are quaint and romantic.
This one is all ready for the Fourth of July.
The planters are a lovely shade of
 blue and are shaped like big shells.

Did you know Dear Hubs and
 I were engaged here?
Oh yes!

Right inside this very cottage.
Only it wasn't quite like it is now.

Back in 2002, it was called The Inn at 22 Jackson.

Now it is the Red Cottage.

Still charming!

And I of course, messed up the proposal a bit.

Dear Hubs had it all planned out to happen across the street at a very elegant restaurant.

Paid the piano player to have "Summer Wind" music in the background.

I instead, started chatting with the couple who had just sat down near me as the pianist began the song.

Dear Hubs gave up!

But he finally proposed at the inn where I was staying.

The other B&B's on the same street.
This is only a small portion of the gorgeous Victorian's in this lovely town.

And I haven't even shown the beach views.

We (Mother and I and Dear Bebe) took Dear Hubs out to eat
for Father's Day.
He loved it. And I was entranced once again by the wonders of Cape May.

There is even a song written about it...

Happy July 4th... I'm linking to Pink Saturday for a patriotic celebration in red, white and blue this week... or maybe even in Pink!

Enjoy, be safe, and may God Bless America!

Inspired by the Seashore: Atlantic City Boardwalk Postcards, French Books, Vintage Jewelry, Patriotic Pin & Ribbon, French Jewel Box

Patriotic things are very hard to find...these are oldies but goodies...

More Paris postcards...I can't keep these stocked long enough so I am offering six more this week... a great price for you since I found them at a great price.

An antique book "La Belle Fance" highlighting the beauty of the country... a little shabby but so many wonders inside...

Like the great illustrations (75 in all!) how about this one of the Eiffel tower.

A very unique piece of old jewelry... is the center handcarved celluloid????

A trip to the Atlantic Ocean inspired me to think all things seashore and I came up with these antique postcards from the famous Atlantic City boardwalk. Postcards are from around 1909. Since I used to work in and around AC, these are amazing for me to see.
How lovely to stroll along the Atlantic Ocean, especially at night. If only I could go back there to see how they dressed, what they were talking about. Enchanting! At least there are these night time postcards to remember how things used to be....

A sweet antique book from 1894 about a woman named Marie who loves music, especially her violin...find out what happens to her - all with the backdrop of romantic France!

This industrial style hat stand is one of my favorite finds... makes a statement, even without the hat!

Lovely jewel box with a French scene... vintage fifties... made in Japan.

And three fun Paris postcards... stop by to see more of my finds... some vintage china, milk glass vanity jar, Tuck's postcards and more!

All found by checking out my JUST LISTED page, here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Antique Jack Rose Perfume - Second Chance Tuesday

This week for Second Chance Tuesday, I am highlighting a very pretty antique toilet water and bath crystals set. I was attracted to it for several reasons....

1) It is a set, not just a stand alone perfume bottle

2) Vintage roses are a must for my shop

3) It came in the original box

4) The bath crystals are PINK!

Makes me wonder who owned it...was it a gift? Probably as it came in this lovely box. This set is dated back to the years between 1909 and 1927.

Was it kept on a beautiful vanity or dresser?

If not, it should be now! There is an ornate perfume tray calling its name.

I'm discounting it by 20% for Second Chance Tuesday, here.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Along the Jersey Shore

Last week we were pseudo vacationing along the Jersey Shore.

Hubby was working, I was enjoying the sights! (I was also on the lookout for inventory for my shop but sometimes you just have to stop and have some fun.)

One night I took my trusty camera along the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk and snapped some pictures of the rides.

This turned out pretty good, I think! My sister's family joined us for a day or so which was nice to see them. My neice and nephew are in the yellow swing. They had a GREAT TIME.

I have a thing for ferris wheels. Love taking pictures of them.

Here the sun was starting to set...

And by this time it was well on its way...

This was the top of the spinning swing ride...the images are of Italy and were so gorgeous!

I know I am old when I am paying more attention to the details of the rides than the fun of being on them!

While my neice and nephew were waiting to get on this ride I snapped a photo of the sign just as each letter lit up.

There's just something about the Jersey shore... the boardwalk... the amusements... good ol' fashioned fun.


Puts a smile on my face every time.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thinkin About the Fourth

The Fourth of July! Right around the corner.. I love this time of year.

Summer is my absolute favorite season.

Love this look!

Here is a craft idea (I think from Country Living)

And another!

This is something new I'm adding to my Patriotic category... a pin and a Farmers of America ribbon...

Isn't this just the perfect country setting for a July 4th celebration? Compliments of Country Living. They know how to do it right!

A side view of my mantle last year. I do a little something different every year ... I just started collecting these Statue of Liberty souvenir trnkets. So far I have a statue of liberty, a Washington Capitol building and an Empire State building. It has been fun hunting them down!

Last year I tried making the rosettes... I have the silver pipe cleaner chain all assembled but just haven't completed the banner yet...

But we don't mind taking our time! We're enjoying

our time together...

What do you like to do for the fourth?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Second Chance Tuesday ~ Celluloid Hanky Box

This week I'm highlighting a piece we found in the state of New York while vacationing along Chatauqua Lake. While it was a beautiful sight to see the sun on the sparkling water, it was also nice to find a pretty antique like this. The medallion of the Victorian girls is celluloid. A really unique piece.

I have it listed as a jewelry box but it may also be for handkerchiefs now that I'm looking at the size of it.

It may be located here, on Bella Rosa Antiques, my online shop. I'm taking ten percent off the price for Second Chance Tuesday.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ten Years Ago ... A Tour of Europe

I happened to be clearing out a file folder in my scrapbook bag recently when I came across my
collection of travel photos. My Europe trip scrapbook is almost complete...almost! Just a few more pictures of our last night there . . . when I realized ten years have passed since then!


I decided to take a trip down memory lane.... back to June of 2001. My chances of getting back to Europe are kind of slim now that I have Bebe... but maybe someday we can go together!

Anyway, here is a shot of my friend Sharon and I in Florence, Italy. That is the Ponte Vecchio behind us. A very famous "shopping" bridge.

The Grand Canal in Venice. I accidently tapped the photo in the scanner (before I had a digital camera) so it looks like the water is going downhill...tee hee!

Here is Sharon along the same body of water. We were so young then... we had just each met our future husbands before we went on this journey together. So young! And we had so much fun! Now she has three children and I have Bebe.

Time changes everything, doesn't it?

I remember this was a beautiful day in Amsterdam. We packed a lunch (leftovers from breakfast) and strolled along the canals. The Anne Frank house was our destination but the line was so long we had to skip it.

And here we were in Paris. That is the Musee' D'Orsay behind us. A fabulous art museum.

Well, ten years are behind me... what will the next ten be like?

Time to plan another trip, I say!

PS... A Happy Father's Day to my awesome Dad and to my Dear Hubs... thank you for all that you do!