Friday, January 31, 2014

New Arrivals! Vintage Hour Glass, Pink French Style Ewers, Cobbler's Shoe Form, Jewelry and More!

Just listed on
Child Size Cobbler's Shoe Form
Beautiful Green "Emerald" Pendant
Vintage Hour Glass
Dollhouse Furniture
Pink French Style Ewers
China Milk Jar
Shabby Ornaments
and More!

Some of these latest arrivals are from a local auction,
and some are from inventory that had been packed
away from estate sales last year...
Excited to be bringing them out for you now!
Sit back, relax and have fun!
CLICK HERE for either window
shopping or for treating yourself
 to something vintage.
Enjoy your weekend!
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Seeing Red in My Pink World

You would think a gal with a shop called Bella Rosa Antiques would have lots of red stuff to share....

But, since I am partial to are likely to find the much softer version of red, instead.

When challenged to come up with a post about RED by the Etsy Cottage Style group, I decided to take a look and see how many red things I have had for sale in the past:

I even surprised myself! It was actually fun looking through a file I save on my computer of all of my favorite items that have sold. (I like a lot of the things I buy for the shop! Can you tell?)

So, if you're seeing red, like red, or just want to check out what others are sharing today.... just click here for Red Wednesday at Etsy Cottage Style and wait, come back because I am also linking with Ivy and Elephants for "What's It Wednesday!"

If you are dealing with the FRIGID temps, I hope these "red" posts help to warm you up!

Looking forward to a February thaw ....

Enjoy the day!

Monday, January 27, 2014

A Skip In My Step: What a Thrifty Dresser Can Do

Last week I mentioned a newly
acquired piece of furniture that
we found at a local auction.
It is amazing what a little
organization can do for a girl.
Now that you see the photo of the dresser,
I have to explain a few things....
and why it looks like a
hutch, uh, sort of.
This photo above shows how it appeared
to me, online, while it was still at the auction.
It looked really white and the
nightstand that came with it looked
like an off white color.
But when we brought it home
it looked an antiquey off white/yellow
while the nightstand looks more like green!

I'll have to paint the dresser
when the weather gets warmer. 
But it is amazing how motivated I feel now!
I have everything I need in one place,
at my fingertips. The task of packing  up
items and getting them ready for
shipping will be easier now.
I have my ribbons in this neat organizer.
(Ballard Designs, I think,
 several years ago?)
Then I stashed the packing materials,
sharpies, tape, pens and postcards, 
all in the drawers and I just love it!

And it has been fun decorating the top,
the shelves, and the front.
Oh and by the way, the "hutch" piece
is from my old desk that was
purchased in 1996. Last summer
I spray painted the top
hoping to find some kind of
white dresser or buffet,
which we just accomplished!
And the price?
 Just 50 bucks!
Now that's the kind of deal
that can put a spring in my step!
But, I'm going to have to paint the
remaining desk white as well, which
is why I haven't shown it yet.

    Patience, I keep telling myself.
 It will all be done by July!
Then I can do my reveal.
Can't wait!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Vintage Pinks and New Acquisitions

This week I have been sorting...
Going through bins and boxes
in my office. It is amazing
how many things I don't list
each week (for various reasons.)

Two items in this pink collage were newly acquired this week.
(Hint: They are already listed in my shop and on Etsy.)
Can you  guess which two?
I'm joining up this week with
at How Sweet the Sound.
I'll be listing the rest of my
"New" arrivals early next week...

PLUS...another new arrival for
my office/studio! A vintage white
dresser! My hubby was at the
auction this week while I was
looking at the items online.
So, texting back and forth,
we both thought the dresser

would work in here as a credenza
as well as for great storage space! 

He is bringing it home tonight.
Can't wait to see how it will fit...
Another office/redo update next week!
Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Winter Blues: Olympic Ice Skating Is A Great Distraction!

We are in the thick of winter now.
Today schools were closed,
dance studio lessons cancelled.
And I'm getting very tired of
the cold days stuck inside.
BUT, there is something
coming up that will help
pass the days:
We did watch some of the
championships to
see who would be going to Sochi.
(Photo Credit:  The Washington Post)
Amazing, amazing talent!
Today I'm linking up with BLOG SHOP
at How Sweet the Sound.
One of the items I am sharing
 from my shop there
is this fantastic piece of
Olympic Memorabilia:
Remember, there was no TV.

This was how fans collected information
and could keep the results and photos
all in a nicely made booklet.

Just look at that pose!
Enjoy your day...
Keep warm and keep busy
my East Coast readers!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Antiquing Locally: Digging up Memories From Antique Typewriters to Retro Toys

We live in a great area for antiques.
Central Pennsylvania.
The East Coast.
We're not that far from Philadelphia
where it is rich in history
 as well as in antiques.
I don't have to travel very far to find
all kinds of neat vintage pieces.
The collage above and the following photos
are from an antique mall nearby.
And my Dear Hubby has an antique
booth on the lower level of this same mall.
So while I was waiting for Hubby
to finish stocking his booth,
I was looking around at other booths.
I was excited when I spotted this vintage/retro
MERLIN game from my pre teen and
teenage years. (Early 1980's)
Wow! What a fun find.

