Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taking the Advertising Plunge

Yes, yes, I've taken the plunge. I'm not talking about marriage here.

I'm talking about ADVERTISING. For someone with a little antique website like mine, it seemed like a big enough decision....almost like saying "I do."

You have to spend money to make money, right?

This autumn, you'll see my ad in Somerset Life! This will be my first time to be seen in a magazine! Exciting? You bet!

They sent me a sample copy and I really enjoyed it. Nothing like any other magazine I've ever had before. Thick, almost book like pages and lots of great stories on women who create and own businesses...with lots of great photos of antiques and vintage styles. Really quite beautiful.

Although stunning and a great read, I wasn't sure about taking this plunge. It is a new magazine... and I haven't seen it on a newsstand here yet.

But this magazine I have seen. The adored Romantic Homes. I even subscribe to it.

I called them to try and compare rates and advertise as well. Their sales team did not return my call.

Then I tried contacting them on their "contact us" section of the website. The email came right back to me.

So we'll see how things go with Somerset Life. If things go too well, I could be in up to my ears with work! (Of course, this is really a good thing!) Right now I am able to handle everything and take care of Dear Bebe at the same time. ( I may have to enlist Dear Hubs with his help in packing and shipping! )

I am looking forward to finding out. One thing I'm not afraid of .... taking a risk. You benefit either way. If it pays off then GREAT.... and if it doesn't, well, there is always something to learn.

I'd say "Wish me luck" but as a young dancer we were always told anything other than "break a leg" was bad luck. So, maybe in this case it's "Hope I break a dish!"

Ahhhhhhh. On second thought: "Wish me luck!"


Anonymous said...

i wish you great luck.good luck in this new venture....Ann

blushing rose said...

You are right about RH ... another publishing company that is great to work with is Jim Coen with Harris Pubs in NY. We've used them for years ... tell Jim I sent you. Good luck & many successes. TTFN ~Marydon

PS remind us when it is posted.

Anonymous said...

Congrats are they expensive? Love your shop!

Winchester Manor said...

Congratulations on taking this step and I wish you the best of luck! I'm a big fan of Somerset Magazines, I'm sure it's going to work out fantastic for you!!


blushing rose said...

Jim said he will give me some info on their magazines to post for all the ladies on both sides of the spectrum ... designing/decorating & sewing/quilters magazines. He was tickled to share ... they are wonderful to work with for advertising. TTFN ~Marydon

Ashley ~ said...

Sending you good luck wishes and lots of good thoughts*!!! Have a great weekend gf*!!! ((hugs))