Monday, February 23, 2009

Needlepoint Chair Covers ~ Clock Faces, Pin Ornaments & More

This weekend I went treasure hunting...and found quite a few treasures I couldn't pass up. Not with these luscious roses on them. What better inventory than this for the Bella Rosa website? I was so excited about bringing them to you. Here is what I found:

Thank you, the black chair covers have sold!
A set of 6, YES SIX, vintage needlepoint chair covers. Two in black, two in purple, and two in a lovely red. I can just see an entire dining room set covered in these beauties. Each one uniquely hand done. It is hard to find them these days... another lost art.

Thank you, the purple & red have now sold!

Then I came across this neat little box with the vintage rose .... and inside were pieces of old tatting! So sweet. Then I noticed inside on the lid, someone had written a sweet note with a date of 1898.

Thank you, this box & tatting has sold!

Needless to say, I was thrilled. And peaking of, I mean pins, I also found these ADORABLE vintage handmade ornaments. The colors are so soft and sweet. Would look great with a shabby pastel rose bowl or maybe even in your apothecary containers.

I absolutely loved this. A sweet little mirror with the words "Our Friends" etched onto it. May have come from a vintage album...but even by itself I find it irresistible!

And to add to my new "For Crafters" category... how about some old clock faces? The possibilities are endless to use in displays or mixed media arts. Someone creative could have lots of fun with these.

Thank you, the clock faces have sold!

All to be listed on our website, Bella Rosa Antiques, very soon! Keep an eye out for them. I never know exactly what day my listings will hit the just depends on how much I can get done inbetween Dear Bebe's naps and playtimes.

And as always...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring Forward SALE! Vintage Prom Dress, Tiara, French Jewel Boxes & Mirrors & More!

I don't know about you, but I couldn't wait any longer. It's time. Time to forget about winter and look forward to spring! And what better way to think SPRING than with a vintage Prom Dress and a sparkly tiara!

Thank you, this has SOLD!

This has sold, thank you!

All of the items seen above and below are listed as our featured sale items. Some up to 50% off! There are other items on the website for sale too, so don't forget to check out our other categories, like our flea market called "Flea Bella."

You could think spring cleaning with this lovely apron but maybe it would be too pretty to waste on a day of scouring pots and pans, eh? Oooh la la!

Thank you, this has SOLD!

This violet rouge box is soooo a romantic vintage garden!

Pretty up your dressing area with this chic jewel box. Organize what you've collected over the winter.

(Thank you, this has SOLD!)

Nothing says spring to me more than a pretty display of roses...

I'm thinking of tea parties when I see this faux cake and pink glass stand...

Thank you, these have sold!

Rearrange wall displays and add a few mirrors to catch the sun's rays in a special nook in your home... sunshine, sunshine come on in!

Think SPRING! Think SALE! Quick click here to go right to our featured page on Bella Rosa Antiques.

And as always,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Antiques ~ A Hunting We Will Go!

I love hunting for antiques. The thrill of the chase. The needle in a haystack. And when you find something ... it is such a joyful moment. Sometimes it is just fun to get out of the house and browse around even if you have nothing in particular you are looking for. Recently we took one of those journeys at a nearby antique mall.

I thought this booth had a neat array of doilies and linens. Mostly doilies! That's a lot of crocheting that took place. Definitely a time gone by... you hardly ever seen anyone making doilies anymore.

I of course, love all of the pinks!

This booth was also fun. I am usually on the hunt for some of my favorite dinnerware pieces, LuRay. None to be found here. Sigh. Maybe next time. They sure did have a lot of neat retro items!
What do you like to look for? Leave me a comment....I'd love to hear about what you collect. We may even be able to add you to our "Seek and Find" list. If we find it we'll put it on the website and send you an email. Or, you could simply add your name to our "Just Listed" email list where we send you an email as soon as we list our latest finds.
This last time we were on the hunt we brought back a whole bag of neat things. Check them out in our "Just Listed" category!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vintage Valentine Heart Candy Boxes, Aprons, Shakers and More!

Whew! I just finished listing some "new" items to my website, BellaRosaAntiques.
And I say "whew!" because I am doing this inbetween Dear Bebe's naps, etc. I also want to apologize to the gals on my email list. I accidently sent it out twice! I will make sure next time that doesn't happen. The saying "haste makes waste" couldn't be more true.

But anyway, here is what I have to offer this week plus more not seen here. With Valentine's Day around the corner, this is always so much fun.

This is a "double layer" sized candy box. Marked Martens' Chocolates from Summit, NJ. I'll have to do more research on this little beauty. I love the vintage decor on top.
Another Valentine Candy Heart Box. This one is covered in a hot pink satin with a pretty rose and netting decoration. Also marked Martens' Chocolates.

A very unique rose pocket vintage apron. It is so sweet!

I love these. My maternal Grandmother had one in her dressing area. I always thought it made her seem so exotic and fashionable. I love the "French Ormolu" detail.

Always adorable, kittens! This aqua and gingham apron is a unique longer length. Possibly came from a Mennonite home to cover a longer dress or skirt? Just a thought on that one.

And classic vintage shakers for your collection or as some of the gals have requested for glitter and crafting.
Don't forget we have the glitter word garlands...they're not just for Christmas. Choose from LOVE, XOXO, KISS and more!

Also just listed: A Christmas apron, another vintage jewelry box, vintage ROSE postcards...two are signed C Klein. Some are printed in Germany. They have the most gorgeous graphics!
Hope you're having a great day. I'm trying to keep warm and stay one step ahead of my little Bebe. Hoping to post a new picture of her soon.