Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Back Next Tueday: Let's Talk Vintage! (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Due to the upcoming holiday, my link party "Let's Talk Vintage" will resume next week!

Be sure to link up next Tuesday at 9 AM.... I have a couple of posts swirling around in my head already!

Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Shades of Aqua for Pink Saturday

While helping a customer determine the color of these vintage ornaments, I set up a mini display with like hues.

After I did this... I discovered how much I liked the ornaments and wanted to keep them!

But, I didn't. I'm putting them on hold for her. After she saw the color in a better light, she really liked them too!

And that is all I have for this Friday's post for "Pink Saturday!"

Working through our internet troubles but I am happy to be able to type out this post and add a photo!

Have a great weekend... think vintage for Christmas this year.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Computer Troubles

I normally don't like to complain, too much. But my progress in my online shop and Easy shops has been slowed down significantly, and this couldn't have come at a worse time.

Please bear with me as I struggle through. Our internet was failing for the past two years but we were managing to work with it. (The phone would ring once and the internet would drop... especially if it had rained or if was windy.)  Weird, I know.

Finally after about ten different Verizon techs, we discovered a damaged line. But now the service is so slow we don't know if it is Verizon, or if my computer has a virus.

I'm only managing one or two listings a day. If that.  Really bad! I feel like I am wasting so much time and when I don't feel productive, well,  I'm not very motivated. I'm trying to get other things done while I wait for pages to load.

Praying for a new, refreshed computer system soon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let's Talk Vintage #7 - New Finds: What My Husband Found!

I was in the middle of doing some Christmas shopping when my cell phone rang. I fumbled around in my purse to find it.

It was my husband. He was in between jobs and had found a little antique shop to kill some time in.
Do you want this? He asked while sending me pictures via text messages. I just wasn't in the mood to shop in two different places. I said no to all of the items he had sent pictures of and was very surprised to see him carrying a box into the house when he got home.

You should see what he brought home! He has a really good eye for the type of things I sell.

Just look at this vintage hand painted bible motto plaque... it is one of the largest I have ever seen at 14 inches long! And it is pink... with handpainted roses. (It just sold to someone in my area.)

Then he found some unique and very beautiful Christmas ornaments, foil wreaths with bells, and a Christmas tablecloth.

Next time he calls and I feel like I am too busy? I'm going to pay closer attention!

Now it is your turn.... to talk vintage!

Feel free to link up your vintage inspired projects, your collections, even items you sell:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Let's Talk Vintage #6: The Jewelry Sale

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage! This is my sixth week and I'm thrilled to see what you've found, created, or have to share with us.

This week I'm sharing my second experience attending a local library's jewelry sale. I guess book sales are just not enough, they need to sell jewelry too!

You may remember my post about it last year.... where I kind of gave a play by play on the "mad dash" and how I used my own strategy to find some vintage oldies but goodies.

This year was pretty much the same, with two dealers in particular that must get up at the crack of dawn and start waiting in line because they were the first ones waiting in line again. (I was 8th!) I decided to head in a different direction than they (they go for the gold) because this year the library started offering purses and scarves, accessories too. That's how I found this adorable and beautiful bridal box purse:

The picture does not do it justice! I love it
and wish I could keep it for myself.
(Hmmmm...Plotting events I can go to
just so I can carry it around. Tee hee!)
And another pretty find was the golden
Estee Lauder compact below:
Then after I checked out and paid for my finds,
 I picked Bebe up from school and
we both went back together!
That's when I saw this red crystal beauty
... still at the sale, not purchased by
anyone yet. It was made in Western
Germany. I couldn't believe it was
still there! I can just see it now in
a Christmas wedding or vintage prom.
Here are some of the other pieces
I thought were too irresistible to
leave behind:
One of my most surprising finds
was the little fur cuff links seen
in the right hand side of the photo above.
Too cute!
What did you find this week?

It's your turn ... Let's Talk Vintage!

(Also linking to Vintage Inspiration Party
at My Salvaged Treasures)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Park Scenes: Playing Photographer

Everyone is a photographer these days.

Before the emergence of the digital camera we mostly relied on professional photographers to take our pictures.  Remember the days of Olan Mills, Glamour Shots, or JcPenney's?

While some of these studios are still in business today, it can be fun to head over to the park and take your own photos.

And that's exactly what we did with another family. They took our pictures and we took theirs. Sounds simple enough, right?

Heading over to the park for beautiful fall, scenic shots. What could go wrong with that?

Here are some Do's and some Don'ts. Well, mostly DONT'S*:

1.  Do not take the camera without charging the battery first.

2.  Do not take a photo with the sun behind you... unless you have the perfect time of day where the sun is not too high in the sky. IT WILL CAUSE A GREYING, SHADOW EFFECT ON YOUR FACE, don't do it.

3. Do not take children along who are a) Tired b) Hungry c) See a and b.

4.  Do not take so many photos so that your camera card is almost full and can't fit any new shots.

And finally:
5. DO NOT attempt to take pictures in wind speeds of 20 mph or more! Just don't' do it! Hair will never stay in place! And it makes cranky children cry all the more!

Okay, so now that we have some of these issues ironed out... you should feel confident enough to get out there and just have a great time!

*Disclaimer: Some of these Do's and Don'ts may or may not have happened to us while taking photos in the park. Just sayin'.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mix and A Mingle: Let's Talk Vintage #5

It is time for Let's Talk Vintage!
(And yes, I used the cheesy cliché with a clock
picture to get things started today!)

