Thursday, July 31, 2008

LuRay Cream Soups - Rare & Hard to Find!

My hunt for LuRay dinnerware never ends...which is okay with me because I think it is half of the fun. Some of the pieces are harder to find than others. The cream soup is one of them. It has taken me about ten years to complete the above set of four, as of today.
My latest acquistion is the cream soup in persian cream. The hunt is over for this little gem! Oh how I've waited. I may just have to use it to celebrate the occasion.

Now my next question for myself is... do I want to try and go for a set of 8????

We'll see what I can find over the next decade!

If you're looking for more good reading on LuRay, I have posted several times about this dinnerware before on these posts below:

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I also have a few pieces left for sale on my website,
Bella Rosa Antiques.

Happy collecting and as always,

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Bridal Shower - History

This weekend I attended my neice's bridal shower. The hostess of the shower did a fabulous job...keeping us all busy with games and lots of door prizes. The decorations were impressive and while keeping with the black and white theme picked out by the bride, she used colors of light and dark pinks to keep it upbeat.

One of the games we played was very creative. She had gathered a dozen antique kitchen utensils used by women from the late 1800's to the 1930's. Let me tell you, we were stumped! This was hard to figure out some of these gadgets! I did know many of them already from working with antiques, but, the answers some came up with were funny and probably better than what the real use was. Utensils like a cherry pitter, soap saver, biscuit cutter, etc. We all learned something new.

The day had me wondering about how bridal showers started. I found this on this website of wedding traditions:

"The Bridal Shower originated with the intent to strengthen friendships between the bride and her friends. In this gathering, the bride’s friends would give her moral support and help her prepare for her marriage. The idea to give gifts is fairly new; originating circa the 1890’s. At one shower, the bride’s friend placed small gifts inside a parasol and opened it over the bride’s head so that the presents would "shower" over her. When word of this hit the fashion pages, people were so taken with the idea that they decided to do the same at their showers."

While we did not open an umbrella over my neice's head, we certainly showered her with lots of adoration, gifts, and well wishes. I sincerely hope she enjoyed the day and will treasure it for years to come. It is a once in a lifetime event!

For more inspiration on weddings and showers...visit our "vintage wedding category" on Bella Rosa Antiques.

And of course, as always. . .

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vintage Ellen Clapsaddle John Winsch Christmas Postcards


A few of the items I am listing this week for the Christmas in July Sale are a little more than just fun decorations for the holidays. Some of them, if you look closely, have a lot more than meets the eye.

Like some of the vintage postcards. They were artist drawn originally. Signed by popular names like Ellen Clapsaddle and John Winsch. Who were they and what made them famous?

For Ellen, was it the cute depictions like the one above that won the hearts over of many? How about John Winsch? This is probably why I am in this antique business. I wonder about many of these things as items like these pass through my hands on their way to a collector.

Join me this week as I celebrate Christmas in July at Bella Rosa Antiques! I've just listed all of our inventory with a 30 percent reduction in help you get a jump start on holiday collecting or decorating!

New today are the artist signed vintage postcards (and a few others) and these Christmas Song books. Stuff you just can't find anymore!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vintage Ephemera ~ Christmas Postcards, Christmas Carol Song Books, Santas & Angels

Today I will be making last minute preparations for the Christmas in July sale here, at Bella Rosa. I found a few more items you may want to check out...a couple of vintage Christmas Carol song books and some of my favorites, vintage Christmas postcards.

Pictures of these latest pieces to follow, soon!

Then once I have these latest items listed...I'll begin marking down the Christmas inventory. The sale runs until July 20th. Ho ho ho!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vintage Christmas Ornaments, Garlands, Mercury Glass & Figurines

Twas the night before my Christmas in July sale, not a creature was stirring, not even my computer mouse...

I feel like a kid at Christmas... I'm so excited about the sale! (July 14 - 20) I've added many additional items, both old and new. Click here to go straight to the website or check out the preview here:

(Thank you, these have SOLD!)

Vintage Santa Boy Candlesticks made in Japan.

You don't find these very often...large vintage foil honeycomb bells in red and silver.

I love these. Mini Shiny Brite glass ball ornaments. We also have them in multi color. The boxes are cute, too. "Shrunk in the dryer cute" as a friend of mine would say!

