Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage #25: Springing Up Vintage Finds

Good day all!
Happy Spring!
(Can you tell I'm excited?)
The days are longer, the sun is making its way
back to us for the next several months... and it
is a great time to hunt for vintage.
So far two church sales and a day of antiquing
has greatly increased my inventory for the year!
Plus, last week I joined a fellow blogger, Joyce, of
The Quilted Nest, and another dealer from our
old antique mall, Cathy, for some vintage shopping.
It was interesting to see what each of
us went for... knowing there were
three of us who were hunting for vintage.
We headed out early in the morning. And yes, I mean
early when I say 9 o'clock!  We visited a small
town that had several thrift shops.
I found the lovely Dora Miller book and the
blue rhinestone necklace.
I also picked up an Easter Basket for Bebe.
 Then I found some more goodies for my
other Etsy shop, the one where I sell more
"retro" items. The owl night light and the
Gonder Pottery vase are already listed here.
We had a great time! I am looking forward
to going again sometime this summer.
Now let's take a look at this week's features:
The ever sweet bloggin' gals at
Ivy and Elephants shared this beautiful egg.
What's not to love with its beautifully
painted panels?
 Blue Willow House found this awesome
 picnic basket, perfect for bread and wine!
I love picnics!
and last, but certainly not the least,
created this lovely mantle decoration
using a chicken feeder. Wow!
Now it is your turn. Let's Talk Vintage!

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Rose By Any Other Name.... My Latest Vintage Finds

Some of my finds this week are decidedly feminine.
Like the vase below.
She caught my eye right away.
On instagram I named her Rose.
Because any other name for a
long stemmed rose vase
would not be as sweet!
(If you are on there, check out my posts)
A pretty pink satin quilted glove box.

A uniquely styled Gonder Pottery Vase.

A beautiful, Herend,
Hungarian porcelain dish.

The ever popular Nancy Drew...
several volumes from the 1930's.
A pretty powder box with all the right
elements. Pink, aqua, and well, vintage!
And my new jewelry love...
Lariat necklaces. This one
is just stunning with its aurora
borealis crystal beads.
What did you find this week?
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How Sweet the Sound.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage #24: Finding Vintage On A One Tank Trip

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage! This is where we get to share our latest finds, projects, or whatever you're doing that includes vintage.

This past weekend we took a one tank trip to visit a historical town filled with all kinds of vintage goodies. Both physical to the touch and those just seen with the eye.

Come on along, and I'll show you!

There are so many lighthouses, we'll never be able to see them all, but we were happy to find one in this sleepy little artsy town near the Chesapeake Bay.
This little town is rich with the history
connected to the war of 1812.

And then we turned and found a maritime museum. I just had to show Bebe these antique bathing suits and beach shoes!

Then before dinner along the water, we checked out a local antique mall.

Didn't take me too long before I found
a booth filled with vintage cuteness.

Earlier we had stopped in a shop called "JoRetro."  It was filled with all things mid century modern and "Etsy" like wares. Check out this necklace made from Pyrex!
I love both styles... vintage charm
 and mid century modern.
Now let's see who is featured this week
from last week's link up:
Donna at
found there's nothing odd
about a six legged table.
And Audrey of Timeless Treasures
shared her cobbler's boot forms.
First time for me to see them!
What a treasure for sure.
And Kim at Snug Harbor showed us
how to turn a forgotten, neglected
trunk into this really cool,
 repurposed piece!
Now it's your turn, so Let's Talk Vintage!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting Ready for An Annual Easter Egg Hunt Party

I like to party. I do.
It helps keep us social.
(And our house clean!)
For the past four? years
I've had an Easter Egg Hunt Party
for Bebe and her friends. I guess
another reason I have parties
for her is because she doesn't
have any siblings
to play with.
I think I am off to a good start with the pre-party prep.
Using an old artist's board that had age spots
on it, I decided to make my own
 "Egg Hunt Party" sign instead of buying one.
I've enlisted the hubs to make a stake
for it...should look fun and inviting as guests arrive!
For another post I will have to share my new
craft table that is in our new craft space.
Bebe and I have been enjoying it immensely!
I've even had a craft day with my gal pals.
More on that later though!
Back to the party prep!
This was last year's set up. I like to have a big table and big display
outside as long as the weather is nice. April can be tricky!
I save that large tin vase and hanging eggs
in my basement every year so I can use it again.
This year I may have start fresh with a new arrangement
because Bebe found the bag of eggs I use
and started taking out all of the strings and buttons.
(Place a button inside with the
string attached and the string won't fall out.)
 This is the food area, inside. We munch on snacks
while the Dad's are outside hiding the eggs.
I also had a decorate your own goodie bag
activity to keep the kids busy.

 This is a pizza tray sized pink lemonade cookie with homemade
icing and confetti sprinkles. It was delicious!
I think it is a Pillsbury cookie mix. Big hit.

Here are some of the kids on the hunt.
(With the Hubs getting a kick out of it supervising!)

This was the bucket of last year's champ...
I found an awesome "Champion" medal of honor at the
craft store. It worked perfectly as the "Grand Prize."
And I take a play off of "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" by placing "Golden Tickets" inside random eggs, that way, the fastest egg finder isn't the only one who wins a prize.
I have a lot of fun setting it up and the kids have a great time hunting.
This may be the last year though... what age does it not become fun anymore?
Tough question, because I still think it is fun!
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage #23: New Holly Jolly Finds

Welcome to "Let's Talk Vintage!"
This week I'm sharing my vintage finds from the weekend... The Hubby and I, with Bebe in tow, went to a crazy, hectic church sale.
They are getting quite professional, these sales, and had a whole section blocked off for the "antiquey" stuff.
It was like being in a real shop.  I was happy to see vintage wares, it made it much easier to find them, but the prices were higher.

I just love the cameo style brooch above. I think it is hematite. I am going to do some more research before I list it... she is a beauty, isn't she?

These Beatrix Potter books are always adorable, always loved. I figured I couldn't go wrong even though they were from the 70's.

Now these were not in the antique section, and I was literally crawling around on the floor looking under tables in the Christmas section because they had put ornaments in bags (most were not old) and I started digging. Happy I did! A holly jolly find!

This arithmetic book is from 1866!
Felter was a pretty smart guy. This book was given to 10 / 11 year olds and they were to use the same book for four years. Looking inside the book, I decided kids were smarter back in 1866.

I digress! I have it listed in my shop, here.
Another holly jolly find! I was happy to bring these two Santa mugs home. I didn't realize how different they were until I got them home.
So far I have three of these for my collection.
I should sell them... tee hee.
Maybe I will during my Christmas in July listings.
These scatter pins were pretty so
they came home with me, too.
I will add them to my BellaRosaAntiques.com
website and to my Etsy shop.
This rooster was calling my name as well.
He is so proudly standing there, isn't he?
He is in my Etsy shop, here.

These two little mid century ornaments are
just too cute. Yep, Holly and Jolly!

And these two vanity pieces looked just right
 for "Bella Rosa" ... the original tray is gone but I
have one already in the shop
that would work perfectly,
so they are going to be sold together.

It was hard doing the sale with Bebe in tow but she was really great and she was rewarded with checking out the toy room. We are teaching her to bring her own money and to learn how to use it. I have discovered she doesn't like to buy too much when it is her money.

Smart little bugger!

Here are some features from last week's LTV:

This is what Brocante Treasures found at the Foire de Chatou. I can't even say that but I love what she found!

And Brooke at Creative Country Mom repurposed a folding table into a really cool clock table from a clock she bought at a yard sale. Wowie! She is a newcomer to LTV. Welcome!

And another newcomer, Rita at her Panopoly blog, shared her Jadeite collection. I still love the color of this glassware! Thanks, Rita!

Now it is your turn! Feel free to link up below, if you have a blog post about something vintage, an item you sell, or a project you are working on, we'd love to talk about it!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Vintage Blog of the Week! What an Honor!

Adirondack Girl @ Heart

Today I've been chosen "Vintage Blog of the Week" over at
Diana's Adirondack Girl at Heart blog

What an honor!

She is quite the writer and did a really nice job
laying out different tidbits about me
and all things Bella Rosa. I couldn't have done
it better myself!

Not only is Diana a good writer but she is
very knowledgeable on all things
vintage and antique. I love reading
her posts about the items she finds.
And she makes her own graphics and they
look fantastic!

Look at that!
There it is on her blog,
"Vintage Blog of the Week!"
She even has my logo
and everything.
What a nice feature.
Thank you so much, Diana!

Much appreciated. I'm looking forward
to the new friends I will meet via
your blog. After all, we are all
vintage lovers at heart, too!

Be sure to hop on over to her blog, and
add her to your lists!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage #22 : Vintage LuRay Pastels to Usher In Spring

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!

Today I'm sharing my ultimate spring time favorite:

Lu-Ray Pastels dinnerware

When you walk into my kitchen, you are met with a burst of fresh spring color. We removed the front panels of our kitchen cabinets and replaced them with glass.  A perfect way to highlight my 23 year collection of Luray Pastels dinnerware which were made in the late 30's to the early 60's.

I started collecting these old dishes at the ripe old age of 23. If you are really good at math then you've already figured out how old I am!

What made me start the forever hunt for Lu-Ray? I think it was the pink color in the beginning, but then I realized I loved all of the colors together.

Even the plates look great all stacked up!

The basic pieces are easier to find. It's the serving pieces that make me keep collecting. The thrill of the hunt!

And yes, eBay made it too easy... so I actually gave up buying them there.

(My Mother always uses the pink teacup
when she is here for a visit. It sits quietly
waiting for her arrival)

I use basic pieces everyday while I save the hard to find, rare pieces for display only. That's not to say I haven't had my share of dish disasters.

The "I can't believe that just happened to my very hard to find pitcher" or the "why did I decide to feed the cat in that berry bowl?"

Smashed. Gone forever but saved for a mosaic project, uh, someday.

And there have actually been some years I thought I should switch it all out and start fresh with something else.

(This is not Lu-Ray but what we call "Go-Alongs.")

But I'm glad I kept them. They cheer me and brighten my kitchen, every day. 

We have a lot of history together, my Lu-Ray and me. This collection has grown with me as I've grown. And you can't find that on any store shelf.  It's what makes collecting vintage, fun.

Now it's your turn!


This week's features from last week's party are:

Debra from Common Ground took an old, too dark picture frame
and brightened it up in this awesome transformation.
and Distressed Donna shared
her Friday Finds... and what she plans
to do with them.

and Joy at A Vintage Green shared
her re-paint transformation
using chalk+ clay paint.


Welcome, by the way! If you are new to the
party here's the deal:
1. If you love vintage...
2. If you love seeing other people's
    vintage items, projects, ideas....
3. If you have a blog or a selling
    venue online
4. Then link up below, Tuesday mornings at 9!
Can't wait to see what everyone
brings this week.... ENJOY!

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