Friday, January 18, 2013

The Good Ol Days: Remember When

A cute article I found on
which was inpsired by
Lesley M.M. Blume's
book, Let's Bring Back ,
shows items we rarely
see or use anymore ...
Not that I want one,
but cuckoo clocks
seem to have
an appeal that surpasses
Am I cuckoo for
saying that?
Even as a kid I remember
thinking bookplates
made you feel so
educated and classy!
Especially when they
read: "From the Library of..."
Before all of the Maggie Moos
and candy mix ins,
remember when good
 ol Neopolitan ice cream
would do the trick?
Fountain pens.
When writing a letter
was an art.
I still think they
are elegant and
Although it would be
awesome to receive
any type of letter in
my mailbox...
I'm not sure I'd want to break
out the wax anymore.
But what a way to seal
cherished thoughts and sentiments!
It wasn't really that long ago
we used a library card
catalog to look for
a book... and as Lesley points out,
 how many times did we find
the title of some OTHER fascinating
book that we weren't even looking for?
Lesley's book would
make a great coffee table
display or conversation
starter! And speaking of
how about this one,
overheard in my own
living room recently:
Bebe: Mommy, why doesn't
anyone drink coffee around here?
Mommy: I don't know, we just
Bebe, pointing: But that's why it
is called a coffee table!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed this
little trip down
memory lane!
What are some other icons or items
you remember from
Way back when?


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I forgot about the card catalog! And I remember once when I was young getting the wax letter sealer...Yep, thought I was pretty groovy!


LV said...

You definitely brought back a lot of memories for me. Time really does change so much. Some good and some not.