Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What a Dandy! (Lion)

This past weekend I was
helping my Mother go
through some things in
the attic.
While it was hot, it was
worthwhile...I came across
this sweet little plate
that was mine when I was
a little girl.
I recognized it right away.


She gave it to me to take
home and when I arrived
I pulled it out to show
Bebe and the Hubs.
Then as we are all
glancing at it, I notice
the tiny words typed

underneath the lion.

"DandyLion - Lenoxware"
Lenox Plastics Division

I had no idea Lenox had

made this plate...nor did
I realize they'd had a
plastics division.

So far after looking online,
I have read that there was
a factory in St. Louis, MO
and there is another style
called "Tony Pony."
Probably other animals
and styles too.

How fun!
Linking to What's It Wednesday with
Ivy and Elephants.

(Although I see it has some
damage to the middle...looks
like a plant was set on it
or it overheated in the attic?
Either way it doesn't
matter, I love it it still!)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Come One Come ALL Linky Party! For Etsy Shops, Dealers, Crafters and More!

In my former career,
before play dates
and parks...peanut
butter and jelly
I was a Producer for
local TV stations.
It was a fun job!
Gained a lot of
But I have to admit,
I love selling and
working from home
so I can be with my
sweet Bebe.
That is why I try not
to miss joining up
with Beverly over on
her blog for BLOG SHOP.
What a way to support
other stay at home moms,
crafters, lady entrepreneurs,
Etsy and eBay sellers.

So here's my plug!
sale is still going on
until Wednesday on
Great prices on
neat old vintage
Christmas décor!

I offer 20% off for
Blog Shoppers when you
use this link.

Then there is my Etsy shop
for those who enjoy
perusing the shops
among the crafters
and very creative
Enjoy the day and be sure to
check out what the other
support really matters!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Pretty in Pinks

While my office may be
in transition... changing
of color schemes....
I still see pretty pinks
here and there

Like in this sweet teacup and saucer

Lovely hatbox with
vintage barkcloth
 style roses

And in my newest teapot!
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Movin' Right Along: A Sneak Peek of My Office Makeover

The office/studio/craft room (as I'm calling it) is moving along really well! Still not finished but I have a better idea of where it is headed.

Above are snippets ....a sneak peek as I like to say, of some of the areas I'm working on. (In between Mommy stuff: pool outings, play dates, and errands!)

On my radar:
* vintage buffet or sideboard
* painting the doors in the room
* painting my desk
* painting my file cabinet
* finding places for large items
* hanging wall art/shelves, etc
* chandy (possibly redo one we already have)

While I do not have a finished room, I am so excited about it and just LOVE being in here now.
The new paint color did wonders for inspiration. And Dear Hubby surprised me one day with a new area rug we saw at Home Goods, which so far, is my only big splurge!

I'll be back later on with more...hoping to list new arrivals early next week.

Enjoy the day,

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Art That Sparks Conversation

When I walk along
 the aisles of booths
at the antique mall
where we have a space
I realize that some
things just don't get
enough attention.
Like this painting below.
It is so unique I thought
it deserved some
And, oddly enough
when a photo is taken
of this painting and there
is back light coming from
a smart phone or from
a computer screen,
it gives it a brand new
light and amazing
For the past year
I've been looking for
paintings of lakes
and lake houses.
This one is really special.
My interpretation is
that the boy is fishing
just like the days when
he used to fish with
his Grandfather.
Sadly his Grandpa has
passed but the elder
is still there with
him in spirit.
I've asked others to
tell me what they see
and there are some
variations as to
how/when/why but
usually it is a similar
theory about a boy
and his Grandfather
or the way the
old man used to sit
there when he was young.
What do you see?
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Thursday, July 18, 2013


I've always loved Christmas
in July sales.

I don't know why...
Maybe it is like having
breakfast for dinner
or something.
Ever do that?
Either way, I love to
shop them and I love
to have them!
Check out this
week's price...
Get it all at 50% off here!
Makes room for "new"
Christmas goodies and
I get to pull all
of the vintage
holiday stuff out again.

