Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage #38: Mid Century Woman's Day Magazine

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!

This is where bloggers and sellers who LOVE vintage get together and share their latest finds, wares, vintage projects, and more!

This week I'm taking a look back at Woman's Day magazine... .specifically the year of 1949.

I love the covers... they are so true to the time period.

Babies and cuddly animals!

A win./win still to this day and time.

Advertisements were geared toward women, who stayed home, took care of the children, and cleaned the house.

Some of that has changed. But, some has not. After all, we are much more modern than that, aren't we? Blogging and using all of this technology? Maybe I should be blogging less and cleaning my house more!

That's a debate for another day.


I'm leaving you with one of my favorite finds ... perfect for July 4th! A "Loose Wiles Biscuit Co." Tin.

Due to the holiday, I will not have any features this week... but promise to have double  next week!

Happy Independence Day!

Now it's your turn!

Let's Talk Vintage!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vintage Finds of the Week #12

Welcome to my
Vintage Finds of the Week!
This week I'm playing catch up... as in the days are going by faster than I can keep up with the incoming inventory! With Bebe home from school I feel like I am juggling....back and forth between "Work at Home Mom" and "Hey Let's Have Fun, Mom!" The let's have fun Mom is winning!
I did manage to get a few pictures taken.
For my Bella Rosa shops I fell
in love with this beautiful set
of  mother of pearl
opera glasses, marked Paris.
I also picked up some
Paris prints...
(Eiffel Tower, too, yay!)
... but alas, no photos yet.
And although it is hard to tell, this is a very
small set of stocking or sock stretchers.
Probably for a toddler or baby.
The original price is still written
there in pencil ... 25 cents!
And here is what I found this week
for my other Etsy shops:

This bright and cheery vintage Coca-Cola "soda machine"
is something kids would have played with, pretending to have their own soda shop. I would have loved it!
The trick is to place a coke bottle inside.
When the handle is pulled down, it tips
the soda bottle which then "pours" out of the small
spout and fills the cup. So cute!
I had a "Snoopy Snow Cone Machine,"
which thrilled the little
entrepreneur in me at age 5!

My dear Hubby picked this up and I almost
didn't share it with you ... E.T. was a hit
in the 80's after all, but he looks a bit
goofy on my Bella Rosa page.
I placed him in my Hubby's etsy shop.
He talks and says "Home"...

And while we are
sharing 80's stuff....
This was a fun find...
 I remember how
cool it was to have a
I must have priced
it too low because it sold
a day after I listed it
on Etsy for $59.00.
It may have been
a rare style that was
not sold in the U.S. 
I always learn
from my mistakes! 
And I decided to go for it and sell this great
Campfire Marshmallows tin.
It was featured this week for the
How cool was that?
And I was inspired to create
a suitcase stack when my
hubby brought home the larger
suitcase at the bottom.
I loved it so much I am using
it in our newly remodeled
basement "living area" space
where we have family movie
night. Great for storage!
Hope you enjoyed my
sampling of vintage finds!
I'd love to hear about
your favorite find of the week.
Drop me a line if you have time!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage #37: Shopping the Fleamarket for Vintage

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!
Today I am sharing my trip to our local flea.
(And please pardon my tardiness in getting
the party set up today!)

It's a pretty good fleamarket.
(Is fleamarket one word
or two? I have seen it both ways!)
I find all kinds of vintage goodies.
It is not too far
and the prices are
just right.
Most of the time.
The woman at this table was
desperate for me to
 buy this dress form. 
I would have if I didn't
 already have three!

I found this sombrero a bit out of place
for Pennsylvania Dutch country!
Ole'! Now, can you pass me the pickled eggs
and apple butter?

This antique baby carriage caught
my eye... adorable! It actually looks
like there is a tiny dog in it, doesn't it?

This "vintage" gas station toy caught my eye, too.
My hubby loves old toys. Turns out
it was made for Hallmark as a selling prop.
Not old at all.

 And if Bebe had been with me,
this booth would have been
 her favorite, I'm sure!
The problem with this flea market...
it is only open on Tuesday mornings!
 This is a definite conflict with this
link party. I will have to start pre-posting
the Let's Talk Vintage posts.
That, and send a reminder
to my smart phone!
Summer has turned my
schedule upside down.
I will get it right one
of these weeks.
Here are this week's features:

I could not let Jann's post
from her blog Have a Daily
Cup with Mrs. Olson, go by
without featuring it!
Love all of her summer treasures!

and Saturday's Vintage Finds
shared a post about vintage suitcases.
From the clever post title to the
great photos... I just had
to feature these old gems!
and Lisa at Wisconsin Magpie
shared her thrifting finds...
I have a thing for vintage
statues of liberty, especially this
time of year!
Now it's your turn. Let's Talk Vintage!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Thinking Pink #2 with Bella Rosa Antiques

Welcome to "Thinking Pink!"
I am working on making
this a weekly post for Fridays.
We'll see how it goes. This
is my second one so wish me luck.
(And if you love pink,
keep on reading!)

I always try to look for pink vintage
goodies when I am out and about.
They usually call my name and I
am attracted to pink things
like a kid in a candy shop.
There weren't too many
pink things this week and even if
I did find some... my phone
is missing (yes, somewhere in the house)
and I can't take photos with it.
I could use my regular 'ol
camera but the smart phone
has become so convenient!

