Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #89: Dining Room Buffet Makeover & Latest Projects

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Today I'm sharing some of my Vintage and Co. shop updates.
And this is where I'll have to brag on my Hubby a little bit.

He refinished this vintage dining room table and buffet. Both pieces were from other sets.

This table was temporarily sitting in our living room and it was very, very dark with the deep mahogany stain. It was so dark I didn't even notice the petal features on the legs.

The buffet is very sturdy and well made. We were contemplating what color to paint it when I realized it would be great to create the same look and have it match the table. Hopefully, someone will by both. We really have great prices compared to new.

I'm currently working on a petite corner cupboard... it is so cute! Here are a couple of smaller projects I worked on:

This silverware chest was not in good shape when I found it.
Gave it a coat of Parisian Grey chalk paint, sanded, distressed, stenciled and waxed. Looking much better now!

And while I had the grey paint out and the brush was wet, this cute little tool caddy received some TLC as well.

Even though she is leaving my shop mate has been getting crafty. Love these cheese boxes!

I'll be back with more updates to the shop... big changes are coming and I'm already making plans. Today the hubby and I are going to purchase and pick up part of a check-out counter from a local scrapbooking store that has just closed. Stay tuned!

Now for this week's features:

Kickin' it off is Sarah of Sadie Seasongoods
with this star spangled colander centerpiece!
And she even embroidered it!!!!
and up next is Debbie of Debbie-Dabble.
Her fairy garden project is so sweet!
Fairy Tales are as old as time!
and Gina of Victorian Wannabe shared her
beautiful garden and porch décor.
She has an eye for antiques as well
as a green thumb!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #88: Seaside Serenade with Ogden Nash

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My recent trip to the Jersey Shore made me remember I had saved a poem from a book by Ogden Nash last winter, as it was selling on Etsy.

Thought it was too cute not to share and knew I would be doing posts about the beach:

Seaside Serenade
It begins when you smell a funny smell,
And it isn't vanilla or caramel,
And it isn't forget-me-nots or lilies,
Or new-mown hay, or daffy-down-dillies,
And it's not what the barber rubs on Father,
And it's awful, and yet you like it rather.
No, it's not what the barber rubs on Daddy,
It's more like an elderly finnan haddie,
Or, shall we say, an electric fan
Blowing over a sardine can.
It smells of seaweed, it smells of clams,
It's as fishy as first-night telegrams,
It's as fishy as millions of fishy fishes,
In spite of which you find it delishes,
You could do with a second helping, please,
And that my dears, is the ocean breeze.
And pretty soon you observe a pack
Of people reclining upon their back.

(Page 16 from Selected Verse of Ogden Nash)

The book isn't mine anymore, but I can still enjoy this humorous little snippet!

And what's a memory about being Oceanside without a few vintage trinkets:

A fancy Atlantic City fan on a hot summer's day...

These souvenir plates are fun... especially when
arranged in a grouping on the wall.

Wondering what it was like the day this

I think this James Salt Water Taffy box is my favorite!

Now let's see who is featured this week:

Rita from Panopoly shared her latest antique booth update... and this wonderful treasure trove of Jadeite!

and Penny of Penny's Vintage Home showed us her patriotic décor for her family gathering. I am a sucker for all things red, white, and blue this time of the year...

and check this out... Heidi, of My Sweet Cottage took an old beat up cookie tray and transformed it into this cool tropical serving piece. Awesome!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #87: The Old Fashioned Feel of Ocean City, NJ

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!

My apologies for being late to my own party...
Between the store and dashing off for quick
mini-vacations, I lost track of the weekdays.
Today I'm sharing my favorite ocean side
Generations have been coming here for
 relaxation, entertainment, and worship.
It was founded in 1879 by four ministers..who
chose the island as a suitable spot to establish a Christian retreat and camp meeting, on the order of Ocean Grove. They met under a tall cedar tree which stands today at 6th Street and Asbury Avenue. Having chosen the name “Ocean City”, the founders incorporated the “Ocean City Association”, laid out streets and sold lots for cottages, hotels and businesses. The Tabernacle was built between Wesley and Asbury Avenues and between 5th and 6th Streets. Camp Meetings were held by the following summer.
There are still youth groups, church meetings
and plenty of churches in town. It is also
 a dry town. No alcohol is served or sold there.
Families from all over the Southern NJ and 
Philadelphia area  have flocked here because
it still has that old fashioned feel.
Each year I go to see the ocean
waves crashing in and out...
feel the sand in my toes and breathe
in the ocean air. I've been going
there since I was a child.
(Here Bebe is showing me her latest treasure.) 
There is nothing quite like it. And now Bebe
gets to come here and start her own memories.
There is also nothing quite
like the Ocean City boardwalk. How
many times have I walked along the
boards that parallel the Atlantic Ocean?
Some of my favorite old shops are there.
We still love watching them make salt water taffy
at the back of the store... a sign to the right
explains how old the machines are.
... The dolls that flip in the front window,
attract passersby to stop and take
a gander... most likely they'll make a decision  
to go in and check it out. This little pair
has probably sold more taffy than
they ever imagined. Hmmmm. Maybe
I need to come up with something like
Here are this week's features:
shared her vintage finds and
styled the photos so nicely for
the kick off to summer!
Newcomer Christine of Christine's Home
her beautiful "Provence" themed
tablescape. Such beautiful
treasures to behold!
and Bernideen of Bernideen's Teatime
Cottage and Garden shared her new
vintage find... a smoking cabinet.
It looks absolutely charming and
pretty in pink now. An old thing
of the past, made new again!

