Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Let'S Talk Vintage #85: Sometimes Reality Sets In

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!
Today I'm sharing more 
Vintage and Co. store updates.
People are coming into the shop
and are just in love with it.
Seriously... they keep telling us.
How wonderful to hear their feedback.
But is a funny thing about life.
Sometimes you are up,
and sometimes you are down.
Last week, I took a blow.
My shop mate told me she is leaving. 
So soon, I asked? I'm not sure 
you gave it enough time.
You just never know what someone
else is going through.

So now I am feeling a little bit
deflated but I am seeing that I will
be able to continue on if this is what
I am meant to do. Again, I have
always felt this was something the
Lord has brought me to.

And if He brought you to it, He will
get you through it.
Now for this week's features:
Debra of Shoppe No. 5 showed us how to
make a plant stand out of a step
ladder. Perfect time of year for it!
Lauren of My Wonderfully Made,
created these mini coffee themed gift
and added magnets
made from scrap wood!
Home shared her front porch reveal.
Check out her "Ethan Alley" furniture!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #84: Cupboard Door Turned Kitchen Menu & Grocery Chalkboard

 Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!

This is a pretty informal linky party.
No hoops to jump through, no
rules really either.
All you have to do is link up with
something vintage! Even if you just
sell stuff.
This week I am sharing my latest project...
but sad to say there are no "before" or "during"
photos! We are getting pieces ready for the
shop so quickly that I forget to take a picture.
I had a large cupboard door that we
found at the local Habitat for Humanity
Re-Store but I didn't know what to do with it.
Actually, we found two of them and
were stumped on what to create.
Make a small table? Coffee table?
What. Can We Do. With. It.??????
After thinking about it for awhile, I came
up with this:

A double panel chalkboard menu/grocery list!

I was really excited once I thought of it.
And frankly, this has probably already been
done and can be found on Pinterest...
but I was proud of myself! LOL!
We even left the hinges on and they
worked out perfectly as a way to
hang the new "board" on the wall!
I like it so much I wish I had room for one in my kitchen!
But alas, no such space to be found.
Someone will have a big wall to hang it on...
and it is in the shop now.
The other project I was working on in the
shop last week was setting up a patriotic
display as soon as you walk in the door.
Love the red, white, and blue!
We just came back from our lake house
in the Adirondacks and I brought back a
vintage flag that I have since
draped over the chair.
and speaking of the lake...
We had to head up there earlier
than our usual Memorial Day
weekend. It. Was. Cold.
Poor hubby had to put the dock
in and the water was p-r-e-t-t-y chilly.
But it was worth it because Bebe
was having fun with her Daddy
catching fish.

And thankfully my shop-mate,
Kathy, was running the store!
Thanks so much for coming along
with my adventures!
Let's get to this week's features:

The LTV favorite of the week
was this awesome vinyl record
two tiered tidbit tray by
Lynda Creates!
So clever and fun for
a themed party or kids snack.

Cecilia of My Thrift Store
Addiction also wowed us
with her herb and garden
themed shop. She is mighty

 Joy at a Vintage Green
showed us her wonderful
treasure... and how she
transformed it BACK
into its original design.

and Oh my word! Look at this
fun yard sale Emergency kit put
together by Sarah of Sadie  
Seasongoods! Perfect idea
for an old lunch box! Because
we always have an emergency
when yard sale-ing!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #83: The Big Grand Opening & an Annie Sloan Chalk Painted Secretary Desk

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!
If you're new to the party, we want to
give you a big LTV welcome!
Feel free to join in and link up your
blog posts about vintage items you love,
collect, use in projects you are working on,
or are inspired by. You can even
link up items you sell, as long as they
are vintage or are made with vintage items.

This week I am sharing the big Grand Opening
celebration of my new brick and mortar shop,
Think my sign made it clear enough what
was happening? I really had no idea
 the banners were that big when I ordered
them online. But, people were coming in
saying they saw the sign from the road!
That works for me!

We also had a social media contest.
Customers were to take their photo with 
their favorite item and then post it
on Instagram or Facebook...tagging us
of course. Names were drawn
out of a hat, with two winners
each receiving a basket.
I did my basket with
a "Two for Tea" theme while my shop mate,
Kathy, did a "Tisket a Tasket, a Picnic
in a Basket" theme.
Here is our table full of yummy snacks and treats.

I gave customers some Mother's Day gift ideas, too.
I enjoy setting up displays with themes...
this week I'll be setting up a patriotic theme.
And this pretty little gal is new to the shop
and one of my favorite pieces we have
had in the shop so far.
I decided to try Annie Sloan chalk paint.
A beautiful French pink paired with a sweet cream.

The paint is really smooth and silky and
when combined with the wax you get a
super sheen, plus added protection.
I'd be curious to hear if any of you have
tried the AS paint... and what do you
think of it?
Thanks so much for reading along
with my adventures in the shop
process... always something
new and exciting going on!
Now for this week's features:
shared her pink peonies, one
of my favorite flowers!
shared a fun post about Lilies
of the Valley and I learned
something new about them!
and continuing a similar theme,
Amy over at Amykins blog,
A Day of Small Things,
shared some beautiful May Day
baskets filled with gorgeous
Thanks so much for all of
your awesome posts!
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Vintage Charm
Pink Saturday
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #82: And the beat goes on... Plus a Shop Update!

I am happy to say that "Let's Talk Vintage!"
continues! The Linky Tools guy is
pretty cool and great to work with.
So, now that we are back in business, let's
just stop for a second and remark about
how much fun it was to take part in Melissa's
Top 5 Yard Sale Things Blog Hop over
the weekend! We might even see many
of the posts in today's LTV, I know I'm
going to link up with mine.
So without further ado, I'm going to share
the latest excitement with the new shop,
Vintage & Co.
We are having a Grand Opening Celebration
this weekend! The pressure is on to finish
some lingering projects and to decorate,
prepare food, make gift baskets, etc.
We'll see how it all goes, we even bought
an ad in our local coupon magazine.
I think we did well in our first few weeks,
being next to a pizzeria really helps.

