Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

From Bella Rosa Antiques, we'd like to wish you all
a very Happy Valentine's Day!
 (My tablescape from last year)
 Whatever your plans are for the weekend, enjoy your time with family and special sweethearts!
And please, have
a chocolate or two!
I'll be back for
"Let's Talk Vintage!" this
coming Tuesday at 9 AM EST.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage! #70: Vintage Souvenirs: A Sentimental Journey

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!

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Today I want you to just sit and think for a moment...
just close your eyes and... well, okay don't close your eyes but just drift off and think back to a time.... a time when you were a kid and wanted a souvenir from a far off place that you visited with your parents... Or, maybe you were an adult and something just touched your heart so much you had to bring it home for someone.

That's what today's LTV is all about... those special souvenirs from road trips of the past.

They are relatively inexpensive and easy to find in local
antique shops and flea markets.

I remember going to Luray Caverns with my family in the summer of 1978. If you recall from an earlier post here, my Grandparents had an antique shop in Florida and my family would make the long drive for yearly visits.

Here we all are that same week, celebrating
 a double birthday for me and my Dad.
Our birthdays were only five days apart.

This particular summer we stopped along the way in Virginia to see the caverns and also to visit Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello. I think I bought a piece of quartz since I was so amazed by the stalactites and stalagmites. I have no idea where it is, I've actually been looking for it to show my Dear Bebe.


Souvenirs have touched the hearts of many adults, too. I had a Great Aunt Claire, who in her retirement, would dash off to Hawaii or Hong Kong and bring us back all kinds of things. Some "not so great" things.

I remember receiving a mumu dress that I enjoyed repeating the name of, more than I liked the gown itself.
It was sweet of her though, as in "It's the thought that counts." And that is what I love about souvenirs. Nostalgia, loving thoughts, memories... they have happy connotations. I was thrilled that she even thought of me at all.

A vintage souvenir is even better because you imagine who may have purchased it and emotion behind it... was it a gift for someone special, or just a keepsake of a memory made?

Some souvenirs even dared to remind you of who was on your list, like this Coney Island, New York hanky holder.

How about this this old Washington, DC plate? Did it represent a school trip or a present from a husband to his wife?

Or did this vintage pillow cover make one reminisce about a day in Hershey, PA... riding rides and bringing home delicious chocolate treats?

While these sentimental pieces cannot tell us all of these answers, it's okay.  We like to get creative and fill in the backstory from our imagination, anyway!

Thanks so much for going back along with me on my sentimental journey.

I'd love for you to leave a comment and tell us about your FAVORITE souvenir and the memory behind it!

Now, here are this week's features:


Debby of Debby Goes Shabby found a little
Valentine love while perusing her local
Goodwill. I love how her thrifty vision turned
into this beautiful display above.

and Sarah of Sadie Seasongoods shared this amazing Parcheesi game board clock that she made! Love it!

And speaking of souvenirs, Amy of Brocante Treasures shared her French vintage goods in her booth at the Vintique Flea in Houston. Ooh la la! She lived in France
and had the chance to bring back all kinds of goodies!

and Stephanie of the Enchanting Rose shared a wonderful
keepsake of her own and a wonderful story that goes along with it. She is a newcomer to LTV so let's give her a big welcome!

Thank you so much to all who stop by each week to link up, read up, or rest up here. I love, love, love the neat things that are shared! (A Happy Valentine's Day to all!)

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Vintage Finds of the Week

Hello my fellow vintage lovin' friends! Today I'm going to do a quick review of the vintage goodies I listed this week:

This old jar has a great industrial look...
The label says it is from the Pennsylvania 
Water and Power Co.... from 1944.
Sodium Bi-chromate.

miniature plate in an antique shop in
a smaller town than ours. The gentleman
was an ex marine and he was happy to
tell us all kinds of old stories.
Collectible and fun...
love their petite size!
About half the size of the
plate above.


I decided to do a little hunting this week and was
happy to find this vintage needlepoint piece.
It is probably from an old stool but I've
seen people give them new life in a pillow.
This is my favorite listing of the week.
A very petite basket that someone had stored
all of her sewing and hanky needlepoint things in.
All of the stuff goes with it.

