Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Little Snow, Ballet Class, and Three Cheers for Toaster Ovens

Snow is falling outside but we are warm and cozy tonight!
Somehow I don't mind a snowfall when we are in for the evening. No need to worry about driving in it, and even if we had plans, we would probably cancel them
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When I think of being "snowbound" I think of baking yummy treats. Our oven has not been repaired yet but so far I am learning to use a Toaster Oven for things like artichoke dip (New Year's Eve) and chocolate chip cookies! Plus, chili in the crockpot. These little things do wonders ...we are wondering if we really need our oven at all with the handy dandy appliances as backups.
Now that Christmas is behind us and we made it through two birthdays and a holiday dinner without the oven, I am wondering how long until I take the decorations down. How about you? Are you a "leave 'em up for a while" kind of a person? Or , are you the "It's a New Year, Fresh Look" type?

I like to leave mine up for awhile .... but usually by the middle of January I have put them all away, for fear of accidently leaving them up near Valentine's Day!

I do have a new adventure coming up .... my Dear Hubs gave me six months of ballet lessons! Whoa! I have not actually taken a ballet class since college. About ten years ago I took part in some jazz classes that actually landed me on stage for a Christmas Show, but ballet?  I'm a bit nervous.
Look for updates on how this is going in the near future!  Let's hope I don't break a leg! Yet!
Stay warm and all of my readers in the North East.


Unknown said...

Ballet class will be so fun! I need to do it again. For me, it all came back to my brain easily, but not so much to my body. LOL

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I actually got up this morning thinking that I should start putting the decorations away...but this year I don't want to yet! Our tree is real and still smells fresh! I will start putting the real Christmas-y things away because I do have a lot of décor that is "winter". We are snowed in here in Upstate NY today...I got hubby and son home again! Maybe I will make some cookies!