Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Hubs at Magnolia Market = Fixer Upper Inspiration


That man of mine! He actually went to the infamous Magnolia Market while in Texas recently!
I asked him to look on the map and see if he
was near Waco. Turns out his hotel was only
an hour and a half away. So off he went!
I love the pictures he took so I could almost be there, too.
How fun is this green vintage car?

And speaking of green...
there was plenty of it in the displays.
There were oodles of home decorating pieces and ideas!!!!
Lighting, a key element in decorating.


Love the display tables .... nothing like good 'ol chippy metal and sturdy wood tops. Great inspiration
for my Hubby to see... he was getting new
project ideas for our vintage shop.

Here are some faux flowers to bring 
soft pastels into the mix.

There were unique items... yes, mostly made in China
as the hubby told me... but the fun "Fixer Upper"
style was readily available for the consumer
to use in their own homes.
Look at the general store style drawers on this display piece. Love it!
He said there was a garden outside where real plants/flowers were grown. Here is
 where you can pick them up! The sign
is just awesome too. Joanna Gaines
has such clean lines and simplicity to
her d├ęcor and it works so well!
Awww.... "a must have flowers always and always"
Love the candlesticks.
I love these wall words and I sell them
in my shop, too, in black. There is a local
vendor mall where I get mine. Hubby
said mine were priced a lot lower!
Well, when you have your own hit TV
show, you can charge more!

And not to forget the men... my hubby liked "CHIP'S CORNER" a lot! T-Shirts and hats, industrial stuff,
the shelving made just like they create on the show.
So, of course, he did a little bit of shopping.
Brought Bebe and I back some souvenirs like
T-shirts and a really cool laser cut
wall art piece... just like "Jimmy Don" makes!
I think they are actually made in the USA
by Jimmy Don himself. I'll try to get a photo
of it soon.  For now, I've got my own
shop to tend to, totally inspired now!

Thanks for stopping by...
 I'd love to hear what you think of "The SILOS!"

Friday, May 12, 2017

A Peek at Magnolia Market & My Thrifty Finds

Hello my friends!
This week has been super busy
as my hubby was in Texas for
job training, so I was solo
for the week, running Bebe
here and there.  
He DID manage to drive over
to Waco, TX to see Magnolia
Markets! (My suggestion) 
I think he is bringing
Bebe and I back t-shirts.
I am going to do a separate
post with all of his photos
so stay tuned!
Today I'm going to share some of my
recent thrift shop finds. I rarely go
to purchase things for myself but
today I'm going to show you finds that
I think I am going to keep!
(At least for awhile!)
Being the Nutcracker family that we are, I was so happy
when a friend pointed these out to me. I look forward
to using them during the holidays. This is a set of four
 dinner plates, but I could always use a few of them on a 3 tiered stand, too.

Moving backwards in time on the calendar, I also found this vintage turkey vase or planter. It would be perfect for our dessert silverware orfor display.

We usually host Thanksgiving so this was a fun find for me.

And still going back in the timeline, who can
resist this brightly colored candy corn dish
for Fall? I think Bebe will enjoy it the most!
I will enjoy using these wine glass markers
that I found. They depict different nations...
an Eiffel Tower for France, the Taj Mahal, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty for the US, etc.

And last...  this was a unique find. As a former local tv producer, I was excited to find this unusual piece. It is an old TV studio camera.
It has the large circular piece on the top which shows that in the old days they used FILM. Yessiree, they had to edit the film everyday to bring you the news. No digital easy stuff!
Anyway, I'm not sure if it is simply a paper weight or was
it an award at a previous time? I just love it, either way.
I still live in the same town as the TV station where
I used to work so I'm wondering if it was a former employee's?
I rarely share my thrifty finds that I keep so
I hope you enjoyed seeing them. Always
fun, always a treasure to be found!
I'm off to go to work and open up my shop...
Enjoy the day!