Monday, December 30, 2013

For Auld Lang Syne: Happy New Year!

Will you stay up late enough tomorrow night to hear the tune to Auld Lang Syne?

Did you know it was  drafted in 1788
 by Scottish poet Robert Burns?
What does it really mean anyway?
If it is about reflection and looking back....
then I'm sappy enough to go along with it!
Even though we are ending the year without our oven
(It died two days before Christmas Eve,)
I can only look back upon 2013 and count my blessings.
How about you?
May your acquaintances not be forgotten,
your home be filled with love,
and may the Lord bless you and keep you...
Happy New Year, everyone!
Thank you for your kindness, friendship, and support!
Here's to 2014!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The National Christmas Center: Oh What Fun!

Yesterday we took a little side trip to an enchanting museum... the National Christmas Center.

Please bear with me as I try to recreate the scene without any of my own photos. I forgot to bring the camera! (I am using the museum's website shots.)

First, let me say how much fun and what a delight this tour was! The different exhibits which I will share with you below have so much detail and beauty.

This is the first exibit you see as you walk in past the ticket booth.

A vintage 1950's living room with all of the "trimmings" of the time period.
The bicycle, the TV, the framed "light" painting on the wall, the shiny brite ornaments, and all of the other Christmas décor, fresh out of an episode of "Happy Days."
Then you enter a room of "Christmas Around the World."
This was one of my favorites. I enjoyed reading about the Swedish, German, Russian, English, Italian, and Turkish Santa Claus traditions. Did you know that Santa was Saint Nicholas from Myra, Turkey? He was a generous soul who wanted to give to the poor and needy children.

This room was also amazing and without my camera,
I cannot show you my favorite items in these
glass cases. There were "end of day" ornaments
which were made by putting what was left of the
colors into one last production which created a beautiful
mixed ornament.  There were Christmas china sets,
doll houses, hand blown glass toppers, you name it!
I could have stayed in there for hours, but Bebe was getting bored!
Next came this awesome, awesome ....really awesome
exhibit! I had seen it in one of my old Christmas Victoria Magazines.
(I save all of the Christmas issues of my favorite magazines and store them with the Christmas decorations...then browse through them for inspiration.)

It is a "fake" WOOLWORTH store with ALL KINDS of Vintage

Christmas goodies of the day!!! Such fun!
Here are some more pictures:

There were bottle brush wreaths, trees and little Putz houses.
Old tinsel, packaging tape, ribbons, stockings, ornaments,
candles, Santas and more!
This was a 1950's "Night Before Christmas" display.
Inspired by a vintage Coca-Cola ad.
The kids are peeking in on Santa as he loads the
stockings with toys.
They don't leave milk for him, but instead, a COKE!
Loved the vintage video running in the old TV!
This was a very very large display of vintage trains.
It is so much bigger in person, with about four or five
layers of trains running through tunnels, etc.
The hubby would have loved it!
He was away on a ski trip. That means I'll have to go again!

This was the entrance to Santa's Workshop.
The animated animals were amazing.
Reminded me of a neat display put on by a
restaurant we used to go to as kids, called
Zaberer's in Wildwood, NJ.
It closed long ago. Maybe the animals
were donated to this museum.
The image of Santa way at the back is made
up of many many many quilt tiles and placed
together in colors similar to a counted
cross stitch piece. It was really neat!
More details of elves making toys, dolls, nutcrackers,
letters from kid's to Santa, you name it, it was in here!

Then came the "Art of the Nativity "

Breathtaking, moving, inspiring displays.


 This is a life sized nativity that had been in storage since the 1920's. One of the Marshall Field's flagship stores used it to decorate it's store for Christmas. It was given to the museum by Target Stores. Simply a wonder in all of the grandeur.
You really can't get the feel for it as this photo is a panoramic and it not three dimensional. I highly recommend it if you are in the Philadelphia/Central PA area.

Following more displays of the nativity was a walk
through of homes and buildings that were similar to
what Mary and Joseph were surrounded by in their day.
Note the Roman Soldier on the left.

And appropriately so the tour ended with a beautiful
version of Mary holding the baby Jesus, wrapped
in swaddling clothes.
Beautiful, just beautiful!

 Then last, but not least, the gift shop!
We of course, HAD to bring something home to give as gifts next year and to remember our trip to the National Christmas Center!
Hope you enjoyed your visit as well!
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Mini Christmas Home Tour

For we need a little Christmas!
Right this very minute...
We need a little Christmas now.....
Just a few lyrics from one of my favorite
songs to listen to while getting out
all of the stuff....
you know, the boxes and bags.
And more boxes, and bags!
Take a little trip with me
as we peek inside my
home this Christmas...
This is my mantel.
I love using this easy to
use, pre-lit garland from my
days of working at QVC.
Easy peasy and it looks great!
I added the poinsettias.

These are "new to me" nativity figurines.
(The reason for the season!)
Purchased from Four Sisters In a Cottage.
Love it. It was made in Italy.
I try to add a little something
from all sides of my family's heritage.
The stable was from our previous set and
worked out great for the "new" vintage pieces.

I just started the nutcracker
collection. I have five of them now.
Not old, just collectible.
Also an homage to my days dancing,
and my love for the Nutcracker Ballet.

Silver trays are so festive during the
holidays and SO easy to use.
Almost anything looks good on them!

