Monday, March 27, 2017

LuRay Pastels Dinnerware, Hidden Treasures at a Thrift Shop

I did it! I finally found some LuRay at a thrift shop.

It had been a really, really, really long time since I had come across any... and I've been collecting LuRay for even longer. You can read some of my other posts that I've written about this pastel, mood lifting dinnerware, here, here, or here.

Either there isn't much of it left or folks are hoarding it!

Not sure.... but I was soooo thrilled to see it on the shelf. 

I wasn't even at this particular Goodwill to shop for myself. Bebe had a school event for for literature class: Hans Brinker Day. The kids were encouraged to dress up, so there we were scouring for a Dutch costume in the skirt aisle. After we had narrowed it down to just one skirt that she liked I said "Quick... Mommy is just going to go look in the back!"

All I heard were  groans in protest - BUT YOU ALL KNOW I JUST HAD TO!

And I'm so glad I did.

I think it was round two in the "pink" aisle, you know.... how Goodwill organizes by color... when I saw a small stack of three Sharon Pink LuRay dishes.  A small platter, a berry bowl, and a coupe soup.

It was like I had won at BINGO!

So up to the register we went. I was checking out and watching the girl wrap the LuRay when all of a sudden it hit me (I'm slow to think these days) THEY ORGANIZE BY COLOR!!!!!! There must be more in the other color sections!

So back we went, on a scavenger hunt, with of course, more protests! Bebe started enjoying it a little, I that we were on a mission. It was great having someone else there with me who knew what it looked like!

I was right, of course.  They had separated the LuRay (for shame) and we had to dig through the green, yellow and blue areas.

I found two bakers, one in green and one in blue. Unfortunately they were both chipped. The chips looked really fresh, too. Rats.

But I did get another coupe soup in yellow and one in blue. Success! I spent 19.00 on the five pieces, which I thought was pricey, but I was just happy to have found my favorite vintage dinnerware.

What a perfect time of year to find some LuRay Pastels - SPRING!

What have you found lately? I'd love to hear about it!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Stella. The big, scary, blizzard of the year, is happening in March. We were SO CLOSE to having Spring. SO close! I have been hearing the Spring birdies chirping though.

This is the view from my office window.
My shop is normally closed on  Tuesday's
so I don't have to worry about opening up today!
over on my other page for Vintage & Co. I'm
looking for new recruits... I'd like to build the
party up a bit... it is hard because I am running
so many things!
This is the sofa table I worked on.
It had the original furniture store label
stapled underneath. It came from a store
that is now a thrift shop! Oh the irony!
Anyway, it was marked 1989.
Not too old but old enough to be updated.
I chalk painted it white and gave it the
stress treatment. LOL. 

In the picture it
looks like I painted the center taupe but that
is a burlap runner. I love the stone wall at the
shop... makes everything look that much better!
What do you have going on this week? Are you
snowed in like we are?
Next post I'll share a couple of finds from
last weekend... we went to an annual
 church sale, right down the road
from where we live.
Stay warm! Think Spring!
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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What is Selling on Etsy in my Bella Rosa Antiques Shop

Hello Friends!
Today I'm going to try and get my office whipped back into shape... I've been so busy I've let it slide ... into vintage chaos. Piles of things here
and stacks of things there.
So while I am working on it I'm going to share some things that have sold in my Etsy shop. I'm always curious about what has sold in other shops so maybe you'll find this post
Here are the 10 most recent items:
A sweet pair of little ballet pink baby shoes.

A vintage Holy Communion box,
rosary, pin and pendants.

A Jack Dempsey restaurant menu.

A Honesdale, PA plate in memory of the 1902 flood.

A Bond Hotels "restaurant china" plate.

A vintage and very lacey romantic card.

A Lefton Bunny planter or vase. I have a
few of these myself and I don't think I
have this one. Now wondering why I
didn't keep it????

A Little Women book.
A Hull pitcher. Love these.
The blend of pastels is so pretty.

And a vintage children's book from a local school
called "Miss Fifi Duverall." She has a heart
for the Golden Rule and comes up with a plan
to teach it to other dogs. So cute!
Hope you have a wonderful week!
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