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Vintage Finds of the Week and One That Got Away

Hello Friends!
Today I'm sharing with you some of my latest vintage finds... from a Memorial Day, town-wide sale.
I was ecstatic to find a few steals, 
I mean, treasures.
I mean, when do you EVER find three, four,
or five items from the same sale, as good as this?
I wanted to sit outside this guy's house
because he kept bringing stuff out.
He said the house was packed with stuff
of his wife's. It looked like she was
getting rid of her shabby chic stash.
 Lots of beautiful items were
being laid out on tables.
And you really can't get greedy,
even though the human thought is,
"What, there is more!? Yes, please!"
We even left one of the items we
bought, behind. It was a LARGE,
vintage funeral basket with pink floral
and Christmas goodies tucked inside.
Yes, it was accidently left behind!
I thought the hubby was getting it
and he though I had gotten it.
Ever do that?
So, when we went back to get it, it
had been sold again! It is cut throat
out there, people! LOL. We
ended up getting our money back.
But a really neat find was gone.
Such is the busy life of a dealer!
Then at other sales I found these:
I haven't had a chance to clean them but wow,
I was thrilled. I've always wanted one of these
industrial lazy susans. And I hope the turquoise Fiesta
pitcher is vintage. I know they have remade them
in the past couple of decades.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed
some of my new finds, I sure did!

Not all will be going into my new brick and mortar shop,
Vintage & Co. Some will go into my Bella Rosa Etsy shop.
Maybe even eBay. That's all for now, short but sweet!
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #86: Fleamarkets, and Yard Sales, and Finds, Oh My!

Hello my friends!

If you've made it here then you must like vintage in some way!

This is Let's Talk Vintage! and it is the 86th time I've written a post on my blog about things that are vintage, projects that are inspired by vintage, or old things that I sell... and more!

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If not, just enjoy the other posts by some of the most creative bloggers I've ever seen!

(This is just one of two parks that has rows and rows of vendors)

Today I am sharing my exciting adventures of a gigantic sale, held every year, whoops, make that TWICE a year, in a neighboring town. ALL. OVER. TOWN.

It is SO big you can get really overwhelmed by it all. Even veteran pickers like ourselves! (Keep in mind we have a 7 year old in tow!)

There were also many creative ideas to check out
and tuck away in our minds for a future project,
like this double chair bench.
These hat racks look easy to create... they are so
simple, but it is probably the large iron nails
that are hard to come by. (Railroad?)

Industrial still seems to be popular...
we have sold a few license plates in the new shop.
They never seem to go out of style.

We saw soda crates... and more soda crates.
Also still popular!
 But what I really liked was this:
Love the little table they made!
Hard to make it worthwhile though if
you are buying the legs brand new at
stores like Lowes or Home Depot.
Making your own legs or finding old ones
would be the best way to do it.

Now this was taking it another step further.
I like the creativity of the high back.
Here is another shot...
Neat "potting bench" or something cute to
put in a family room, front porch, etc.

 I also found other fun, creative pieces.
This gal started out making signs for her own wedding and then, as she told me, "she couldn't stop making them!"
I think I may ask her if she'd like to rent out
shelf space in my new shop, Vintage & Co.

Here is one of my finds... handmade by a young man
who rented space. He creates all kinds of wonderful
things. As soon as we bought this piece, women were
pointing at it saying "OOOOH Look at that!" as we
were walking out of his tent.

So naturally my the Hubs thought he needed
to make one as well to sell in our shop!
We'll see if he ever does... right now he
is too busy refinishing tables and repairing
furniture to spend time creating.
Well that brings me to the end of
 my exciting Memorial Day...
I'll post pictures of my other finds
later in the week...and tell you 
about "The one that got away!"
Oh Yes!
Now, let's get to today's features!
Anne's Attic shared her tutorial
on how to make crinkly Joey Flowers.
Love how pretty they turn out!
Would love to know how they were
given that name, too!
and Melissa, of Melissa's Antiques,
shared some of her haul in
part 2 of her "the longest
yard sale" trip. Amazing
and Amy of Brocante Treasures
went to Vintage Market Days
in Texas... she brought back
wonderful pictures of beautiful
vintage things she saw there!
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I'll be back with my other finds
of the day... Now it's your turn: