Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vintage Decor I Adore At Christmas

A rainy day here on the East Coast... so what better way to while away the hours? Decorate with vintage christmas stuff.

Today I tackled my mantle. The one from the 70's with the ugly faux barn beam. Someone, somewhere probably likes this but I know I am okay without it!

So, I cover it up with evergreen and pinecone garland...

And sparkly lights.
Then I pulled out a couple of ivory colored pottery pieces and used them for LED lighted branches... and vintage silver glass ornaments.

These old books all have to do with Christmas. I wait all year to display them!

I'm having so much fun decorating I forgot I usually list things on my site on Tuesdays...

Maybe it is okay to take a break once in awile...sharing fun Mommy time with Bebe...
(Look how serious my face is while hanging those ornaments!)

and enjoying the simple things in life! I'll be back soon with more vintage goodies!

LInking to Faded Charm for White Wednesday.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Sweet BabyCakes

Remember this pretty pink gadget I wrote about a few weeks ago?

The one I was bursting with joy about? Chanting "I can make mini this and mini that!"

Well even before you could say the words pink babycakes cupcake maker....I had already purchased one.

I had hoped that my great online advertisement would land me a freebie, but to no avail.

Ah well, I'll just get one on my own then, I thought!

And oh yes, I did. I felt like I had snagged the last best new Christmas toy on the shelf. There were actually two left. I'm sure they had more in stock. But still.

I was even more smug knowing I had used a ten dollar off coupon to get it!

Thanksgiving night I gave it as a birthday present to my neice for her December birthday.

She LOVED it! I am officially a ROCK STAR now. Tee hee.

We even tested it out.

Pictures to follow, soon. I am hoping to find one under the tree this year, but if not, I know I can make fun memories with my neice whenver we get to see each other.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lookin' For Trees in All the Right Places

This year on the day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as "Black Friday," we opted for a greener type of tradition instead of shopping. (Although I suppose greenbacks could count as being green!)

You see, for many years now the thought of going out into the mad rush, I mean crowds, sends me into a nervous frenzy.

So this kind of green involved Christmas trees! Hubby took me, Bebe, and the rest of my family to a local Christmas tree farm and it couldn't have been a better day for it. It was beautiful!
We had fun searching up and down the hillside looking for the "perfect" tree that would come to live with us for the next four weeks. Since most of the trees were already tagged, we opted for the tree that would "do!" Any of them would "do" just fine really...so it wasn't too hard.

Here is Dear Hubs getting it ready for hauling...

And Bebe on his shoulders supervising the whole thing while cousin J led the way, his first time ever cutting down a REAL tree and hauling it away from the farm into the truck.

A great experience for all!

Now I can't wait to start decorating...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Setting the Table

It is Thanksgiving week.
I have a lot to be thankful for.
My sweet Dear Bebe, my helpful hubby, my family, and my home.
And they're going to be here for Thanksgiving.

I've got lots of work to do.
This was the table last year.

Each year I pull out everything I've got and somehow I manage to lay out a different tablescape than the year before. It is the part that I enjoy the most.

Thank goodness my Dear Hubs doesn't mind all of my questions. Like "What do you think? Gold with green? The white with gold? My Great Grandmother's china with the pink in it and a vintage tablecloth? Or how about this china we bought at the auction?"

He helps me stay on track but the bottom line is... it doesn't really matter. What really matters is having everyone here on Thursday, spending time together.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you this week. I'm thankful for my blog friends, faithful readers, and customers. Blogging has been such a blessing, thank you!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dreaming of A Pink Christmas - New Listings: Nippon, Hatpin Holders, Teapots

If you are a fan of pink then the traditional Christmas colors of red, green, blue, gold are transformed into pastels like baby pink, aqua, mint green and silver.

That's why when I picked up this pink platter at the auction I just had a vision of it being filled with vintage glass ornaments.

Now this old pink hatpin holder might not work with tree ornaments but after the holidays pass this is sure to warm your heart as a bright spot on your vanity.

Aren't these salt and pepper shakers adorable? Made by Denton China of England.

A trio of cupid Valentine postcards. I am amazed by how many postcards I find that are just gorgeous, mini works of art.

An antique celery dish...now this might just make it to your holiday table serving up something yummy. Cranberry sauce perhaps? Does anyone serve celery anymore? I have heard they do!

The next two pieces are amazing. This dresser box is larger than most. From the Czech Republic by Pirken Hammer. Handpainted...inside and out!

Each week I have a favorite piece. This one is it! A beautiful Nippon handpainted teapot.

This is the other side. Beautiful!

Another teapot with a little bit of chippy shabby wear but still oh so charming! From my personal collection.

And a sweet pink rose hatpin holder by Nippon.

All available (plus more not shown) in my latest listings on Bella Rosa Antiques.... and my theme this week "Dreaming of a Pink Christmas".

If you're a regular Pink Saturday reader then I'm sure you will be too!

Also linking for the first time to Vintage Inspiration Friday here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I just CAN'T DO IT!

Each week I show you my latest finds...then I tell give a link directly to

my website where the items may be purchased.

This week...I'm just not able to do it.

At least not yet.

I found this large water sized pitcher at the auction and I just can't part with it.

Can you blame me?

The green background with the

large pink roses?

She's just going to have to hang out here with me for awhile...

an early Christmas present to me!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I came, I saw, I bid! (And won!) Shelley China Sets & More

Last night I attended a local auction about 30 minutes away.

I ran into an old friend from our antique mall and she introduced me to a new dealer. We had a lot of fun chatting about all of the things available to us on the tables. I explained how I look for roses often... due to the name of my store.

(Everything you see here is listed here on Bella Rosa Antiques)

There were lots of roses to bid on! Check out this amazing Shelley English bone china set. All three pieces in super condition. This is the rambler rose pattern in the dainty shape. I also happened to get the second set below in violets.

I think this set would appeal to a collector as well. After all, Shelley teacups are highly sought after by teacup enthusiasts... I did a post recently on the history behind Shelley china.

This piece I bought at an auction last year and decided to pass it on.

I can't keep everything, can I? I do try.

Lovely lustre on this plate.

I like how the roses and violets are combined into one theme.

Rhinestone necklace....a little sparkle for your holiday!

Wouldn't you like to find this in your stocking?

Or maybe you'd like to find this vintage glitter house...

around here they are called "Putz" houses.

I for one, would really like something like this.

The jeweled decoration is gorgeous!

Or maybe soft pastels make you smile.

Serve up some sweet eye candy on this three part tray.

This celluloid vanity set does not look as pretty in the photo

as it is in person. The blue is really stunning.

The swirled gold decoration is the perfect touch!

The hand mirror is in great condition. These

are usually found with cloudy glass or spots. Not this one!

And the tray is glass inside with a lace interior.

Delicate but oh so lovely!

Just look at that petit point center!

Bookends are also hard to find. This pair is marked "Made in Occupied Japan"

for the time period that Japan was occupied by allied forces.

There are many collectors who like to find the pieces made during those few years.

I have said this before but I really really like how the teal blue and pink roses are

paired in this plate. Just the right mix for a beautiful palette!

And I could not list new things without adding some antique rose postcards.

All found here in my JUST LISTED category.

Joining up with the pinkies for PINK SATURDAY! Hop on over to How Sweet the Sound for all kinds of colorful pink inspiration.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Using Antiques in Your Home

The following images are from CountryLiving.com. Showing you clever ways to incorporate antiques into your home decor.

This first one caught my eye as I happen to buy a lot of vintage ephemera. I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

Someone has taken the time to arrange

sepia toned postcards into wall art.

Look how together they create quite a statement!

Old school lockers. I would have never come up with this but it looks great.

This is why I need to see other people's genius to get my decorative groove going.

Then again, I'm not sure I even have a decorative groove,

but if I was going to get one I'd check in with these designers!

I thought this was interesting and I've seen it done before but the article stated this gentleman found these Ukranian newspapers at a Pennsylvania fleamarket. Yay!

An old cupboard....perfect for all of those vintage treasures we find.

Yes, it is just a bookshelf full of interesting decor and art books.

But look to the left...tiny framed tin types.

Be still my heart!

So now I'm inspired...I hope this gave you inspiration as well.

Hoping to list some of my latest finds this week but possibly not until Thursday as I am interested in attending an auction tomorrow night.

Always inspiring! Stay tuned...

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Not An Antique But I Love it Anyway!

Was it love at first sight? I'm afraid to admit it, but I think it was!

It is not an antique.

It is not vintage.

But it is about making cupcakes with a certain little someone.

BABY cupcakes.

And it comes in PINK.

You can make 8 baby sized cupcakes in about 8 minutes.

Oh yummy yum yum.

And there is a recipe book for making all kinds of things!

Mini cheesecakes!

Mini quiches!

Mini this and mini that!

And don't forget.

It comes in PINK.


Must get one as a gift for someone this Christmas.

Uhhhh. . . for Dear Bebe. Yes, it is for Bebe....


Linking to PINK SATURDAY today.
(I wonder how many will showcase this little gadget this weekend?)