Then out of the corner
of my eye I see a
teenager tapping away
 on the keys of this
antique typewriter when
he exclaims really loud.....
"THIS IS BAD A**!!!!!!!
After I was done laughing, 
I suddenly felt really old.
I learned how to type in
Our typewriters were not as old
as this Smith & Corona 
model  of course, but still...
It was a reminder!
 I was happy to find some
really unique pieces...antique ice cream sign
 apothecary cabinet, old telephone sign,
and an antique card catalog.
Unfortunately, none of these items
 will be bought for the online shop....
So far, I'm only shipping small items.
Maybe someday if I open my
own "Brick and Mortar" storefront.
We do have a slightly larger booth
that can fit furniture, but the
prices are usually too high
to find any room to make a profit.
I just loved the Italian style
 vintage chandelier in
 the collage above. And
someone had a really unique
booth filled with all kinds
of retro items from our childhood.
There were too many things I liked!
But, that is the fun of
going antiquing...
Enjoy your week!
I'll be sifting through
some of my older inventory,
things that have never made
it into the shop.
Stay tuned!

Linking with Market Monday
at Common Ground.

Friday, January 17, 2014

These are a few of my favorite Pinks...

Well it is Friday already.
How did that happen?
I must be having fun...
because time is flying by!
I'm joining the other pinkies
(which starts on Friday...stick with me folks!)

These are just a few of my favorite pinks that
I've sold over the years.
I made a collage on Pic Monkey.
They are so much fun to make.

And a couple of my latest finds in pink.
A very antiquey pink.
In the ballet world (and I'm going to be
referring to ballet a lot now that I had my
second class today!)
Anyway, in the ballet world,
the ribbon work on this glass
hanky box would be called "Ballet Pink"
or "Theatre Pink."
Bet you didn't know that, did ya?


The pinks in this newly acquired
child's hanky would be
called "Baby Pink," maybe?
And lastly on my pink list today
are the three newly acquired teacups -
but guess what? They sold already!
This is the kind of problem I like to have!
(Thank you to the buyer... you know who you are!)

ENJOY your weekend!
Hopefully I will get a chance to scout
out some more vintage pinks.
Stay tuned!
I will leave you with a funny item I found...
called "Pink Friday"... a perfume
set put out by Nicki Minaj

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Beautiful New Arrivals and Better Late Than Never: Vintage Christmas Goodies!

Just listed some very pretty
vintage things...
from a glass and ribbonwork
hankie box to an "Arm away"
half doll pin cushion...
Check them all out here.
But wait! If you love vintage
Christmas goodies...
you'll be glad I found a box
of items I wanted to list.
Better late than never, I always say!
Check those out here as well.

And one more item not mentioned...
if you love all things Disney then you might
really want to check this out:
A vintage Walt Disney
Bambi ornament!
I know there is a whole
set or series of these
because a couple of years
ago we had the "Thumper"
ornament and it sold.
Such fun hunting for treasures,
finding the right homes...
trying not to keep too many.

I would need a warehouse!
Have a wonderful week...
I should be back in time for
Pink Saturday.
Stay tuned!

Monday, January 13, 2014

That moment you realize you missed selling a whole box of vintage Christmas goodies...

Prepping my latest finds today...
Cleaning, setting up for
photo shoots.
It's such a glamorous life!
No, really, this little
collection below is
fancy finery at its best!
I was very happy to come across pretty
teacups, a glass hankie box and this
"arm away" pink pin cushion.
And, what do you do when you find a box
of vintage Christmas goodies in the
attic...a month too late to list?

List 'em anyway!
Who doesn't love vintage
Christmas all year round?
There's still my latest finds
from last week...
Take a peek here, they're already
I'll be back with more of my
latest goodies...

ENJOY the day!

Linking with Ivy and Elephants
What's It Wednesday.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sometimes it's Good to Stretch

After seeing me dance around the house
over the years, and now even more so
that our sweet Bebe is taking lessons,
my Hubby decided it was time for me
to get back to the barre.
(My Christmas present: Ballet lessons!)
So there I was trying to find dance
clothes to fit me, when it dawned on
me, they just don't make
leotards and tights for older women
 who have had children.
They just don't.
Ballet leotards are for
the pre-teens and teenagers.
Size large was squeezing me in so tightly,
I now know what it feels like to be a sausage!
I kid.    
This is the studio where the old ballerina
in me came back to life.

Uh, kinda.
I may need a wheelchair but I did it!
(Can someone please hand me the Ben-Gay?)
Sometimes it is good
to stretch beyond your
own personal limitations.
Hope you enjoy your weekend!
We are having a nice warm up
from this past week's media
hyped "Polar Vortex."
Linking with Pink Saturday
at How Sweet the Sound.
And this week I added some
as well as the 36 items that were
marked down and moved to the
clearance category called "Flea Bella."
Won't you stop by for a visit?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pinks and Valentines To Warm You

Happy Monday!
Today I am back to a "normal"
schedule now that Christmas break
is officially over.
Let me tell you, I couldn't
wait to start taking photos,
listing, and selling again.
It is fun being off for awhile but
a regular schedule is good too!
I'm sharing some of my pink
vintage and antique china...
some are already listed for sale
while others are getting their
photos taken for the website.
I'm in a pink mood with thoughts
of Valentine's Day just around the corner.

Some of these antique, 3D, layered,
or "Pop Up" Valentine's as they are
called, are just beautiful.
Something you won't find in stores!
I have this German style card listed in both my
Bella Rosa shop and on Etsy.
While we are about to get a DEEP FREEZE
here in the North East, I'll be getting
the shop ready, pulling out the
pinks, the pastels, and thinking about
This should definitely warm me up!
Be back soon... what are you
planning for this Valentine's Day?