Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A sneak peek: Vintage Pink Alarm Clock, Hanky Holder, Rose Demitasse Cups and More

Just started going through my
latest finds this morning and took
some quick photos to give you a
sneak peek at what I brought
home from a local antique mall.
Beautiful demitasse set.
This is one of those occasions I wish
the chocolate pot had survived.
I'm guessing it did not since the
dealer only offered the cups and saucers.
I'll be selling them individually since
 the set is already incomplete.

Sweet, snowy angels for your tree!
Not too old but somehow a must
for a romantic, victorian Christmas!
I have six in different colors
and will be selling them in sets of three.
This is one of my favorites this week!
One I'd love to keep.
But, this vintage pink alarm clock will
find a new home soon.
I do get to enjoy it while it is here!
All these and more coming up in my shop on Thursday...
For today, I am linking up with
Hop on over and enjoy the
other vendors sharing their
wares today, including me,

Monday, January 28, 2013

Vintage Inspired Valentine Mantle

Sometimes it starts with just a little
vintage inspiration.
Like an old Valentine postcard...
Or two...
A few candles and "old"
Roman Architecture
A white feather boa
and roses
A mini reminder of a romantic place where a certain
couple went on their honeymoon...
And voila...
My Valentine's Day mantle!
(I also found some PINspiration
by looking on Pinterest!)
So much fun.
Also fun....getting ready
to take pictures of
my latest finds.
So excited about what I found.
Tomorrow I'll add a sneak peek.
I know you are going to LOVE them!
Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Arrivals: Antiquarian Books, Valentines, A Mystery Sale & More!

This week's new arrivals are up! If you like vintage paper, postcards, greetings and all kinds of ephemera, then you are going to be at home with our latest finds.

You can jump right to see them all here.

I found a pair of Ellen Clapsaddle Irish themed
postcards for St. Patrick's Day...
and sandwiched in the middle there is an old copy of

Vintage ornaments are always popular!
I found some favorites like bells and shiny brites!
Also new this week: the vintage "unbreakables."
Plus, three old tonic bottles.

Getting a little Etsyish with my
 photo here of a retro
Was that gold striping the "in" thing
at the time or what!

And if you like retro, you'll love some vintage

And also just now made available,
this week's MYSTERY SALE!
Can we say vintage valentine's????
Plus a copy of Les Miserables...

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blog Shopping, Hopping, and New Arrivals

Today I am linking up with Beverly on her blog, How Sweet the Sound.
She has recently started a "BLOG SHOP" where other bloggers or shops can link to her site.

This week I am still offering 15 percent off when you use the code SHOPWinter15 in my Etsy store.

I just added this Victorian Valentine to the Ephemera section of my Etsy shop.

And while Bebe was at school this morning, I quickly hopped around, making good use of my free time and took pictures of my latest finds.

There were vintage Valentine cards I found in a box
today that I had forgotten about!  One of the good and bad things
about dealing in antiques. You tend to forget where you
store things but then when you find them you're excited
 to have made the discovery!

I'll probably finish listing my new arrivals on my main website, BellaRosaAntiques.com, by Thursday night...

Stay tuned!

Monday, January 21, 2013

What's Your Interest, in Pinterest?

If you're like me and you love to look through decorating and vintage magazines like Romantic Homes or Country Living, then you may have also been bitten by the Pinterest bug.

Recently I was talking with a gal pal that I sing in choir with. She just wasn't sure what the big hullabaloo was.

Recipes seem to be the number one thing I hear my Mommy pals say they like about it.

Others have said they don't have to buy magazines anymore.

True, true.

I agree with both.

I also saw someone pin a humorous sign that went something like this...

This is also true!

What's your favorite reason for pinning???

Feel free to follow along with me, on Pinterest!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Good Ol Days: Remember When

A cute article I found on
which was inpsired by
Lesley M.M. Blume's
book, Let's Bring Back ,
shows items we rarely
see or use anymore ...
Not that I want one,
but cuckoo clocks
seem to have
an appeal that surpasses
Am I cuckoo for
saying that?
Even as a kid I remember
thinking bookplates
made you feel so
educated and classy!
Especially when they
read: "From the Library of..."
Before all of the Maggie Moos
and candy mix ins,
remember when good
 ol Neopolitan ice cream
would do the trick?
Fountain pens.
When writing a letter
was an art.
I still think they
are elegant and
Although it would be
awesome to receive
any type of letter in
my mailbox...
I'm not sure I'd want to break
out the wax anymore.
But what a way to seal
cherished thoughts and sentiments!
It wasn't really that long ago
we used a library card
catalog to look for
a book... and as Lesley points out,
 how many times did we find
the title of some OTHER fascinating
book that we weren't even looking for?
Lesley's book would
make a great coffee table
display or conversation
starter! And speaking of
how about this one,
overheard in my own
living room recently:
Bebe: Mommy, why doesn't
anyone drink coffee around here?
Mommy: I don't know, we just
Bebe, pointing: But that's why it
is called a coffee table!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed this
little trip down
memory lane!
What are some other icons or items
you remember from
Way back when?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vintage & Antique Valentine, Be Mine!