I like to add little touches here and there.

The little wooden stackable
set (Santa, snowman and tree)
were bought for Bebe at the recent
Nutcracker show we went to see.
Many of the dancers were from
a ballet company in the Ukraine.
Some of the dancers had
friends and family from the Ukraine
there, selling their crafts to raise
money for the ballet.

These cuties were in my hubby's
Christmas collection. I think they
were given to him by my MIL.

I received this glass cloche and
pastry stand at our wedding.
It is fun to use it for a Christmas
This tall, antique mercury glass piece
has been for sale in my shop...
no one ever buys it so I get to
keep enjoying it every year!
Hoping to add to the collection...
the angel is new.

....and apothecary jars in the kitchen,
filled with vintage candy colored
glass ornaments, to go with
my LuRay dinnerware collection.

One of our trees....
I've had this one for
 seventeen years!

These were also in my
hubby's collection.
I could put a candle in each one
but I don't.
I barely have time to decorate
and keep up with everything else!
But, hubby's birthday is Christmas Eve
so maybe I will use them as cake
toppers this year.

Shhhhh! Don't ruin the surprise!

Our entry way.
Another easy peasy swag from QVC.
The photo in the whimsical frame was taken by
me in about 1996 while visiting Chicago
for a shopping trip down on Michigan Ave....
(wow, it was cold!)
My friend and I were so cold
we kept popping in to different
buildings to get warm...
and that is when I found
a beautiful Christmas tree and
snapped the photo.
Memories are fun, especially
 during the holidays!
A time to remember, look back,
and reflect... and to count our blessings.

Hope you enjoyed my mini Christmas home tour.
I like to mix the old and the new.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Office Makover: Day 152

Yes, I am still working on my office.
Uh studio.
No, make that craft room.

Remember these photos I shared
on the blog?
I was hoping to run back
to Home Goods and buy the
white glass door cabinet below?
Sadly, it was gone.
The rug is working out great
and my makeover chair is still
a favorite of mine in here.

The style of lamp I wanted
and the skinny wall art, not so much.
But the expandable rack is finally up!

Which brings me to today's post.

I was tripping over this stuff, which
was laying around while I tried
to find the perfect furniture.
Since the "perfect" piece
has not found me...I decided
to start hanging these.
So glad I did!
I think I started working on
my APR (all purpose room)
back in July which brings me
to about day 152 of an
unfinished redo!
It will happen.
Besides, it is the holidays!
Time for fun and time for cheer!
Hope you are getting all
of your hustle and bustle
out of the way so you can
enjoy the reason for the season. 
I have to share my new nativity set
with you in my next post!

 (This is not it! LOL)
Most of my presents are
wrapped and under the tree...
We just have house prep
and cookies to make.
I like to be home for Christmas!
Enjoy your day!

Monday, December 16, 2013

I Love You Beary Much

Not a whole lot to share with you today...
except for this sweet sweet rendering of
"Beary Blankie"
Bebe drew a picture of her favorite
blankie toy this weekend.
She has loved this thing since
the very beginning. Beary
used to look a lot more pink.
And I've sewed the head
back on a few times.
Love my little Sweet Pea!
Hope you are all doing well amid the
hustle and bustle of the season.
(Entry way table with a framed pic I took in Chicago 1996)
We are waiting the arrival of my Step Son,
coming home from the Army. Then the
arrival of my Mom.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
I'll be back with snippets of holiday
décor around my house.
Enjoy your day,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Shining Past: A Shadow of Our Old Shelves

 I've been noticing a trend. Maybe I've got it all wrong.

But, the newer generations are not into buying stuff
like our parents and grandparents did.
Remember the good china? It was kept in a special place only to be used on holiday get-togethers?

The silverware that actually had some silver plate or were silver? And needed to be POLISHED?
Gasp! Yes, I said the nasty word.
I know I'm from a different mold.
You know, born with an old soul.
I like getting out the good stuff.


Prepping, displaying, shining.

Obviously I do, right? I mean, I have an antique shop!

But seriously.

I've even seen designers encouraging
new, young, home owners
to turn their "dining room" space into a living area.
Doesn't anyone sit down
to dinner as a family anymore?

Do the younger generations realize that they aren't going to be handing down their old iPads and iPhones to their grandchildren? I mean, what will they inherit? This is where their money is going. A year later, the device is obsolete.

Something to ponder and also something to consider
as I keep selling vintage into the future. Times are a changin'. I've got to keep up with the times or my time as a dealer will be over.

Feel free to leave me a comment...I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Little Ballerina

This weekend we fit in a lot of dancing.
Our little Bebe is taking dance
lessons and her first show was Saturday.
And yes, I am still using my Christmas
tree ornaments as photos for the blog!
The pictures we actually took
of the Christmas Show were terrible.
Bebe had her first "big" role
as an angel, carrying a candle
down the aisles of the audience
and up the steps, onto the stage.
Of course I was so proud
of my little SweetPea!
Then yesterday we took her
to see the local version of the
I must confess, I love seeing
it every year! Love the music, the dancing.
After all, I am a ballerina at
heart...I took lessons for many years
and danced once in our hometown
The memories!
Anyway, we're all danced out
for now. At least I am, Bebe was
spinning and turning and pretending to
be "on toe."
So cute! Melts my heart.
Enjoy the day!
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