Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What a Dandy! (Lion)

This past weekend I was
helping my Mother go
through some things in
the attic.
While it was hot, it was
worthwhile...I came across
this sweet little plate
that was mine when I was
a little girl.
I recognized it right away.


She gave it to me to take
home and when I arrived
I pulled it out to show
Bebe and the Hubs.
Then as we are all
glancing at it, I notice
the tiny words typed

underneath the lion.

"DandyLion - Lenoxware"
Lenox Plastics Division

I had no idea Lenox had

made this plate...nor did
I realize they'd had a
plastics division.

So far after looking online,
I have read that there was
a factory in St. Louis, MO
and there is another style
called "Tony Pony."
Probably other animals
and styles too.

How fun!
Linking to What's It Wednesday with
Ivy and Elephants.

(Although I see it has some
damage to the middle...looks
like a plant was set on it
or it overheated in the attic?
Either way it doesn't
matter, I love it it still!)


Cranberry Morning said...

Isn't it fun to come across something special from your childhood!

The Old Parsonage said...

God bless you for going into a hot attic! But that is a darling find from your childhood. I didn't know about the plastics line either.

Happy memories!


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Adorable!! Sweet memories!

Mary said...

I guess it has just been Lion
around :) Sorry it was just too easy ! :)
Hello Jill, Like my second book, but the first is my favorite,love all the old flower pictures :) have not gotten my pretty plate up yet,but know the place. Oh my, I love to find lost treasures! If it has the little rim on the back, maybe it is just coming through with the heat?? Glad to see your Mom is doing well and enjoying digging in the attic.
Oh!! sorry I almost forgot ... My Lady Frog is in my kitchen window visiting with a funny little worm ( from g.s. some child's toy ) getting along, I do not think she will eat her, She told me she was a vegetarian :)
Have a great week, Hugs :)

Christina Paul said...

Oh that is so cute! What a fun piece to hand down. It would be wonderful to find other animals in the set!