Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taking the Advertising Plunge

Yes, yes, I've taken the plunge. I'm not talking about marriage here.

I'm talking about ADVERTISING. For someone with a little antique website like mine, it seemed like a big enough decision....almost like saying "I do."

You have to spend money to make money, right?

This autumn, you'll see my ad in Somerset Life! This will be my first time to be seen in a magazine! Exciting? You bet!

They sent me a sample copy and I really enjoyed it. Nothing like any other magazine I've ever had before. Thick, almost book like pages and lots of great stories on women who create and own businesses...with lots of great photos of antiques and vintage styles. Really quite beautiful.

Although stunning and a great read, I wasn't sure about taking this plunge. It is a new magazine... and I haven't seen it on a newsstand here yet.

But this magazine I have seen. The adored Romantic Homes. I even subscribe to it.

I called them to try and compare rates and advertise as well. Their sales team did not return my call.

Then I tried contacting them on their "contact us" section of the website. The email came right back to me.

So we'll see how things go with Somerset Life. If things go too well, I could be in up to my ears with work! (Of course, this is really a good thing!) Right now I am able to handle everything and take care of Dear Bebe at the same time. ( I may have to enlist Dear Hubs with his help in packing and shipping! )

I am looking forward to finding out. One thing I'm not afraid of .... taking a risk. You benefit either way. If it pays off then GREAT.... and if it doesn't, well, there is always something to learn.

I'd say "Wish me luck" but as a young dancer we were always told anything other than "break a leg" was bad luck. So, maybe in this case it's "Hope I break a dish!"

Ahhhhhhh. On second thought: "Wish me luck!"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Antique Finds: Rhinestone Earrings, Limoges Cheese Dish, Josef Originals June, Fenton, Ephemera n Old Photos

Last week I went to visit my in-laws with my hubby. They took me to some of their favorite little shops in out of the way places. I was thrilled with some of the things I found to bring back for Bella Rosa Antiques .

Thank you, this has SOLD!
This antique, turn of the century creamer is just the sweetest!
With it's light pink trim and "think of me"
sentiment...I couldn't resist.

Thank you, this has SOLD!
Something about this Austrian plate is irresistibly chic...
I think it is the light pink roses.


I've been taking my time getting this one on the site...
it's finally available for sale.
It sits on a tabletop or hangs on the wall!

A cute little bebe photo.

Thank you, this has SOLD!
Is this cup and saucer the epitome of feminine or what?

Love these mirrored place cards.

A Fenton ruffled dish... perfect for holding your favorite jewels!

Thank you, this has SOLD!

I wonder who wore this charmer.

Although it is a cheese dish and cover, I'm thinking my mini
mufins would look even more delicious under this pretty pink,
Limoges, France dome!

I can't say no to vintage jewelry...

Thank you, this has SOLD!
And only Josef Originals have the sweetest little birthday figurines
like this "June Pearl."
Just look at her! Adorable and charming.

Way back when most rouge or blush came in a little compact like this one by COTY.

A vintage Scrabble Jr game was a great source for letters to use in creative scrapbooking or mixed media art projects....
And a wedding photo....swwweeeeeeet!
Don't even ask which one is my favorite... oh okay...
it's the pink Limoges cheese dish!
Love it!
What's your favorite?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pink Saturday - Pink-i-ness

It's Pink Saturday already? Where did the week go????

I was busy buying, photographing, ooohing and ahhhing over my latest finds for you.. all with a bit of "pink-i-ness." (My new word, just for Pink Saturday!)

Thank you, this has SOLD!

A plate with a "rosey chain"

Haviland Limoges cup and saucer

Dear little Charlotte....

Thank you, these have SOLD!

Shabby pastel ornaments (lots of pink-i-ness!)

Thank you, this has SOLD!
And these look like C. Klein roses to me!
I'm not sure which one is my favorite. It's a toss up between the frozen Charlotte and the ornaments, I think.

And I just got back from a buying trip up north near the Poconos...just lovely lovely things I didn't have time to photograph and upload. I'll save them for next saturday!

Click on over and visit Beverly's blog at How Sweet the Sound
for more pink... "i-ness!"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They're Up! Vintage Bottles, Wooden Letters, Glass Christmas Ornaments, Limoges, Frozen Charlotte, Ephemera, Vanity Jar, Antique Shakespeare Book

Check out the "Just Lised" category for these newest arrivals, on sale now:

Thank you, this has SOLD!

Thank you, these have SOLD!

Thank you, this has SOLD!

Thank you, this has SOLD!

Thank you, this has SOLD!

Thank you, these have SOLD!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Antiquing Weekend ~ Christmas Ornaments, Frozen Charlotte, Vintage China w Roses, Almanac Ephemera, Shakespeare

Here is a quick look at my weekend's search for inventory. I think I found some great goodies:

(Thank you, this has SOLD)
Old vintage bottle with partial label!

Another aqua bottle...this one is larger in size and really cool!

Vintage style clip on candles for your Christmas tree...

Thank you, this has SOLD!
Love these glass doorknobs.

(Thank you, this has SOLD)
Sweeeeeeeeeeet little frozen Charlotte

(Thank you, this has SOLD)

Porcelain vanity box...

Fun with old wooden letters...I think these were handmade

Thank you, this has SOLD!
Rose transfer plate... I like how large they are

(Thank you, this has SOLD)

Tales from Shakespeare. Who doesn't need a little Romeo and Juliet in their day?

(Thank you, these have SOLD)

I was so thrilled with this collection of pastel vintage Christmas ornaments. You get the silverplated dish, too.

I also found some old almanacs from the 1920's...before the Great Depression hit. These would be great for scrapbookers, crafters, mixed media artists. Along the same line I have more baubles and beads to add to the "For Crafters" category.
Just look at these great graphics inside...

And really cool printing. I can see many uses for these!

Check back soon I hope to have these items and the rest not pictured here listed soon. Dear Bebe is starting to wake up from her nap.

Switching hats... it's now Mommy time!