Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Very Full Plate & What's New in my VIntage & Co. Shop

Good Day!
We have been so so
busy here... I know, it
seems to be a trend with
many of us.
We just really have a full plate.
My Dad has been living with us off
and on since Thanksgiving.
He may be on his way
to early Dementia or Alzheimers.
Anyway, we are trying to maintain
our shop, family life, school, ballet etc.
I am wondering how I am keeping
up with it all.
I do give things to God
when they build up and I can't
handle them anymore.
His shoulders are big and
can carry it all...
Matthew 11:28 
"Come to Me, all who are weary and
heavy-laden, and I will give you rest."
Just wanted
 to share about it. We sometimes
try and handle the world on
our own and that doesn't always work out!
So let's take a peek
at what we have been
up to... you can see the
furniture makeovers on my
Vintage & Co. blog here.

A customer requested some steampunky items
for a bar area... I thought this Czech glass seltzer bottle
had a great look with this wire mesh.

I'm starting to gather softer colors in the shop for spring.
Hold on... I'll show you what's in the china cabinet that these things are sitting on:
Are you surprised? Yep, there's some LuRay in there!
Nothing says spring like vintage pastels.

And this pretty soft green teapot made its way to the store, too. I held back some things from late
summer treasure hunts, just for Spring.

There are always music themed items in the shop. Since my Sister is a music teacher I always pick them up and see if she is interested. If she doesn't want them they go to the shop. I'm not sure if I showed her these two though!
Thanks for stopping by... going to start
working on a French style dresser, planning
on turning it into a buffet.
See you soon!
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Discoveries for Shop Inventory

Hello my friends!
I'm giving a quick update on some
new things I've discovered for selling.
Both online (Bella Rosa) and my
brick and mortar shop, Vintage & Co.

Some are new, some are inspired by old.
And some are actually vintage or antique.

Some are handmade by vendors, which
is something new I discovered!

Some were made by me, which is something
I would not have attempted a year ago.
I ordered burlap on Amazon and decided
to stencil my own pattern on it, which
as it turns out, I really liked!
I made this wreath, too.

I decided to add green into my shop inventory
since we are approaching St. Patty's
 Day and spring. Turns out I like that, too!
I discovered new ways of displaying some
of my inventory. It is good to change
things around, they get noticed more! 

I discovered I can add in "new" items
that have an older look.

Like this old "outhouse" piece... paired
with a newer lake house hanging sign.
The garden stakes are new but have a great rustic look.

I discovered I had some old keys still
left in my inventory and quickly brought
them to the shop. One of my favorite
things to use as display.
I also love old wooden boxes. This one is
neat with graphics already painted
on the side.. .the perfect place to stash
some motto stamp blocks!
And as always, I discover how much I
enjoy setting up inventory in my shop.
I get inspired by old issues of
Country Living magazine, Romantic
Homes, Somerset Life. It helps
get my mind in motion and then
it just flows from there.
What did you discover this week?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day: Because Love is All You Need

Happy Valentine's Day!

What will you be doing for such a romantic day as this?
I'm not positive but the hubby may be making us
dinner... his best dish: Chicken Marsala.
Yesterday I decorated a kindergarten open house
 for Bebe's school. I do it every year even though
she is in 3rd grade now. (How did THAT happen?) 

I've also been busy with our store,
Vintage & Co. We had a Valentine
Tea over the weekend.
So, needless to say I still have some things left to do for today. Gift wrapping special things for Bebe, some
chocolates for her Daddy. A few years ago I
made the pink Valentine cake, above.
Probably not going to happen this year!
Cake, no cake, it doesn't really matter.
Because love is all you need.
Hope your day is happy, whatever
you do.
For God so loved the world...
John 3:16


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Latest Vintage Finds

Now that we are into February we have been
getting the urge to "hunt down some vintage."
 We know that spring will be here before we
know it but you know how that goes...
So, here are some of the things
we have found recently.:
 This wonderful vintage bookcase.

