Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage is Now Hosted Over at My New Blog Vintage & Co!

Just a reminder that the "Let's Talk Vintage" Link Party is now hosted on my other blog Vintage & Co.

Today for Let's Talk Vintage #111, I'm sharing some of the vintage ornaments I've been selling... they are my favorite Christmas decoration.

Especially the ones that were original to my family.

Stop by, check it out here.... and link up if you want to!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Recent Vintage Finds and Some Found Me!

When life sends you mid-century china

You make a table display!

It seems these days my latest finds are finding me. I didn't realize customers would be bringing their things into the store for me to purchase! So one day I went against my better judgement and purchased a box of mid-century china.

I think it was the pink and aqua that sealed the deal. I'm a softie for pastels.

This pretty winter wonderland painting also found its way into my shop... one of the gals who help me out at the shop brought in some of her Grandma's things. I couldn't say no to this beautiful piece.

And while I was in a mid-century mood, I refreshed this pair of mid-century end tables that the Hubs brought home. I chose gray chalk paint to keep the palette in the shop neutral for the holidays.

And while this bird cage doesn't look old, it is a great piece for filling with natural greens and ornies. Don't you think? Found at a recent local sale.

 And here is another totally awesome piece...

art nouveau/art deco brass lamp.
Found at a different local sale
last month.
She is being packed up tonight and
heading to a new home tomorrow morning.

Even though I'm completely busy...
I still find time to hunt down vintage finds...
and I've been blessed when 
sometimes they find me. 
Thanks so much for following along!
I'll be back soon.

Just and FYI:

My Let's Talk Vintage Link Parties
are now being held over at Vintandco.com

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #107: NEW Link Party Home & Upcycled Mail Sorter Turned Craft Room Storage

*****NOTE: Let's Talk Vintage is moving!*****
The link party is now available at
 Specifically for linking up
your blog today the link is:
Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!
This is where bloggers and sellers alike can
gather together to share their latest finds,
vintage inspired projects, old family recipes,
junkin' hauls, etc!
Last week we added this super fun old wooden
mail box sorter... like maybe from an old school
or Church. 
Gave it an updated staining and then black 
industrial wooden legs were added.
Now it is a craft room wonder!
Just think of all of the paper and
supplies you could store in there!
Now it's your turn.
Let's Talk Vintage!
Link up over at my new blog,
Thank you for sticking with
me through this transition!