Back in the day, people
were really SERIOUS
about their Valentines.
I'm sharing a few of
the favorites available
(In case you arrived here via GOOGLE,
I've included a link
back to my Bella Shop
for each one. If the link
takes you to a blank page, it has sold.)
Just look at the details in
Victorian girls with their
Valentine gifts.
So endearing!
I love all of the sweet colors
It even includes a
folding tissue paper
in a hot air balloon(?) to find
his true love.
Or how about cupid, driving
Just in case you weren't
sure how sincere the
greeting was...
it was printed on the card!
Love all of these antique
A by gone era...
romance, sweet sentiments.
Sure, you can find that
in a Hallmark card,
but is it ever the same thing?
Getting ready to decorate
my house for Valentine's Day
now that I've finally
packed away Christmas...
What a way to be inspired,
by antique paper Valentines!
Linking to Pink Saturday.
For my pinky friends,
a special discount
Use code SHOPWinter15
and receive 15% off
this weekend!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weather Permitting

The words Weather Permitting are interesting, aren't they?

They mean: You can have all of this fun EXCEPT if there is weather that won't permit it.

I feel like I'm in a Weather Permitting mode right now in my life.

2013 isn't looking too cheery.

Maybe it is the weather, so to speak.

Maybe it is my SEASON in life.

Either way, I am wishing for some very sunny spot to appear.

But I've always believed that the sun, will come out, tomorrow.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stay In, Keep Warm, & Shop Our Latest Vintage Finds!

I've been working diligently to
bring you some oldies but goodies...
starting the New Year off with
some eye candy!
Pink vintage ornaments, Nippon sugar shaker,
a gorgeous rose demitasse cup and saucer,
Then after visiting my
 "secret shop around the corner"
I found these beauties:
 antique sentiment "Mother" mug,
and a rare milk glass Cafe de la Paix dish!
with awesome photos of France
as well as French wording...
A Johnson Brothers "Old Britain Castles"
The woman I purchased it from said
her Father did some work for an elderly
lady and she gave him this set as payment.
I love knowing the story behind
the pieces...it almost brings them to life!
A sterling silver Equestrian key brooch.
There is a lot going on here...
the heart, the vintage style skeleton key
as well as the horse head.
And well, it is marked STERLING!
The hints of red mixed with the gold
caught my eye!
And a lovely pin tray with pink roses.
There are lots more finds...
an antique Santa postcard,
Valentine postcards,
New Year graphic postcards
(1907, 1908, 1909)
and more!
Check them all out here.
Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Arrivals! Vintage Christmas, New Year's and Valentine's

Working on my latest arrivals...
Finally have some new pictures loaded.
Thanks to Becca!
I love blog land.
How sweet of her to take the time
out of her busy day to let me know
how to skirt around the blogger photo issues!
So now it is...
China and ornaments and Valentine's
Oh my!
Plus, a whole lot more.
Stay tuned...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ring in the New!

Hello Hello and Happy New Year!
Today I'm looking back
at a great year here at
Bella Rosa Antiques...
Luckily I can use old photos
found on my blog as
something is wrong with
my blogger editor and
I cannot load new photos.
(Anyone know what is wrong?)
Anyway, here is a look back,
randomly, as the photos did
not show up in order!
 We went to my Step Daughter's
wedding on the beach...
We started working
on our lake house...
remodeling and decorating...

 And then found time to have fun on the lake...

 Went to the beach for a weekend...

 I looked for more pieces
to grow my LuRay collection

 As well as other vintage goodies
for my Bella Rosa shop...

 We attended a vintage style
Fourth of July parade...
 Held a Princess Birthday Party!

 Enjoyed fall on the lake...

 As well as here at home...

Built a teddy bear...

And enjoyed the fun of Christmas...
baking, decorating, and celebrating!
Linking to Pink Saturday...
Enjoy the new year!
May your 2013 be filled
with all the blessings of 2012 and more!

For those who follow along with my antique shop,
I'll be listing new arrivals NEXT WEEK!
Stay tuned...