We decided not to go with chalk paint on this piece
nor did we distress it. It will most likely
go into a child's room or baby nursery.
Funny thing about selling vintage... you just never know
what will sell. As soon as we placed the bookcase
next to the vintage baby armoire, the armoire sold!
It had been sitting in the shop since day one.

 Saw just three of these "The Hotel Hershey" plates
at a second hand shop and realized they weren't old.
But, if you've ever been to The Hotel Hershey,
 you just love anything from there!
They would also go well with the creamers
I showed you last week!

  I also had the chance to pick up some costume jewelry...
I love displaying them at the checkout counter.
These are just a few of them.
I was really running low.
Other things I like to display:
Red books, picture frames, roses, ephemera,
all good things for Valentine's Day.
I added some pink things to the mix...
for a touch of romance.
I'll be back with more vintage finds
next week! Enjoy the day!
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Miss Minnie
1996 - 2017
Dear Friends -
Last week I had to say
good-bye  to my sweet Minnie.
She was my Missouri cat. 
There with me during some
difficult times.
A part of my life for 21 years!

Here she was as a kitten. Rambunctious!
I picked her out of a litter of all black
furry kittens. She was the only cat
up and about, actually stepping
over her siblings. Since she
was so lively, I said "That one!"
Her liveliness extended into climbing
Christmas trees, too.
She was just a cat, right?

Somehow they are much more than that.
Crossing over from pet to best little buddy.
and now that she is gone she is missed dearly.
(Approx. date .... before I was married: 2002)
But what a blessing to have had her
for so long! Do kitties go to Heaven?
If so, I'll see you later Minnie Binnie.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Latest Projects and Recent Vintage Finds

(If you've arrived here looking for Let's
Talk Vintage ... click this link! It is now hosted
on my Vintage & Co. blog.)
Hello and welcome friends!
I'm just going to make it under the wire
for a January post ... yay!

Wanted to catch you up on some
projects we've been working on.

We were excited to work on an old buffet
and then I had the idea of creating a whole
"Coffee Bar" theme out of it. Lots of fun
with this even though I don't drink coffee!

The gal who helps me out on ballet nights just happens to be an artist extraordinaire and she is amazing at doing chalk writing!!!! Love what she did with our old cupboard
door turned restaurant menu board!

Seriously... what ever we turn into a chalkboard
she creates something beautiful on it.

I found love while making this wall d├ęcor sign.
Will try using a stencil for my next endeavor.

I transformed an old mirror into something
a little more trendy and updated.

And I worked on this Duncan and Phyfe pedestal table.
It had a leather top in the center which had
seen better days. I decided to try waxing it
first and then chalk painting it ... I wanted
to avoid the crackling that can occur with chalk
paint. It dries out whatever you paint!
I like how it turned out but this photo was before
I did some more distressing.

My hubby decided to try a Grandmother
clock that we found in the basement of an
antique mall. She had seen better days.
He went with a two-tone look...
similar to a small bookcase he
transformed a couple of weeks ago.
Much better now!

I fell in love with this PARIS Travel Guide from
 the 1950's. The messy dust jacket gives it charm!

And this antique "Poets of England" book was another fun find. A piece of the spine cover is missing but I love it anyway. Shabby and chippy is sometimes better when decorating with vintage.
How cool was this find? At a Goodwill?
The hubby spotted it in the cart an
employee was using to put out new arrivals.
And I have several of these little restaurant
creamers now. So cute!
I hope you have a wonderful day... and get
to spend it doing what you love!
I'm going to get to work on my Etsy listings
since I am off from my brick and mortar shop.
Mostly all of the other Bella Rosa inventory is on SALE!!!
Check it out here.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Merry Christmas from Bella Rosa Antiques

Merry Christmas from
Bella Rosa Antiques!
We are enjoying time with family and
friends this week... hope you
had a wonderful holiday!
I hope to be back in the new year with more
updates on my latest vintage finds
and adventures in antiquing.

PLUS I'll still be hosting
"Let's Talk Vintage!" on my
brick and mortar shop's blog:
Even though it is Tuesday we are taking
a break this week and will be posting for LTV
next Tuesday...
See you in the new year!