Friday, February 28, 2014

What is it About the Color Pink?

For those of us who just adore the color PINK,
we have this understanding.
Pink makes us smile.

It can lift us up and put a song in our hearts....
Can turn a gray day into an instant
summer delight

Even subtle shades of pink...

Pink can turn an afternoon
into a walk through the garden.
From our clothes to our jewelry to
our home décor. And even vintage toys...
And what I think,
about PINK...
It makes me happy to be a girl!
Hop on over to Pink Saturday to
see more versions of this
warm, spring time color!

All of the photos are from my website,
These are just a few of our newest arrivals!
Use this link to receive 20% off.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Arrivals Are Here! Check 'em out!

I'm finally catching up...
Check out the "newest"
arrivals here!
Love the graphics on this
hat box from where else? New York!
Even better if my name was Amy.
What I love about this box
is that the graphics are on both sides!

Pink toned aurora borealis brooch
 and some earring "go alongs."

This flower brooch is amazing.
Unfortunately it does have some flaws
Great for an art or crafty project so
it goes in my "Baubles & Beads" category.

Bavarian biscuit jar

Now this is a unique item.
A salesman's sample of greeting
cards from the 40's / 50's

Sheet music, bill of faire, magazine,
old letters, great, great stuff!

This is one of my favorites this week.
A beautiful urn with Asian influence.

Petite jewelry casket, probably for a special ring.

These just remind me of a flower garden.
Okay, I think THESE are my favorites this week!

Sigh. But this pretty Royal Albert "Celebration"
teacup is beautiful too!
I get to enjoy them for awhile which will
have to be good for now...
You can see my latest arrivals
Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blog Shop: Special ONE DAY SALE!

So excited to share with you my newest finds...
But I am a bit behind so what I've decided to do is have a sale
to help make room for some of my new arrivals.
Today you can save 20% off your total order!
Just click here for the link to my site.
It is the only way to receive the price reduction.
(Or you could always contact me via the blog
or through my "contact" page on the website.)
ENJOY your day... may it be filled with many blessings!
Joining up with Blog Shop today!

Monday, February 24, 2014

When You Wish Upon A Star...

In one of my more recent posts I mentioned
that I needed a vacation.
Well, I got one!
We had the chance to go to
Walt Disney World in
Orlando, Florida.
What a nice break from the snow
and cold temperatures.
I was happy where ever we
went, just because I was
wearing shorts and the
grass was green!
We did the Magic Kingdom as well as Epcot.
In Magic Kingdom I made sure to go on
one of the rides stored in my childhood
memories. You probably know the one.
"It's a Small World."
Love, love that ride! Just hearing the
song brought back a flood of memories.
Bebe met a bunch of Princesses.
And Alice in Wonderland, too.
Plus Pluto!
We did not do the "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique,"
the popular "Dress 'er up and make her
look like a princess" attraction.
The dresses were over $100.00 and just
to have her hair and make up was another $50.00.
She still had a great time...after we got over
the initial "I just want to go back
to the hotel pool" phase. The Hubs and I
were getting very frustrated!
The next day we went to Epcot, one of my
favorite parks. Where else can you get a
small sampling of so many countries in
one place? The food in Italy was my favorite!

I'm having trouble accessing the camera card.
If I can't get to my photos I will be so sad!
The photos you see were from our cell
phones and not the best quality.

I'm still recovering from being away for
a few days. I have so much work to do.
New listings to edit, orders to pack.
I'll be back with more from our trip and
some of our helpful tips that we encountered.
Have a day filled with many blessings!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Miami Vice, Boom Box Fever, and the Jane Fonda Workout: Looking Back Through The 1986 Sears Catalog

Dealing in antique and vintage items is
just plain old fun. There is nostalgia
in looking back at what we were
doing, what were we wearing, and
what was important to us at the time.
And then there is the stuff
we refer to as "Retro."
This week I had the joy of coming
across a 1986  Sears Catalog!
I was in my last year of high school...
Come on along with me
as we take a journey through the pages:
Not only was it a SEARS catalog, it
was their 100th anniversary edition
with a hard cover!
Here's what we were wearing...
Color blocking was big.
Angular lines.
Big colored earrings.
Big hair.
Just look at these pant suits.
Whoaaaa Nellie!
I could usually be found looking
through a telescope while wearing one.
Ahhh, and remember the
"Let's Get Physical" phase?
(What would we have done without
Olivia Newton John's music video and song?)
How about the Jane Fonda workout?

 And don't think I am forgetting the men.
Ooooh no. This is straight out of
Don Johnson's Miami Vice wardrobe.
Oh yeah.
Hot stuff!
How about our homes?
I loved this description of why women
would want to have mirrored closet doors:
"Mirrored doors magically transform
your rooms into relections of your
good taste and judgment."

And these microwaves were "quicker than a flash"
Are these the models that were supposedly
leaking radiation? Or did they just take
up a lot of space on our counters?
Love that wood grain!
They weren't cheap either.
Three, four, five hundred dollars.
That was a lot of money
for convenient cooking.
But everyone was buying one.
What else were we buying?
Take a look:

First there was PAC MAN fever...
and then the people at SEARS thought
 our music players  of choice
became "Boom Box Fever!"
I remember thinking these were SO COOL!

