Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is this really a Hummel Figurine?

I found this write up through Kovel's newsletter. It is interesting to see how easy it is to mistake a piece like this. Read the question a reader had for them below. Their answer was very helpful and good to know!


Q: My mother collected Hummel figurines for several years, but there is one figurine we can't find listed anywhere. It is of a man wearing a black suit and top hat and carrying 2 buckets of water. It is 5 inches high. The words "Hummel-Hummel" are etched and painted on the base. It is marked on the bottom with a bee inside a V and an impressed crown over 2 letters. Can you tell me if it is a genuine Hummel and what it is worth? If it isn't genuine, can you tell me the history of it?

A: Your figurine is The Hummel, the nickname of Johann Wilhelm Bentz (b.1787-d.1854), a famous water carrier in Hamburg, Germany. Before Hamburg had a municipal water system, water carriers worked in the city. Bentz was supposedly the last carrier. Children would tease Bentz and yell "Hummel, Hummel," the German word for bumblebee. He would curse at the children, hollering "Mors, Mors." The Hummel became a symbol for the city of Hamburg and a statue similar to your figurine was erected in 1938. Today there are several Hummel statues throughout the city. Hummel is also pictured on the sides of Hamburg's water trucks, and when the Hamburg soccer team scores a goal, the announcer says "Hummel, Hummel" and the fans shout "Mors, Mors." Your figurine was made by Goebel (now Goebel Porzellanmanufaktur, located in Rodental, Germany). The impressed crown mark on the bottom over the initials WG (for William Goebel) was used c.1923 to 1949 and the bee mark was first used c.1950, so your figurine was probably made c.1949-50. Don't be confused by the name "hummel" on your Goebel figurine. Hummel figurines of adorable children were designed by Sister Berta Hummel and have no connection to this water carrier. The Hummel-Hummel figurine is a souvenir of Hamburg. It is probably worth less than $75.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Arrivals! Vintage Needlepoint, Sewing Basket w Buttons, Rose China, French Art and More!

Here's what I've just listed this week:

Two vintage framed needlepoint roses...this is just one of them.

A vintage Noritake creamer. I love the colorful springtime florals.

Thank you, this has sold!
A charming touch of France...a little paperback book on impressionists.

Thank you, this has SOLD!

A very old "Rock Springs Park" souvenir pitcher.

Sweet and Shabby!

I haven't counted all of the buttons in this sweet sewing basket..there's a quite a few neat buttons in there...great for craft projects or just simply to collect!

Thank you, this has SOLD!

A vintage Limoges plate from Jean Pouyat...

hand painted and signed by the artist. Exquisite!

Thank you, this has SOLD!

This is a sweet vintage powder jar for the vanity. Love the look.

Thank you, these have sold!

I have a pair of these dainty ramekins... their sweet rosebud border is perfect!

Thank you, these have sold!

These two porcelain rose plates are gorgeous and great for hanging.

And a deep red tray, great for those summer afternoons on the porch!

Check out these new arrivals and more, just listed on Bella Rosa Antiques!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Antique Choo Choo Trains!

All aboard! While I was away from the blog this week, I took a fun trip to a railroad museum with my Dad.

I've loved the sights and sounds of trains since I was about 3 years old.

We lived next to a railroad crossing at the time and I would wave to the conductor late at night hoping he would see me and blast the horn. He always did and in my mind it was because I was was most likely because he was approaching a crossing.

This model display was really big and impressive. Here is just a cute close up of one of the "towns" as the train speeds by.

This museum has a large collection of really old original trains. See how big they are next to my Dad?

He was really impressed with this's one of the first trains to ever run between Philly and New York around 1835. This one is a replica and on loan from the Smithosonian.

There were lots of antiques on display too. Vintage tools used by rail workers, old traveling items like crates, trunks, and suitcases which really appealed to me because I love looking at antiques.

We had a great time and Grandpop bought Dear Bebe a present from the gift shop....the book "Curious George Takes a Train." I had him sign it for her so she'll know about this special trip.

Monday, April 6, 2009

LuRay Cream Soups, Books of France, Paris, Vintage Recipes, Vanity Items and More!

We're adding great pieces to the website this week! I am THRILLED to offer the LuRay collectors two of the very RARE cream soups. I finally filled my goal of having a set of 8 and these two are extras in my collection and available now for purchase. They are hard to come by and we are offering them at a great price.

Here is one in Sharon Pink with the saucer.

And the other is in Windsor Blue with the saucer. They are being sold separately. It is the best way to sell them since collectors may only be looking for a specific color.

Thank you, this has SOLD.
I couldn't resist picking this book up for all of the gals who love all things French...

Thank you, this has sold.
This is a great book for coffee tables.

A couple of sweet hankies...and another I haven't shown the picture of...a ballerina hanky! So sweet!

Thank you, these have sold!

There was something about these vintage vanity items...I loved the graphics on them and their pastel colors. Great for a vintage vanity setting or a perfume collection.

Thank you, this book has sold!

We also have a very vintage recipe book which still has the original handwritten recipes on the inside covers. You can't find that in any store!

And a neat green glass ring holder. I love these and this one is very unique. The four strand aurora borealis necklace is a great find...I rarely see this many strands.

All to be listed this week!

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