Friday, July 29, 2011

Hershey Park (Pink) Happy!

Recently we took Bebe on a trip to Hershey Park.

What fun it must have been for her to see something so exciting for the first time.

Dear Hubby just had to play a favorite game of his to win her a prize.

A pink piggy! I couldn't resist snapping this photo of her pushing it in her stroller. He's all strapped in, snug as a ..... well, as snug as a pink piggy could be!

Here we are enjoying a late night ice cream. We discovered it is much better to go in the evenings!

And I, of course, had to ride the old carousel. One of my favorites with a vintage organ. Makes the ride so much fun.

For more pink fun hop on over to How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday .... it's like an amusement park of pink, online!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Got Vintage? Our Latest Finds: Antique Tea Tin, Stanhope Cross, Tuck's Postcards, French Art & More

This week's latest finds .... for a quick hop to my website click here.
To just peruse the pictures scroll on down! This is about half of them...the rest are on the site.

How about some antique Tuck's postcards.... great for framing in a trio.

Some gorgeous old ads and graphics in these theatre books.

Vintage baubles and beads for crafting or for whatever you want to do with them!

Love the look of this old tea tin.
Sterling! Art Deco! Enough said.
Be the farm girl and carry your milk in a pail...

Alice in Wonderland Little Golden Book. First Edition.

Beautiful rhinestone Stanhope cross.

Hold it up to the light close to your eye and read the Lord's Prayer inside!
The last time I sold one of these the mother of a soldier in Iraq bought it for her son.

I'll probably not forget her.

Clock faces and parts. The clock face at the top is from Germany and is like an enamel or porcelain over metal.

Antique hair tonic bottle...label is French with a 79 cent "sale"

All available in my JUST LISTED category, here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Early 80's Clutch Purse is Back

Did a little clothes shopping this past weekend. It is that darn coupon sent quietly in the mail that drives me into the store. GETS ME EVERY TIME!

Anyway, something caught my eye in the store:

Ahhhhhhhkkkkkk! It is the clutch purse! And not just any clutch purse... the kind from the early 80's?

What do you think ladies, should we give it a second chance? I'm not sure. The jury is still out for me.

Go ahead, discuss! It is my topic for today's Second Chance Tuesday. Something a little different, just to mix it up!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Antique Wallpapering: What to do with the old wooden print blocks or stamps?

I've been fascinated by this unique and very old wooden wallpaper block (or stamp)

It looks like it has the image of a folk art rooster but it is possible it could be a peacock because a rooster's tail is not that long.

Either way, I'm always amazed by the tools used to create things we take for granted ... because now we know machines print everything. Not to mention the digital age.

This is definitely not digital.

What to do with it now though. . . that is the question.

Well, I found a few useful ideas online (

*Use it as Art

*Decorate Paper

*Make Cards

*Make wallpaper of course!

*Imprint on Fabric

*Press images into clay, plaster or paint!

(and this one I really like....)

* Make custom tiles for your kitchen!

A lost art due to modern technology.

I'm looking into the history behind these unique pieces of the past and will update this post as soon as I find what I am looking for.

In the meantime, this stamp is available in my Bella Rosa Antiques store, here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

German Biscuit Jar, Paris Eiffel Tower, Victorian Cameo, Sterling Jewelry, Antique Mother Goose Book

It has been a busy weekend and start to the week but I'm dedicated to my finds! Here's what I've just listed:

German made biscuit jar with a Bavarian mark.

Lovely old baby's nursery wicker vanity set. Hard to find in such good condition!

Pretty victorian style cameo.

An old antique wooden spool with lots of white lace wrapped around it.

It looks pretty just sitting there!

An old Mother Goose book. There are a few color illustrations as well as B & W.

This was my favorite find of the week!

Very nicely matted and framed Paris print by an art gallery in Philadelphia.

Christmas pixie elf with a red hat!

These antique postcards make me think of "My Love is Like a Red Red Rose"

Really sparkly pin...marked Ster Co.

And a sterling stick pin to dress up your sweaters this fall.

A very unique old piece. . . a folk art rooster wallpaper stamp/block.

There's more where these vintage finds came from.... right here. Just listed, tonight, on Bella Rosa Antiques!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Special Featured Item - Vintage Paris France Framed Print

Tuesday's are usuallly reserved on my blog for "Second Chance Tuesday's." Today I've decided to feature a new arrival instead.

This nice sized framed print of a Parisian watercolor painting is worth changing things up a little bit!

It was signed by the artist originally. I am not sure as of yet who this may be, I am going to do a little more research tonight.

Nicely framed by an art gallery in Philadelphia too.

I just love the scene along the Siene River. And the muted pallette framed in black goes well with today's decor.

It is available here, on Bella Rosa Antiques.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lace, Mother Goose and TV - What Do They Have in Common?

What could some pretty white lace on an antique spool have to do with

A Mother Goose book from the early 1900's

(Some great illustrations inside as well)

OR how about an ONEIDA long handled infant feeding spoon?

It certainly could have nothing to do with this cute, vintage TV that doubles as a salt and pepper set!

Could it????

Well yes, it could! They're all going to all be listed on Bella Rosa Antiques

within the next day or so!

(You knew I was getting to that point, right?)

Stay tuned, I have even better goodies in store!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gone Wild!

Yesterday Dear Hubby had a vacation day so we took Bebe to a Wildlife Safari park.

(Lake Tobias, Pennsylvania)

Which way should we go first?

I liked the zebras... they are so amazing to see in person!
Gorgeous. Strut like an emu...WAIT! I think I'm in Australia ...

But then I snapped some prairie dog luurrrrve.

Not your regular deer. These are European fallow deer.

Lucky me, this was my first snapshot of the day!

What is this? A lady elk decided to get on the bus! Turns out our tour guide feeds these big creatures each time she drives a group through. They're not stupid.

Daddy Elk. Wow.

Ok. This watusi thing was a little intimidating.

Nice hair! Did someone give this guy highlights?


Sweet little baby baboon.

She said one ostrich or emu egg equaled a dozen chicken eggs.

A log. A simple "toy" for a lady lion.

This is one of the tour buses we rode.

Bebe had a blast....and Mommy loved taking the pictures.

Daddy enjoyed it all!

Summer so far- GREAT!

What's next on our list???

Stay tuned! (Hoping it has some antiquing involved)

I'm linking my fun adventure to Pink Saturday today...and I looked long and hard to find pink in my safari pictures and finally found some in Bebe's shoes in the last photo!

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