Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #105: A Vintage China Hutch Makeover

Hello, hello!

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!

This week I'm working in my brick and mortar shop during a very busy and intense store promotion so again, just for this week, I'm just offering the link up and a quick photo from the shop.

And I apologize for no before photo. I know I took one but due to lack of storage on my iphone, I may have deleted it.

My dear hubby worked on this china hutch in his spare time... it was a labor of love! It was in good condition but it was in the dark colored, mid-century style. Chalk painting the entire thing means you have to sand it down after it has been painted and then rubbing and buffing wax, too!

He did a great job.

 We had just sold a curio cabinet that was filled with vintage china so this couldn't have come at a better time into the shop!

I love it and think if it is still around after Hallowee, I will decorate inside with Christmas goodies, too.

Now it is your turn... Let's Talk Vintage!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #104: The Big Store Promotion

Hello fellow vintage loving friends!

I'm in the midst of a store marketing event/promotion.

 The idea of it is to help stores like mine that are small and boutique-like, to get noticed.

(This half moon table is my latest, completed project)

It is a very big undertaking for the shop... I will fill you all in on the flip side as my hours are 9 to 5 every day but Sunday.

So here is the link for the Let's Talk Vintage party and enjoy your week! I'll be back in full swing in two weeks!

Go ahead, show us your vintage finds, projects, stories, or even things you sell!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #103: The Store Tour & Our Latest Upcycled Furniture Projects!

Hello, hello! This past week just flew by, from last week's LTV, didn't it?
Well, if you love vintage feel free to join in the fun this week! Link up your blog posts or link to vintage things you sell, we don't mind.

This week I am gearing up at my brick and mortar shop for a shopping tour which is fun and exciting, but it is also a lot of work on the shop's part.

We anticipate lots of new faces and customers stopping in so I will be reporting all of the events that take place, back here on my blog, as well as my Vintage & Co. blog. My hours will be extended and we will not be closed at all during the tour so I will need to "eat my Wheaties" to keep up the energy!

Before the tour starts this Thursday, I will give you
'a peek into the projects we worked on recently.

This "pie crust" table, (minus the crust) was
literally yelling at me every time I raised my
brush to paint the top. I kept hearing "Nooooooo!"
I must have raised the brush about 3 or 4 times.
After the last time I turned to my hubby and said, you 
know, I'd like to keep the top a nice wood grain and just paint the bottom with chalk paint. I really think the top of this table is its redeeming quality.
He agreed and he somehow found time
to fit in his busy schedule to work on
stripping the top and re-staining and
varnishing. Then I finished the lower half
and brought it to the store.
I just love how it looks now!

These sweet little stands were kind of drab before, in your typical dark brown stain. I love them now, too!
And the last project was my hubby's.
We had a Singer sewing machine base
with an ugly wooden trunk attached to the top
of it that was hand painted but not in a good way.
Really didn't go together at all.
He decided to make it into a table.
Perfect for a lamp, a sofa table
or even in an entry way.
Oh, and by the way, the
dress form we found out by the
side of the road waiting for
the trash man? Her name is
"Carmella." I chose it because of
her base color... like a caramel candy!
Now let's see who is featured today:

Tarah from Grandmas House DIY showed
us another one of her furniture pieces that
she refinished. And not only that, she takes
pieces that were handed down from her
family and finds a new use for them.

and Penny of Penny's Vintage Home
showed us her weekend treasure hunting
finds. This three tiered stand is
pretty cool and lights up too!

and Jann of Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson
shared her galvanized front porch. Love the
mix of textures and some creative styling.
Lots of neat ways to use metal containers!

If you were featured, feel free to use this graphic on your next blog post or on your blog side bar. Thanks so much for linking up and for stopping by to check out LTV each week!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #102: Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!

Every Tuesday at 9 am EST, I get the party started with something about vintage ... either projects I'm working on for my brick and mortar shop or new vintage finds that I have gathered, etc.

Today I'm sharing a fun find from JUST LAST NIGHT! Yes! We were on our way back home from a quick trip to our local mall when driving through the neighborhood we saw this amazing piece out by the side of the road, waiting to be picked up this morning with the trash.

My husband and I both yelled "DRESS FORM!!!!!" and he hit the brakes.

We actually had to back up and double check that we hadn't seen a mirage. And sometimes I feel like a nut stopping in our neighborhood to pick up something cast aside, waiting for the trash.

And then sometimes I don't.

We kept saying ....who would throw this out?  Now, I do realize there are people who just aren't that into vintage but seriously. We couldn't get it in the car fast enough. 

Thinking of a name ...

Dressaforma? Trashina? Hit-the-brakes-ette?

I am joking but I just have to give her a name. What comes to your mind?

One thing I do know, she is coming to the shop with me tomorrow. I'll be bringing in some vintage clothes that might inspire folks for their costumes in October.

I'm also bringing this desk I worked on last week. The chair was a loner that had nothing to go with it so we decided to leave it the original color and just change out the seat.
The fabric was part of a bunch of fabric rolls (bolts? bolsters?) my hubby found at a sale for 1.00 each.

We already had a couple come in and look at it and I was pleased to find out they had seen me list it on Instagram. Good to know social media does help to bring in customers!

We're all decked out for Fall in the shop but as soon as Halloween is over, it will be Christmas until January. We have a ton of things to bring in and it will take a lot of my time just getting everything priced and set up.

Thanks so much to all who stop and read my LTV posts and for those who also link up... your dedication helps keep me going!