This is where you get to join up with other vintage lovers and:

1. Show your latest vintage finds
2. Tell us about your favorite collection
3. Share an antique that you need more help in identifying
4. Link up your vintage shop
5. Share a project you are working on that involves vintage

Simply use the linky tool below and link up...if you have a blog I would appreciate the back link to this blog post. Thanks so much!

There is no limit on how many you want to link...

Friday, October 31, 2014

Pink in My Vintage Polish Glass Christmas Ornaments

Is the day of Trick or Treat, the spookiest night of the year, all Hallow's Eve.... too soon to talk about Christmas?

I didn't think so either!

The box filled with vintage cheer is over flowing and I've started listing all kinds of holiday goodies already! I just couldn't wait!

You wouldn't be able to wait either if you had these in your possession.

While this is not their original box... I carefully hand selected them to create a box filled with charm and delight, lots of bright colors, pastels too. Of course there had to be pink in there!

Each one is marked "POLAND."

Here is a little bit of history behind the country's ornaments:
(You can find this and the earlier back story info from the website PolAmJournal.com)

The devastation of World War II left Poland with modest decorations, as the market lacked ready made items and necessary materials to create homemade adornments. With the reconstruction of industry development factory made blown-glass ornaments appeared on the market and became a major export of Poland.
Polish glass ornaments have a very old tradition and a reputation for quality, design, artistic imagination, and craftsmanship. Mouth-blown and hand-decorated, they are very delicate art treasures. Known as bombki, the ornaments are also a collector’s item.
Almost all companies that produced Christmas decorations during the Communist era were small private ventures which struggled during the difficult times of government restrictions. The regime also attempted to diminish the importance of Christmas as it was a religious feast.

Hope you enjoyed my blog post today...
and have a deeper appreciation for the
stories behind the things we hang on the
tree each year. This is just one of them!
Have a great weekend...
Linking with Pink Saturday

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let's Talk Vintage #4: Beautiful Booth Displays at the Antique Show

Welcome to "Let's Talk Vintage!" This is where you get to share your current vintage repurpose projects, your collections, your latest finds, even what you're selling... you can link up here!

Today I'm going to share some gorgeous antique dealer booths from the antique show I just did this past weekend. So, grab your cuppa and enjoy!

This was the booth directly across from mine.
Bebe saw the green parasol and just loved it!
The sweet dealer, Olga, gave me a great price and now
someone is going to get a big surprise at Christmas!

I just loved this booth. Gorgeous! Very French,
feminine and chic. The dealer, Laura, had an eye for
beautiful things! I loved just about everything in it.

This booth was filled with all things
Christmas and holidays. It was well
done and I found out from the dealer
that it was her first time doing a show!
I was impressed. I hope she does
another... who doesn't love vintage
Christmas items?

Now this booth was a joint effort of
dealers from the Brandywine, PA area.
Very high end antiques. I didn't even
look at the price tag on this set of china.
Amazing, though isn't it? You just don't
find this type of thing everyday.
Their booth was very well done!

This dealer was all about jewelry!
My jaw dropped open.
The cases are FILLED to the BRIM.
It was almost overwhelming...
but what a great collection.

This was another booth with dealers
from the outskirts of Philadelphia.
Loved this horse painting.
Didn't look at the price of this one, either!

And I thought this display shelf idea
was awesome! Really cool!
The whole booth was "Adirondacky"
if that is okay to make up my own word.
Everything was woodsy, cabin'ish...
with fishing creels, decoys, etc.
Really neat.

And now it is time for the link party!
Here is a peek at what other bloggers shared last week:

Joyce, at the Quilted Nest, shared this
gorgeous burgundy velvet jewelry box...

And Betsy at My Salvaged Treasures shared this set of scales.
How perfect is the color of the kitchen scale right now?

shared this awesome old feedbag
from her garage sale hunt. She had to
climb a ladder to remove it from a wall!

This is my fourth week and I'm having a ton of fun with it.
I just love what you are linking up!
Now it is your turn:

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Antique Show Re-Cap: What I Learned

A success!
The antique show this past
 weekend was awesome!
I had a great time.
It was the first of its kind
in this area so I did not
have my expectations very
I was thinking positive
about it and I think it met all of
my expectations.
I was leaning on the conservative
side and only rented a table instead
of a larger, walk-in booth.
During set up I was starting to
wish I had gotten the larger space.
It looked like so much fun.

But I think over all I did well with my
table... so I have no complaints.
I crammed in as much inventory as I could.
There were so many great people
that I met... new friends that
I look forward to seeing again.
The gal in the middle goes to one
of our local auctions so I've made
a mental note to try it out soon.
She was a hoot to watch in motion.
She had the antique show gig
down to a science.
My new friend on the far right,
owns a shop in Cape May, NJ
called "Out of the Past Antiques"
so I am definitely going to
visit her next summer!
Already planning my trip!
So here is what I learned:
1. Every experience is a valuable one.
2. Every opportunity is a learning experience.
3. Every customer is a learning experience.
4. You never know what people will buy!
5. Be patient. Observe More. Listen More.
6. Bring "new" items each day of the sale.
Next up: A peek at some of the other
antique booths ...
PLUS my fourth
"Let's Talk Vintage" Linky party
which starts at 9 AM on Tuesday!
Leave me a comment if you'd like
to be on an email list I am building.
This way you'll be reminded when it is
time to link up!
Enjoy the day!

Linking to Let's Talk Vintage #4,
Coastal Charm for Show and Share,
at The Writer's Reverie