I seem to do pretty well with books so 
trying to list a few a week. This is a great
fairy tale style book with classics like:
Robinson Crusoe
Swiss Family Robinson
Pied Piper of Hamlin
and more!
 I really need to whittle down my boxes
of books because I just don't have the
space for them to be tucked away.
They should be enjoyed
by someone else who loves
old books as much as I do!
Really beautiful. The convex design of the
glass gives it a slight 3D effect.
So pretty.
Well, as Bugs Bunny always said...
"That's All Folks!"
Have a great weekend... I'll be back
for "Let's Talk Vintage" , Tuesday
morning at 9 AM.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #69: Adding Antiques to a Valentine Tablescape

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!
This is where we gather, both
bloggers and online sellers alike, to
share all of our vintage inspirations.
Some ideas include:

*Inspired Projects
*Thrifty Finds
*Furniture Make-overs
*Vintage Tablescapes
*Latest Vintage Finds
*Booth and Market Displays
*Family Histories & Heirlooms
*Old Photos
*Items for sale on Etsy,
Ebay, or your own website.
It's simple:
Bring your idea to the party,
Tuesdays at 9AM. Link as many
pages as you'd like. Try and
visit some of the other partiers.
It's fun to get to "know" each
This week I am showing how I incorporated
 antiques into my Valentine Tablescape.
It is possible to mix old and new. The two
styles can usually blend very well together.

(Even on Ground Hog's day! Well,

is it six more weeks of winter? Who
are we kidding, it always is!)
The centerpiece I created is comprised
of a vintage silver tray, a vintage
ruby glass vase, new "mercury glass"
candle votives, faux ivory roses mixed
with some lighted branches, and glass
 marbles thrown in for visual texture.

Plus two other items I share a little
bit further down into the post.

I used several Valentine's Day cards as
the crowning touch, by adding them to
the layers of chargers, plates, and doilies.

Since they are waiting to sell, why
not? Here is one of several I used 
in "3D" styles which can stand alone.
(It can be found here in my shop.)

I think I purchased the red chargers at
Christmas Tree shops a few years ago.
For plates I used two different styles...
A set of four Johnson Bros. plates in
 the "Rose Chintz" pattern.
And then two ivory "Rose Point" embossed
edge plates at either end of the table.
On the back you can see it is Pope
Gosser China by Steubenville.
I only have three of these and use them
the rest of the year in my three tiered
tidbit stand.

Here is a wide shot of the table.
Note the red ribbon tied "Gift."
It is filled with Belgian chocolates
purchased from Costco.
We get these every year and
love the new Valentine tradition.
And speaking of delicious treats,
I double stacked two pink glass
cake stands... and placed my
faux cake on top while the
lower level is sprinkled with
everyone's favorite candy hearts.

Now back to the centerpiece...

I incorporated a "vintage inspired" LOVE
word sitter from my Primitives By Kathy
inventory which is in my vintage inspired
category here. 


On the other side is this vintage

 "bible motto"  plaque. I've sold several

 of these but this one is my favorite. 

I've had it since the hubby
and I were engaged and then married.
I love the steadfastness of its meaning.
Just three words: Love. Never. Faileth.

And more cards on the place settings.
Love this antique Valentine.
Here is another place setting.
I didn't have Valentine napkins or napkin
rings so I used tissue paper and Valentine
themed ribbon.
You may have also noticed the
DOVE chocolates here and
there. I'm not saying they were
dwindling by the time this
photo shoot was finished.
Really. I'm not.
Let's just say several disappeared!
Dark chocolate.
Mmmmm hmmmm.
A girl's gotta have sustenance
when creating such beauty...
Moving on!

This is another corner in the dining room
where I kept the Valentine theme.
The LOVE block is from the same
Primitives by Kathy collection.
The antique books also stick with
my theme ... with titles like:
We Two
The Dream of Love
The Story of the Wedding Ring
And how about that paper
star snowflake? Fellow
blogger, Joyce of A Quilted
Nest, made several for her booth.
 Bebe and I enjoyed making them
while we were snowbound and
we used computer printer paper.
(I added glitter to ours)
Here is the tutorial... but watch
out, it can be addictive!

And last, but not least, is this
crystal container I found at
Goodwill. It was so pretty and
I brought it home not knowing
what I was going to do with it.
For 4.99 I could not leave it
sitting there, it had to be rescued!
I ended up using silk red roses
in it and I found the perfect spot
on my coffee table in the
adjoining formal living room.
Hope you enjoyed my
vintage Valentine Tablescape!
It was a lot of fun to create
and I will probably serve
dinner here the week of
Valentine's Day. Why waste it?
Here are this week's features:

Cecilia of My Thrift Store
Addiction gets the first spot
in today's line up with her Queen 
of Hearts vintage dress form.
So charming!

and Diana of Adirondack
Girl at Heart shared her
Valentine sweater wreath.
What a cozy way to add
a layer of romance!

and Sam at Raggedy Bits
totally wowed us with her
chest of drawers make-over.
Love it and the colors are
perfect for the month of
romance, February!

Thanks so much to everyone
for linking up last week... I really
have been inspired this winter!
(Which is usually a dull time
of year for me with the chilly
temps and gray days.)

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