Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another LuRay Find ~ Pickle Dish & Tab Soup Bowls

Sometimes when you least expect it, men come through for us. So forget all of the remote control tiffs, the jeans and towels on the floor, and his frustrating way of never being on time. Recently Dear Hubs found some LuRay he thought I might like. He's so sweet!

Unfortunately I already have all of these pieces.

(Sharon Pink Gravy Underplate or Pickle Dish)

It is tough to find something I don't have because I've been collecting for 16 years. I thanked him profusely and then we both decided since I already had these we might as well offer them to some other LuRay collectors.

(2 Persian Cream Tab Soups)

They are now available on the Bella Rosa Antiques website if you are a collector and need one of these pieces...or maybe you'd like to start a collection . . . these would be a great beginning!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flow Blue, Opalescent Green, & Eiffel Tower Bling!

Just having a little fun with my blog titles...but I am excited about these latest vintage finds which are available on the website today:

A flow blue luncheon plate marked "ABBEY" and made in Holland. Unique and very striking!

I love the vibrant green of this elegant depression glass with the opalescent rim. Also unique are the three pedestals making up the neck of the stem.

Thank you, this has sold!

And who doesn't love a little Paris bling? Always keep your Eiffel Tower memories with you when you wear this sparkly necklace.

And for the shabby fans...a beautiful vintage creamer. I love the ornate handle.

All may be found under the "Just Listed" category.

And as always. . .

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LuRay Gravy ~ In a RARE Sharon Pink!

It is always fun to find something you collect ... but it is even MORE fun to find something unusual or rare.

Here is the LuRay gravy with attached underplate in Persian Cream. This is the most common color you will find this piece in.

Now, here it is in a rare Sharon Pink! I found it recently in my travels, and yes, dear LuRay fan, I am offering it up for sale on the website!

(Thank you, this has sold!)

Click HERE if you are interested in purchasing it.

And as always,