Friday, April 29, 2011

Pink Cameo Brooch & A Royal Pink Wedding

Due to this morning's romantic and very ROYAL wedding of Kate and William (how many of you got up or stayed up late to watch it?).... I'm feeling a bit regal. (I have been talking with a highly accentuated British accent since this morning, just ask Bebe! She must think her Mummy has gone MAD...)

Here is my only pink find for the week... a pink cameo brooch available in my shop. It is a bit stuffy, no? Is the woman in the cameo wearing a big hat like the kind worn in London today? Wow... they were amazing!

But after seeing Kate's gown I admit, I was a little disappointed. It did indeed look similar to Princess Grace's, which is of course lovely. I guess I was well, hoping for more.

So for Pink Saturday I am showing some pink wedding gowns!!!! Fluffy & big!

( this photo and the one above are from

My favorite is this one above...

But ruffles are always fun...

And the lace over the white skirt is enchanting!

But before you go, don't forget to take along your pink beaded clutch bag ...also available in my shop in the wedding category.

Check out the rest of the blogs for Pink Saturday.

I wonder how many wedding themes

there will be???? Hmmm....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finds of the Week: Brass Shell Purse, Tuck's Patriotic Postcard, Glass Shakers

Ran out quickly yesterday morning to a local antique flea... found these lovely baubles and beads... the old buttons are from Germany. Loved this trio all together so I bundled them into one price

A brass shell purse with an ornate clasp...crushed blue velvet lining.

Sweet and petite....this little French scene plate/tray is perfect for bon bons! (And who doesn't love a small treat on a pretty plate?)

I couldn't believe I found another little figurine like this one!

The old lock and key... the key fits and works!

Antique Paris postcards...nothing more needs to be said!

I saw this and thought it was great for crafting... or even wearing! A vintage wire wrap choker necklace.

I always thought cameos came in the same old color...coral background with ivory silhouette.

My favorite is the pink of course!

A unique piece. It can be used as a pendant or as a brooch.

Glass shakers... just right for crafter's glitter

I was in "Keep this one" mode but finally gave it to the shop!

Some days I'd like to keep it all...

A trio of servers for the table. Pickle fork, master butter and a petite jelly spoon

Antique valentines are always a favorite!

So are violets. They have sprung up everywhere !

Their presence is so refreshing after a long winter.

All these and more available in my Just Listed category.

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Second Chance Tuesday - Atlantic City Souvenir

Today's "Second Chance" item is this sweet little Atlantic City Souvenir box. I have a special place in my heart for things from the NJ shore. I used to live and work there in my early 20's.

This vintage china trinket box has copper lustre trim with gold paint on the Atlantic City title and oval. The little pink roses give it that special touch.

It deserves a second chance today!

And since the weather is really warming up here on the East Coast, I'm starting to think about strolling along the boardwalk soon. Can't wait.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ellen Clapsaddle & Easter

Some of my favorite discoveries have been as an antique dealer.

One of them has been simple little paper things called postcards. The following pieces are from my Ephemera category. Ephemera is described as the items that should have been thrown away, or should not have outlasted it's inital use... and instead were saved and preserved over time.
Also, I used to think postcards were just, well, postcards. It never occurred to me to look for the artist's signature on them. The one above is by Ellen Clapsaddle.

Although this one is not signed by the artist, it is just as beautiful.

I've learned much over the years and you know what, I'm still learning.

Another great discovery in this fun world of antiques.

This week I'm linking to the ever popular Pink Saturday blog party. There's lots more to read about so hop on over and have a blessed and Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Antique Books, China, and a quiet little Mouse

Here are a few of this week's finds... enjoy!

The fairy tales book was listed last night .... David Copperfield and the poetry book will be next week.

He may look quiet as a mouse but I just know he's thinking about eating that cheese! Cute salt and pepper set.

Black crystal earrings...

This set was inspired by the feather plume. Love it!

Violets plate. This was from my Grandmother's plate collection... she wrote "Uncle Joe" on the back of it but I have no idea who this person was...

It may look a bit on the chippy side but this French book is a collection of victor hugo poems... and it was sent from France to a young woman's mother. So neat!

An antique hymnal book

And a pink book filled with Shirley Temple's favorites...

The illustration on the front just caught my eye and I loved this book at first sight.

And a N'Orleans, Louisiana French cookbook. Oh so delicious recipes inside!

All, just listed last night in my shop.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Antique Opera Glasses

Welcome to Second Chance Tuesday! Today I'd like to show a pair of vintage opera glasses with a beautiful bird design. I have pair that I use on display among my antique book shelves.

But recently I discovered just how helpful they can be! Dear Hubby remembered to grab a pair right before we left for the ballet, Swan Lake. We were in the very last row up in the balcony. At first I giggled and made a face... like really? We don't need those! But who was the one asking for them over and over? Me.

You can find them here on Bella Rosa Antiques.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


There's lots of new greenery around our house ...
Winter is over and there is new life all around.

Things are growing up, up, up.

And so is my Dear Bebe.

She's two and a half already, going on five!

Where did the time go?

I love being her Mommy!

Wishing you beautiful days this week.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Listed: French Drama Book, Pansy Doily, Cream Ladle, Antique Santa Ornament, Vintage Crystal Choker Necklace

Here are some of this week's latest listings... check them all out here.

Antique school primer and text book

An oldie but goodie Santa ornament

Cute vintage "Help Me" apron

Aurora borealis crystal earrings... go great with the necklace below!

Antique ephemera (handwritten envelopes and such) plus these cool number stamps.

This is the perfect length for a prom dress!

Love these little, child size cobbler shoe forms

Amazing postcard trio... love the flapper gal!

Dated 1926.

Rose postcards from 1908 and 1909

A sweet sugar spoon

This is just a sampling, there's more! (Link to website at the beginning of this post)

Check back soon.... I do my best to list each week.

Let me know what you're looking for! The weather is spring-like and this is the time of year whenwe are out and about hunting down the good stuff.

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Have a BELLA day!