Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Summer Place at the Lake

Another summer at the lake
filled with good times
and lots of outdoor sunshine!
Now that we have most
of the renovations finished
it is time to enjoy the water
and surrounding area.

While hubby was driving
the boat I was getting
creative with the camera lens...

I never thought I was
 the type to enjoy a
trip around the lake
in a canoe but you
know what...
I really like it!

And a Momma duck found
that our dock was a great
place for rest and relaxation.
Unfortunately they
also thought it was a
great place to do
their morning "business."

In comes the water
for a clean up!
(Notice my attempts at watermarks?)

Bebe enjoyed every minute
outside. From flowers
to fishing she just
soaked it all in.

Especially the boat rides.
Faster Daddy, Faster!

I couldn't resist this shot.
Father / Daughter fishing.
Too cute.

When did my Bebe get so big?
And when did she learn
how to fish! Go Bebe!

Maybe next year I'll
get brave and try
kayaking.... it looks
like such fun!

This is one of my favorite shots.
We had the mallard ducks
sitting on our dock
and this Mother duck
(A common Merganser)
would sometimes carry
all of her ducklings on
her back and wings.
It was a sight to see.

All right in front of our lake house.
We have been surely blessed.

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The Old Parsonage said...

Love the shots around the lake! Looks like a wonderful place to spend a day, weekend, anytime!


Miss Holly said...

So I was just wondering sacandaga???? I'm thinking so because we had the same merganser in front of our camp!!! 11 babies!!!! Wow!!! Small world!