Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering the Day

Thinking of those who have sacrificed for our country and allowed us to have

the freedom we celebrate today.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Celebrating: 3 Years of Bella Rosa & Pink Saturday

We're celebrating this weekend... it has been three years since I opened my online antique store!

If you had asked me if I thought I was going to make it past a year, I probably would have said "unlikely!"

You see, just as I started my shop, I found out I was pregnant.

But we made it work! And here is a lovely cake I whipped up, just for today:

Won't you have a slice?

It is also the third birthday for pinkies in blogland!

Happy Birthday to one and all!

To celebrate both events, I'm showing my favorite pink things from my shop, sold over the past three years:

A special thank you to my followers and to my customers...

I couldn't have done it without you. And to show my appreciation... email me this weekend and you may take 20 percent off of anything pink in my shop. (BellaRosaAntiques(at)verizon(dot)net)

Here's to many more years of vintage beautiful!

And thank you Beverly, for knowing how to cheer us on, for cheering us up, and for your dedication to our favorite color.

And wouldn't you know, Oprah herself wore pink for her last show!

***Sidenote: We are having family and company for Memorial Day weekend so I do apologize as I will not be able to return comments this weekend...but I enjoy every visit and message left for me. I will try to respond to you if I can. ENJOY THE WEEKEND!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mission Possible: Find My Missing Hobby

In my previous life, before Bebe, I had what seemed like lots of time to spare.

I had hobbies.

One of them was genealogy. Something about the researching, recording, and archiving all of the photos and information gave me that "history detective" feeling. It was all fascinating to me.

As much as I'd like to spend more time working on my family history... it has kind of been put on hold. Plus, there was the great Christmas day computer crash and I have not attempted to see how many files I lost.

I still have some photos saved (luckily we had backed up some things) and here is one my Father and I are proud of.

It is my paternal Great Grandfather standing in front of the fire pumper in Brooklyn, NY. He was one of the brave souls who fought fires in a crowded city... using the old kind of firetruck, probably to him it was the latest and greatest.

These bits of history remind me how much we take for granted. I'm going to challenge myself to take some time to work on preserving the family heritage in the next coming weeks.

It's a gift Dear Bebe will appreciate someday!

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Arrivals: Heartwood Creek Collectible, Victorian Milk Glass, Tuck's Postcards, French School Books & More!

While this cute running bunny is not an antique it sure is a collectible...

Pretty bracelet with a "twist!"

Antique German powder/vanity box.

Early 1900's French text books

(1911 and 1914)

Victorian milk glass... in blue!

A lovely and ornate baby fork

Antique books can be fun to read or even to use in displays.

Love 'em!

This is just one of two sweet Tuck's antique postcards I've listed this week.

Check out the rest, here, on Bella Rosa Antiques.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Brand New Finds ... In Pink!

(I just "Googled" this and discovered it is a film made in Germany in 1907, based on an opera "Farewell My Love")

Where did the time go this week? I have been surrounded by gloomy days and rain this week so a little bit of pink is just what I need to brighten my day!

Here are a few pinks I'm about to list very soon. They haven't even been seen by anyone else yet! Don't you feel special?

In case you haven't noticed...I have a thing for antique postcards.

This one is a charmer.

A beautiful TUCK'S postcard... her pink dress is so sweet!

I just love the pink parasol in this antique advertising postcard...

Pink rose on a gorgeous Bavarian china gilded edges.

The rose transfer on this two handled vase (I also think it would make a great spooner)

is just right for Pink Saturday...

And a sweet pair of pink velvet shoe stretchers...scented too!

A little sneak peek for you today for Pink Saturday...

these "new finds" and more will be listed on my site soon.

Stay tuned!

For more pinks check out How Sweet the Sound.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking for Mr. Sun

This week I'm letting the clock tick a little slower.

Maybe it is all the rain we've been having.

We need a little sunshine, hoping it comes out tomorrow!

There's still a few goodies for me to list so stay tuned...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Antique Beaded "Flapper Girl" Purse

This is a darling evening purse ... or possibly for attending a wedding. It is held by a single strap in the center and is completely covered in little pearly seed beads. Just a real sweet vintage piece of fashion. I call it a "flapper girl" bag but it doesn't have to be.

With all of the weddings going on in May and June, I just think it deserves a Second Chance.

I'm also taking 20% off the original price while there is romance in the air!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Seven and Counting, Plus a Vintage Wedding Party!

Seven years ago in May, Dear Hubby and I were married...

Me, getting ready!!!!! The nerves were starting to set in.

All the buttons... that's my Mom taking care of the "Last minute touches"

The train of my gown... full of beads.

The courtyard where we had the beginning of our reception.

Mmmm...the cake. I wish I remember what it tasted like!
I'm surprise it didn't melt. It was a really hot day in May.

Thunderstorms were approaching as we were wrapping up the reception!

The pretty pink rose centerpieces. A dear friend of mine saved some of the roses from a centerpiece and a strand of pearls, gave them to me a year later. So sweet!

And what's a romantic tale without a sweet chairot!

Happy Anniversay, honey!

Thanks for an adventurous seven years. I can't wait to see what

we can accomplish in the next seven... and beyond!


For vintage wedding collectibles, accessories, and gifts check out my shop, Bella Rosa Antiques.

I'm also linking up with Stephanie at Angelic Accents for her wedding party here to check it out!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pink Saturday ~ Pink Things

This past week I added a few more things to my shop. This double stacked teapot (cup is underneath) did not make it. I think I might bring it to my booth this weekend instead. It is very heavy! Marked Royal Scotland.

Pretty pinks though!

This pretty pink and green tassel is just right for hanging your key in your antique secretary desk or vintage hope chest key.

This was one of my favorites this week but it sold already. A Prince William birth souvenir! It is actually a very small "Orlando Cherry Brandy" bottle....all made of china. Pretty unique!

I also like this clover dish sweet. Marked Prussia.

Check out the other pink fun going on for Pink Saturday!