And here's a mini silver tree to place them on!

I love the look of this satin & beaded plum Christmas stocking.

A vintage style general store candy jar filled with shabby red glass ornaments. Some may be Shiny Brites.

Ho Ho Ho! Vintage Santa Claus salt n pepper shakers! They're sure to spice up your kitchen... (Thank you, they've SOLD!)

Custom made glitter word garlands...these are fun to display around your house during the holidays. Choose from the words Joy, Give, Wish, and Peace.

From the same company that brings you those adorable Hummel figurines...a vintage 1978 Goebel Annual Santa Ornament, First Edition with it's original gift box.

Thank you, this has SOLD!

And what else would you need besides a key for Santa on Christmas Eve?

The sale starts Monday, July 14th for one week until July 2oth. You may even check for prices to be lowered as early as Sunday night if you want something special and don't want to wait. I'm offering these items to you now at great discount prices before the Christmas rush begins this fall. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ornaments, Garlands, Beads, and all that GLITTERS

Christmas in July Sale ~ July 14 - 20

Oh the weather outside may not be cold and fact it's hot and muggy here in the North East, United States. But we're excited about getting ready for our Christmas in July sale, coming up on Monday the 14th, at Bella Rosa Antiques. You'll find glassware brimming with vintage ornaments, jewelry, beads, garlands, and more! The best part is, they're all on sale, available now before the Christmas rush in October/November.
Here's a glimpse at what's coming up:

These hand crocheted snowflake ornaments are a lost art...starched and everything for that perfect look on the tree. Place them in a lovely vignette or bowl of ornaments too, for a different look.

This vintage collar reminds me of the cute ice skating outfits girls used to wear...I can just picture it now. And the vintage snowflake pin would look great on a chenille coat this coming year.

(Thank you, these have sold!)

Even though traditionalists think red at Christmas, I just can't help resist loading up on vintage pink glass ornaments. Especially when they are as detailed as these!

When was the last time you saw a large mercury glass bell like this?

And these sweet icicle ornaments tied up with pink organdy ribbons may not be old, but they sure do sparkle. A fabulous addition to your tree!

And so will this sweet glass church ornament...

How about a Tussy Mussy filled with goodies?

It's Christmas in July here at Bella Rosa Antiques, all week, the 14th through the 20th. Join us and take advantage of our great prices!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

LuRay Pastels - Great Conversation Pieces!

Recently I received a note from a fellow LuRay collector through my website, Bella Rosa Antiques. Not only was I thrilled she contacted me, I was even more thrilled to chat about my FAVORITE dinnerware! She was interested in finding a book on the history of the dishes. I pointed her to this book:

Collector's Guide to T. S. & T LuRay Pastels by Bill and Kathy Meehan. It is available on Alibris, Amazon, and also on Ebay. A bit pricier than when I first bought it in 1994, but I love the book.

While I was emailing her back, she took the initiative (which I greatly admire) to do some research on her own. From the information I had provided on my blog when I wrote about the history
HERE, she called the Chester, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce. They in turn, hooked her up with some more great information, which I wanted to pass along to you.

They told her about the
Ceramic Museum in East Liverpool, Ohio, just across the river from Chester. I've never been to this museum but I am very interested in visiting it now. The museum's website has several links on it and one links to a web page of Ohio River Pottery. On there I saw another book which has some information about LuRay.

She was also interested in finding out where I found my LuRay "store sign," in the picture below. The Chamber of Commerce hooked her up again with an antique mall in the area that actually had one! The last time we chatted, they were going to get back with her on a price. I found mine on ebay, although mine is a commemorative piece, and not an actual vintage store sign. I think I paid 15.00 plus shipping.

So, not only did I get to have a great conversation with a fellow LuRay collector, I found some more great information I did not know before. She also mentioned a gal at the museum who makes magnets...although I'm not completely clear if they are LuRay magnets. If they are, I am definitely going to inquire about them!

Drop me a line if you have any questions about LuRay, or if you'd like to send a photo or a story about your collection, I could post it for you.

And don't forget the "Christmas in July Sale" going on July 14 - 20th on Bella Rosa Antiques. Stop by
the Bella Rosa Antiques mailing list if you'd like a reminder.