Plus, I have new arrivals
to check out! A lady head vase,
a great garden flowers book,
a celluloid portrait,
teacups, apothecary jars
and more!
Like the aqua blue
lead crystal vase I posted
about yesterday.

All just listed tonight, here.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Morgantown Glassware: A Presidential History

Recently I found
this goblet style vase
and added it to my
Bella inventory.

The color is beautiful.

The original manufacturer's
sticker is still attached so
I knew this to be from Morgantown Glass in
West Virginia.

Here is some history pulled from
the Morgantown History Museum page, linked above:

This well-known Morgantown glass manufacturer began producing high-quality hand-blown glassware under the name Morgantown Glass Works at a location near the Seneca Glass Company in 1899. In the 1920s and 1930s, the company was famous for its Continental Line of glassware. After several previous name changes, beginning January, 1939, the company operated under the name Morgantown Glassware Guild Inc. In 1963, First Lady Jackie Kennedy ordered a line of lead crystal glassware for the White House from the Morgantown Glassware Guild. From then on, this line was called The President's House. In the spring of 1965, the plant was sold to the Moundsville-based Fostoria Glass Company and was eventually closed in April, 1971.

How neat this factory was chosen by Jackie herself. The fame did not last very long, however.

Sad to see that it had to close as did many of the old pottery and glass making factories.

But happy we still get to enjoy some of these vintage pieces. This was probably made in the sixties, not too long before they closed.

A beautiful piece with a lovely sound, made with great precision and care!

Cut some pretty flowers like hydrangeas or roses to grace the top...I'll be the color will pop.

You can find it here in my glassware category.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Makeover and A Linky Party!

I am still in the middle of
transforming my office into
a beautiful, multiple purpose
Is there really such
a thing though?
I am working on areas that will
be the most effective. Since I
am an antique dealer I need
to have a place to photograph
items, store them, then
package and prepare
them for shipping.
On top of that I need a
 place to store all of
my creative stuff.
Scrapbooking, card and
jewelry making things.

I'm not even going to mention
that I have a sewing machine
that I use from time to time.

It is a tall order and I am
no where near finished.
The above photo is just a
sneak peek at the color
paint I had chosen. 
This was taken
 while I was in
in the middle of it all!

The painting is done.
Next project: THE DESK.
 Not sure if I am going
to keep my current one. 
We looked all over
for new furniture (I really
like the Martha Stewart
craft room line) but no
one sells it in a physical
store, it has to be ordered
online. There was free
shipping so I may still order
something. For now I am
using what I have. Keep a
tight vintage
is always better anyway,
In the meantime I am joining
up with How Sweet the Sound's
BLOG SHOP because it
is about the only thing I can
do while my office is in
Hop on over and link up
if you sell stuff online!
And stay tuned for:
 * new listings
* a Christmas in July sale,
and maybe, just maybe,
* new pics of my room!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Stop. And Smell the... Hydrangeas!

The other day I noticed we had
some beautiful hydrangeas
blooming in our side yard.
So, I retrieved a pretty cobalt
glass vase and cut a nice
selection from the
hydrangea bush.

My husband wants to
know where his wife is.
I'm so not a green thumb.
I rarely notice garden
items or make time for them.

This weekend, even in the
middle of my office/studio/craft room
makeover, I stopped to smell
the ....well, the hydrangeas.
I'm so glad I did!
The whole thing makes
me giggle, especially since
the name of my shop is
Bella Rosa Antiques!
(I guess I have to
admit, I DO notice roses.)
Here is what I hope to accomplish
this week.... finish office. Send out
a email alert for Bella Rosa.
Do I smell a sale coming up?
(very possible!)
And take new photos
of the goodies we found
while at the lake.
Let's hope I can
take time to smell
the hydrangeas along the way!
How about you?
Make time this week
to slow down and
notice something new.
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

I just decided it was time.

No, I'm not closing my shop.
And I'm not taking a break
 from blogging either.

(This is REALLY awful!)

I decided it was TIME to empty out my office area and give it a makeover!

If you knew how many things I store in here due to the Bella Rosa Shop, my crafting endeavors, and years of gathering ribbons and stuff, you'd have put it off just like I had.

But on Thursday, I decided I could not stand to be in it one minute more, until I had re-created my space.