This antique gift book
had this gorgeous
chromo lithograph of
pink roses. One of the finds
from this past weekend that I did
manage to photograph before the
phone disappeared.
I'm guessing my Dear Bebe
was playing a game on it
and it will turn up soon!
(The battery must have died because
calling it does not work out too well!)
So I'll share some of my
finds from a few weeks ago.
has many hues of pink!
It was fun to photograph
and the beads look a
little bit like candy.
A cutie little bunny night light.
Baby's nursery?
Easter time, perhaps?
Here it is lit up at night.
And then of course, there is
this pink child's wicker chair.
I shared it on another post
but I just had to share it again
because it is, well, PINK.
I have it for sale on Etsy
and I am curious as to how
I'm going to find the right
box to fit it when it sells.
But again, it is pink and I
just had to have it for the shop!
I was happy to find a PYREX dish in pink...
a very popular color among collectors.
What color are you attracted to?
If it is pink or any other part of the rainbow,
I'd love to hear from you, even if you're
not thinking pink at the moment!
 Feel free to comment below.
Before I go... here is a photo of my
Dad for Father's Day weekend.
He is the taller one, in the middle.
1950's Country Boys!
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See you there!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Vintage Finds of the Week #11: Campfire Tin, Depression Era Pottery, Cast Iron Banks and More!

I don't know what it is about summer but the
days just fly by so fast.
We must be having a ton of fun!
Check out the treasures we found this week:
This "CAMPFIRE" Marshmallows tin
says it all, doesn't it?
Summer. Fun.
I spotted this tin and couldn't
believe how cool it was.
I'm afraid it might be
a repro or something!
I am usually not this lucky.

And then my hubby found another wonderful item....
A beautiful gift book "Letters from Browning" ...
be still my vintage lovin' heart!

Just look at the chromo lithograph illustrations.
I love the pink roses. (Of course!)

This little book is from 1846.
Beau's Valentine Writer.
Apparently Beau felt he was
the only one who could
write romantic verse well!
 I might just keep it on hand
for handy reference!

The hubby brought these home.
Matching lion cast iron banks?
I'm thinking possible bookends!

This is really cool.
I think it is a Westinghouse
Hall Pottery teapot or pitcher.
May have come with a
Westinghouse appliance.
I love the lines in the design.
Very 1930's/Early 1940's.
It looks like a bird sitting
 on a wire to me.
Does anyone else see that?
And also for your vintage
kitchen... how about
 "The Joy of Cooking?"
From the looks of it...
someone enjoyed cooking, a lot!

I loved this deep red tray
with hand painted roses
as soon as I saw it.
The hubby wanted me
to pass it on by.

I am glad I didn't!
The wooden spools were
a great find. I love to
wrap vintage lace around
them and sell them
in bundles according to size.
And the tin globe was a
happy find. But then I wasn't
too happy when I got home
and saw there were many
dents in it! The hubby popped
most of them back out so
I'm sure I can still sell it,
but for a lower price. 
And then of course, in my last post, I shared this
 curio cabinet and the fabulous deal we received.

 Now it displays my crystal.
 I'd love to hear what
you've been busy with or what you
found... drop me a line!
Enjoy the day!
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage! #36: Crystal Clear - My Sparkling Collection

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!
If you've arrived here, you must
love vintage in some way, shape,
or form... so feel free to
 link up at the end!
Share your vintage
inspired projects, collections,
old family recipes, antique finds,
items for sale, you name it.
If it has to do with vintage, we'd
love to talk about it!
Today I am sharing a new find
my hubby spotted over the weekend.

As you can see, it is more than
just a find. It was an acquisition!
A curio cabinet from around
the 1970's. Not that
old, but it serves its purpose.
I have yet another collection
to share with you. I know,
I need to join C.A.
(Collectors Anonymous)
Crystal pieces seem to
attract me and I'm not sure why.
I've always liked things
that sparkle.
But no one else seems to want it.
So I am getting 
these pieces at great prices!
Look how pretty it looks
when gathered together:
Anyway, back to my story.
My china cabinet was getting
 a bit crowded.
So when the hubby texted me a photo of
a curio cabinet. I said "YES!"
I had seen one I liked in a
furniture store
and it was on sale for $550.00.
It was black and was triangular
shaped so you could
fit it into a corner.

My hubby happened to find a husband
and wife who were downsizing and sold
this one to us for $50.00.
I immediately filled it with
family heirlooms and pieces
I have collected over time.

A little Venetian hand blown
glass too.
I'll deal with the dust ...
I just love turning on the
light at night and seeing
the pretty, sparkling crystal!
Now before we head into this week's features...
I just want to mention that I'm having a sitewide
orders of 20.00 or more! I don't have
sales too often and I rarely offer
free shipping!
Lots of fun, discounted items, while
each order receives a free gift, too!
Here are this week's features:
a hunting and found some
gorgeous, unique treasures. I love
seeing what she finds ... who
wouldn't love shopping in France???? 
and My Vintage Life shared
her first finds of winter.
Beautiful way to display this bowl
with a touch of pink!
shared her painted and stenciled
vintage box. It looks perfect
hanging out with her ironstone
Now it's your turn:
Let's Talk Vintage!

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