 I've enjoyed meeting new people, and of course,
people who love vintage, just like we do.
Our website is coming along nicely.
Not quite there yet but we're getting
there. My shop-mate, Kathy, has a hubby
who works with web building so it
is not an extra expense. All these
things come into play when starting out.
Another issue lately is time.
I have much less time than I did before!
So, I have watermarked
all of my photos with Vintage & Co.
so that I'll have ready to use
photos for the new web page.
 I'm learning to take short-cuts
when I can. It is all a learning curve!
It has been a lot more stressful than I
thought it would be, but the results
have been amazing. I do give the glory
to God for everything. He knows the
desires of my heart. I look at how we
got here and see so many wonderful
things from the location to the
customers... real blessings!
Thank you so much for your
support, the blog community is
so encouraging!
Now, here are this week's features:
This week I'm giving a shout
out to Ann Marie of Musings of
"spreading her wings" and
started an antique booth.
Congrats on your new
and Heidi of My Sweet Cottage shared
her Peony experiment. She gives
couple of tips on how to go bug-less
and how to time the blossoms!!
shared five tips to have your best
yard sale ever. A great fit for this
time of year!
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Thank you all so much for participating,
even with my "LTV Doomsday"
message last week! We're still
here and so happy to have you
join in.
Now it's your turn:
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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Top 5 Things to Look for at Yard Sales This Year

When Melissa of Melissa's Antiques asked me to take part in a multi-blog-post involving several other vintage guru's I thought "HOW FUN!" It should really be interesting to see how different we will be in our answers. It is also really difficult to narrow it down to 5 THINGS. I kind of grouped them into topics.

My perspective has changed a little due to the opening of my new store, Vintage & Co. (The website isn't finished yet...we've started, but not quite there yet.)

In the past, I was usually on the hunt for smaller, yet beautiful antiques. This theme fit perfectly into my "Bella Rosa Antiques" shop that I still have online here.

1. Here is the #1 item on my mental list:

Now that I have an actual brick and mortar shop, I am now being drawn to furniture. Anything from a chair to a dresser to something broken... it is all open season because we are repairing, transforming, and creating something beautiful and new out of it. Dressers and vanities are popular pieces and sell well.

Other than furniture I look for is age. When we stop at a yard sale at the crack of dawn (Okay, 7 am) we have to be super alert because there are always other dealers showing up and you have to be quick. Your eyes have to quickly scan the area and eliminate anything new. We have missed so many wonderful items because it takes us so long to get out of the house... the three of us! But, there is plenty to go around. I was reminded by a friend that the next ten years there is going to be a HUGE flooding of things into the market due to the baby boomers downsizing and / or moving into assisted living areas, etc.

I have two Etsy shops to maintain besides the store. One is more "antiquey" while the other is retro. So I have to have dual themes/mindsets going on which makes it tough to narrow down 5 things.

2. That being said the 2nd thing I am looking for is:


Let's face it, it is easy to ship and photograph.
Anything small and sell-able is okay in my book.
3.The third thing I like to find is: 
Christmas Stuff!


If I can narrow down the sale quickly enough, I am looking for Retro era pieces like Fire King or Pyrex. You can't go wrong with Pyrex. Well, color is a big factor. Aqua and pink are hot while maybe the brown is not. 

These Fire King mugs were a huge hit and I bought them at a yard sale just to have something retro for my Etsy shop. I soon discovered that they were LOVED by the collectors.
5. The fifth thing I look for is:

Antique Books! I love them and love to sell them. My collection grows each year but I'm slowing down a bit on the keeping part. Now I sell more books because I have discovered they sell very well!

Even books from the 70's & 80's can be lucrative.

It was tough selecting just five things because I have three shops so jere are my Runner's Up:

1st Runner Up-


Everyone needs a lamp and we try to breathe
new life into abandoned and forgotten lamps.

Mid-Century lamps have done well for me in the past.

A new shade, a new harp, finial or even re-wiring. That being said, I will pick up shades, harps and anything to help us the re-do process. Once I found a pair of Lenox lamps that sold for about $150.00 a piece on eBay. I had no idea they would do so well. You can be sure I am always looking for another!
2nd Runner Up-
Teacups and other antique china.
The market has slowed down a bit
in this arena but I do well with nice,
higher end teacups.
3rd Runner Up-

Industrial and Rustic stuff
I'm paying more attention to these
items especially now that I
have the brick and mortar shop.
They never go out of style!

Hope you enjoyed my perspective on yard sales. We also have to think like this at an estate sale as well. There you have to have the same mindset, but you are racing going from room to room looking to find any one of the above items before another dealer does. Ain't it fun?

Of course it is or else we wouldn't be doing it!

A big thanks to Melissa and all of the other bloggers who took part in this fun blog hop event:

Amy @ Brocante Treasures

Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

Diana @ Adirondack Girl at Heart

Donna @ Distressed Donna Down Home

Eddie @ Eddie-torial Comments

Jillian @ Bella Rosa Antiques

Kim @ Snug Harbor Bay

Linda @ Itsy Bits and Pieces 

Melissa @ Melissa's Antiques 

Pam @ House of Hawthornes 

Rita @ Panoply 

Shara @ Monkeybox

Sharon @ Blue Willow House

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage

Be sure to check out and visit the other bloggers to see what they are on the hunt for.

Good luck yard sale-ing this year...

It is your mission if you choose to accept it!

Joining in with: Vintage Charm