I mean, just look at it!
That's cool stuff.
The eighties...
A time of rainbows, Care Bears,
Unicorns and ruffles.
What little girl wouldn't want this
pink poofy bedroom?

Lots of smiles and laughter
while looking through the pages
of the 1980's.
What will we say about the 2000's?
I don't even think they produce
a Sears Catalog anymore.
This was like a mini time capsule
I'm glad I opened it up.
I hope you enjoyed the trip too!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Antiquing Finds: And a Shop Sneak Peek

We've had lots of snow so that makes
the hubby and I a bit weary of the indoors.
The cure? A little antique hunt will
bring a few smiles... and as usual
we bring Bebe along. She will
either hate antiques or grow
to love them as much as we do.
My first stop:
A booth filled with vintage china.
Seriously, I keep going there
and the china doth over flow.
I picked out my favorites.
This is the second time I've bought
multiple pieces from this person.
As long as it keeps over flowing with china
like this... I will be buying.
Just love the colors in this collage of china!
A few sweet, movable eye dolls...
I just picked out my favorites for today.
There are more!
I have opened a second Etsy shop.
To fill in the gaps where my other
shops are slow. It has been a
tough economy for sales.

I have the "don't ever give up

These vintage goodies caught my eye
as I am now looking for vintage mid-century
and retro vintage items which is the theme
for this second shop.
The Barbie outfits, still in the original
packaging, was a thrill to see.
Who wouldn't open their
new Barbie clothes? I just
have to wonder sometimes!

Then there were these lamps which I just listed today:

Mid Century modern!
Love it in my shop called
Enjoy your day!
Check back early next week
for new listings on Bella Rosa...
With all of the snow
and school snow days, I'm
behind in a lot of my work.
Mommy here needs a

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Little Vintage Valentine Love

This week has been a busy one for the Bella Rosa household.

I volunteered to decorate for Bebe's school... they were
having a kindergarten open house.

Since I think decorating is fun, it was a no brainer to
sign up for the task.

Then I heard I had to be there at 7 in the morning.

Okay, so I'm not a morning person. Or a cold weather person!

I think it turned out nice...
despite my obstacles!
Nothing super fancy...

With little vintage touches here and there,
it was something different.

I decided to go through my ephemera
and use some old cabinet card photos

I had a few adorable old pictures of little children...
and mother's with wee little ones...
Inside the picture frame I tied the love
theme for Valentine's day in with the
love mentioned in John 3:16
For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten
son that who so ever believeth in Him shall
have ever lasting life.
Five years ago this Valentine's Day,
I found out I was going to have a
baby. I know God is faithful.
Not sure if those who came out
read the verse inside the frame
but the intention was there.

So here in this photo you will
see two lonely balloons.
We had just enough helium
left in the tank from Bebe's carnival
party to create a mini balloon bouquet!


And all those who attended (some of them I knew
 as I had recommended our school to them)
said how they enjoyed the décor.
I just think it is fun!
Wouldn't mind if it were my real job...
Well, that is for another post.
Don't worry, I'm still going to be
selling my vintage wares... I love
looking for vintage too!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Linking with Pink Saturday

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Do a Home Show, Cannoli, and Real Housewives of NJ have in Common?

Last weekend I helped a friend
with her booth at a local home
show, here in Central PA.
She is an interior designer and
has her own business called
We met through our daughter's
school... so when she asked
me to come work at her
booth I thought it would
be a great chance to see some
beautiful home displays and
get to know her a little better.
It was a fun day with some
unexpected surprises!
Here is her booth.

She was having a "What's Your Style?" contest.

I thought it was a great idea.

There were different vignettes set up,
and people could choose from A, B,
or C to determine their style.

This was the traditional style.

Then the mid-century modern....

and then the last style was transitional.
I think this is me.
I like to include a bit of the past
(of course) with some of the modern.
So did many of the people
who took part in the contest.
The winning entry was drawn
from the style that
received the most votes.
Prizes were gift certificates
to the furniture stores that
were lending out the furniture
for her display.
Another great idea! 
She also had this in the booth.
Loved it!
We were having fun talking
to people who stopped by
PLUS the booth was right
next to the stage which was
to be the venue for several speakers
on different topics.

My friend was set to speak the
last day of the home show.
But, lo and behold, we
noticed a crowd gathering.
Kathy Wakile of  Real
Housewives of NJ was set to
speak any minute.
What was she going to talk about?

Since I don't watch the show
I had no idea ....
but come to find out she makes
cannoli and sells them in a kit.

After her time on the stage was
over, the home show folks set
up a table right in front
of my friend's booth
without even asking
her if she minded....

Then Kathy's husband (Mr. Wakile?)
 was there to join her.
People were lined up to get
their photos taken, autographs signed.
The works!
It was really entertaining!
Her husband is a real hoot.

But we soon discovered there was an
advantage to having a celebrity close by.
The local newspaper reporter
stepped over to talk to my
friend and did a little interviewing!
You just never know what is
going to happen.
And this experience with other
women entrepreneurs helped
me to think about what
I can do in my own business.
It was a day well spent and
I enjoyed the inspiration!
Linking with Ivy and Elephants