Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vintage Valentine Heart Candy Boxes, Cards, and Aprons

A preview of what is coming up in my "Just Listed" category:

And what do we have here in time for an upcoming special day? Vintage Valentine heart candy boxes! A few gals contacted me and asked to see them before I listed are the pictures:

This one in a hot pink! Oooh la la!

A shiny red one.

I think this one (above) is the oldest one of the is marked Martens of Summit, NJ.

Neat millinery flowers and netting on top of this one.

Sorry for the sideways view, I will fix that soon! This one is the largest I have in white with red and lace trim.

And a cute, cute vintage blue gingham apron with a kitten border. The rick rack is actually in the material and not sewn on. This one is also a lot longer than your average apron.
This one is my favorite. A sweet, white, see through apron with gorgeous pink roses...a really interesting pocket that looks like an umbrella. Again, another sideways view. Better pics on the website as soon as I can get them listed! I also picked up a few more. Two have Christmas themes.

Some neat vintage emphemera pieces... birthday cards, some rose postcards (two are C.Klein!), some rose ad cards from the turn of the century, and some valentine's day postcards.

I was asked to find some vintage shakers to use for glitter in craft projects. Voila! Here are two sets.
If you see anything you like, be sure to contact me soon before I send out my "Just Listed" email.
Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beautiful Vintage Rose Postcards ~ Oh so Bella Rosa!

Last week I went on an antiquing trip. Whenever I go, of course, I am seeking out items to bring to you on the website. And today I am showing you the lovely rose postcards I found. These are hand picked, by me...I had to visit a lot of antique booths and sort through their postcard selections to find the nicest cards. I was happy with what I brought home. They will be listed soon.
I love the heart shaped graphic on this one because it also looks like a Valentine!
Hopefully I can get them listed during the next two days...they'll be in the Ephemera and Just Listed categories on the site.
And if you're a fan of vintage aprons...I found a handful that are adorable! Two are Christmas themed. They too, will be listed. Pictures of those, coming soon. (In case you're wondering why I don't have these pictures yet...I am the mother of a four month old and I have to carve time out of my day to accomplish all of this. It is a challenge but I manage to find the time!)
A few of you have requested the vintage glass shakers to use in your craft projects for glitter. I found a couple to list as well. Not sure what category to place them in. I might have to create one!
Hope you're having a Bella week!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vintage French Perfume, Valentine's, Victorian Calling Cards

Ooh la la... here's what I just listed today on Bella Rosa:

Thank you, this has sold!

This French Perfume set holds 11 Mini Perfumes! Pull the red, white and blue ribbon to reveal another drawer. How sweet!

For the upcoming Valentine Lovers...

And some very nice and very vintage Victorian Calling cards. I love reading these:

How about a pink satin candy heart box? Oooooh so shabby and chic! Marked Schrafft's on the back. This company closed in 1984. Did you also know Schrafft's sponsored the showing of The Wizard of Oz on televsion in 1959? A neat little piece of trivia for you!

Thank you, this has sold!

There's more in the Ephemera category.... check them out here.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vintage Pink Prom Dress, French Hankie, Shabby Roses & More!

We're about to list our latest finds... and the most exciting piece we have to offer this week is this vintage pink prom dress! Thank you, this has SOLD!

We found this lovely in Central Pennsylvania at a little shop tucked away down a quiet street. I just had to have it for the online store. Now someone is going to be able to find it here on the internet and have it for her own! This is part of the thrill of seeking out beautiful things for the store. Who will find it? Who will cherish it? And, I get to enjoy each piece for just a little while.

Other lovely items are two vintage hankies... one is an actual French souvenir silk, yes PINK.... that a World War II solder picked up while he was there. I met the man who's Grandfather was there. I asked him why he was selling it and he said he just couldn't keep everything, so now we are offering it to you. Thank you, this has SOLD!

We also have some jewelry, and some neat pieces of bling that are no longer usable except maybe for crafting! I know some of you ladies enjoy working with rhinestones or pins so here is a little something I normally don't carry in the store.

Thank you, this has SOLD!

And I just can't pass up an opportunity to buy vintage dinnerware with roses on them. There's this fabulous green lustre pitcher and a wonderfully shabby rose cake plate. These particular items have been in my collection now for years but we are reorganizing rooms in the house due to the new little addition to the family... she was born back in September, and I no longer have room for them.

(Thank you, this has SOLD!)

All the items, plus more not shown here are available now in the Just Listed category on the website, Bella Rosa Antiques.

Thanks for stopping by and as usual,