Let's See Who Is Featured This Week:

Debbie of Debbie Dabble Blog, shared her Fall décor out on the porch. I need all of the inspiration I can get to break out my Fall décor at home, so her enthusiasm is contagious!

and Amy of Brocante Treasures went to England and had an amazing trip!

and Kim of Camp and Cottage was baking up creative vintage signs while showing us how easy they
are to make! That's my kind of project!

IF you were featured feel free to grab this LTV graphic for your blog post or side bar.

Now It's Your Turn.... Let's Talk Vintage!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #101: Our Own Flea-Market Flip: Old Sideboard to Chic Wine Bar!

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!
We gather here every Tuesday at 9 am
 to share our blog posts about
our vintage finds, DIY home décor,
projects we are working on,
collections we have, and even some
 of the things we sell.
Today I am going to share a
project my hubby worked on.
He turned a small, vintage
sideboard (or is that a buffet?)
into a working wine bar.

It was neat seeing it come together after
he purchased the stemware racks on

... and built the wine bottle
sections to store several
bottles at a time.
I really like it... he used
a paint pen again for the elegant
lines in the cabinet doors.
The brown paint pen over the
black didn't turn out exactly
as we had planned but it
still has a great look to it.
And this piece is so cool but we have no idea who created it. We found it at a town-wide sale last weekend. Just look at the layers of distressing! I have no doubt this one won't last long.

Another cool find is the Pepsi crate.
It is in such great condition! We were thrilled to find it as well at a "by appointment only" house sale. So many people walk into the shop and ask us to come take a look at their vintage items. We are happy to help as they usually also want to get rid of some of it.

And last but not least, I found out I was listed in a collection of other antique blogs ... named one of the Best 47! (Not sure why the number is uneven, but hey, I can't wait to check out all of the other blogs.) I also saw Diana of Adirondack Girl at Heart on there! Congrats Diana!

Now let's see who is featured this week:

Diana of Adirondack Girl at Heart shared her desk makeover with us. I am working on a black desk this week as well and think hers turned out terrific!

and Sharon of Blue Willow House showed us how she decorates with vintage teacups. Some good ideas here, we all see teacups wherever we go hunting... see how she
creatively displays them!

and Amykins Blog shared her new Fall additions around her house. She is a little bit like me, waiting until summer's end to start decorating! Love her enamel bowl.

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blog post.


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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #100: The Old Gal and Her Makeover

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!

I'm so excited because today is my 100th LTV post!

If you're here then you are as excited about vintage stuff as I am. Feel free to join in and link up at the bottom of this post about something vintage you are working on... that you saw in a shop, a collection you have... etc.

Each week I post pictures of the furniture we've given a make-over... today I'm going to show a little bit of what something looked like BEFORE we gave it some major TLC.
I finally stopped what I was doing to take pictures!

Here is the dresser my hubby found at a local
used furniture place.
It had this matching high boy dresser
that went along with it, so he bought both.
Since the other style sells better, we decided to work on it first, and I had already started taking the drawers out when I realized I should be taking a picture of it.

Now, as you can see, this pair was
already "made over" back
in the day when little heart
stencils were such a big thing.
And now?
Ahhhh, not so much anymore.

But I have to say it was so well done!
It looked very cottage and sweet...
I thought maybe just
roughing it up a bit and giving it some
shabbiness would do the trick.
But I listened to the other thought ... the idea of how
this old gal could turn into something so beautiful.
Even despite the age
(These dressers are old!)
and a huge gouge across
the front corner, we could
see their huge potential.
The gouge must have happened in
the process of moving around for
pick-up because it wasn't
there before we bought it.
But, with major sanding, two double coats
(and then some) of Parisian chalk paint...

Look at her now!
A beauty!

My hubby finished up the finer details....
I suggested we get a paint pen and get inside those
thin, tight little lines.
(It even has a pretty mirror to go with it.)
It is one of my favorite pieces we've done so far.
The paint pens are amazing! The fine point,
not so much. It dried out or ran out only
half way through the very tiny, fine lines.

Since I haven't shared my vintage
finds in awhile... this is some of
what I found recently at our
local flea markets and sales:

An old chair, wire basket, a pulley
wheel, and an outhouse sign!
Not sure why I liked it so much, but
I did!

Some old books I found by digging
through a box
...turned out
to be treasures.
I was told by the dealer that
they came upon a whole room
of books, shelf after shelf.

(This is her inscription inside an Edgar Allen Poe book.)
It was a collection by a
woman named Edna. She
loved books. I'm happy to have
found a few of them... I love
old books, too!

I think this hand crafted multi drawer cabinet is super cool,
especially for maybe a scrapbook or paper craft person?

Would you believe it was made by a local man who wanted a place to store his butterfly collection! Oh yes.

Luckily, there were no butterflies in it when we received it!

Now for this week's features:

Penny of Penny's Vintage Home
shared a fall decorating
 project with us...

Ever try glamping?
Joyce of Quilted Nest makes
it look like a lot of fun...

And speaking of fun,
the two sisters of the Lolly Jane blog,
Kelli and Kristi, created a wonderful
play house out of an old shed!
You've gotta see it to believe it.
Lots of eye candy!

Thank you all for taking part
in my 100 LTV parties!

 You all have
made it so inspiring!

If you were featured, feel free to
use this "MBWF" graphic in your
post or blog side bar.
Now it's your turn...
Let's Talk Vintage!