My space where I run my website, create cards, wrap gifts, create layouts and designs for photography, digital scrapbooking, jewelry making supplies, you name is in here.

Things are now ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Hopefully I can get everything back in within the next few days.

Although now, my Dear Hubby has come home with an injured back.

He is resting comfortably.

I will wait until he is better to mention to him that my desk needs to be carried down and outside for a nice coat of spray paint.

Yesterday I painted the walls..... in a desert/sand/taupe color. I can't even tell you the name of it because we decided to paint my office the same color as our hallway downstairs and my hubby took the outlet cover off of the wall and told me to hand it to the paint girl at Lowes.  (This was before he injured his back.)

She actually did a great job matching it.

So, I have no name for it.

But, I am very happy with the color.

Anyway, I am raiding other
rooms for shelves, crates
 and things to create storage.
Shopping my basement was
great fun. Who knew we
had all kinds of things
for a "studio?"
It helps when
keeping a tight budget.
Besides, isn't it more
fun to use vintage?
I will post updates and before / after
 photos as soon  as I get them. 

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sneak Peek: Treasures in the Woods and All Around the Lake

Summer at the lake means
relaxing and enjoying the outdoors....
But it also means great
places to find new inventory
for my Bella Rosa and Etsy shop.
A quick peek:
a Lady head vase, rose hat box,
a PINK LuRay salad bowl,
condensed milk holder, a Jack
and Jill book.
But wait! There's more!
Six jadeite FIRE KING mugs...

These lovely apothecary
jars are from Wheaton
glass...which is right near
my old hometown!
Found them, ironically,
in this Dear Blogger's booth,
Here is the sign
from her booth.
I'm like
"Hey, I recognize that sign
from the blog world!"
It was a weird moment,
in my real world
because they both
collided and it turns out
Laura stays not too far from
our lake house.
It got even funnier when
we realized we had been
standing across from each other
in the local fourth of July
parade and didn't even know it!
 How great is that?
What are the chances?

I spotted this vintage star
ornament and grabbed it
really FAST during this
year's crazy rummage sale.
I posted about it here,
last year. The sale was similar
to last summer, but maybe
the line was even longer
to get in!
Unfortunately we only
found a few vintage things
at this year's sale.
Okay, so I went off
track there...let's
get back on track:
A train will get me on track
as well as these other vintage toys...

Some vintage jewelry....

Pyrex mixing bowls!
The small pink one
is perfect all by itself.

An atomic / retro
alarm clock....and a
booklet about the new
baby prince!
Interesting to see the
family history now that
Kate and William are
having a baby.
And what a fun time
it was looking for
all of these vintage
I found the clock and the jadeite
mugs here:
 A little thrift shop in the woods!
Bebe and I love going here.
She finds fun toys
(Old Polly Pockets are her
biggest thrill) and I
find vintage goodies!
Now for the hard part...
getting them listed.
Stay tuned!
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Ivy andElephant's

Pink Saturday
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Summer Place at the Lake

Another summer at the lake
filled with good times
and lots of outdoor sunshine!
Now that we have most
of the renovations finished
it is time to enjoy the water
and surrounding area.

While hubby was driving
the boat I was getting
creative with the camera lens...

I never thought I was
 the type to enjoy a
trip around the lake
in a canoe but you
know what...
I really like it!

And a Momma duck found
that our dock was a great
place for rest and relaxation.
Unfortunately they
also thought it was a
great place to do
their morning "business."

In comes the water
for a clean up!
(Notice my attempts at watermarks?)

Bebe enjoyed every minute
outside. From flowers
to fishing she just
soaked it all in.

Especially the boat rides.
Faster Daddy, Faster!

I couldn't resist this shot.
Father / Daughter fishing.
Too cute.

When did my Bebe get so big?
And when did she learn
how to fish! Go Bebe!

Maybe next year I'll
get brave and try
kayaking.... it looks
like such fun!

This is one of my favorite shots.
We had the mallard ducks
sitting on our dock
and this Mother duck
(A common Merganser)
would sometimes carry
all of her ducklings on
her back and wings.
It was a sight to see.

All right in front of our lake house.
We have been surely blessed.

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