Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Shop Updates: Custom Orders and My Latest Paint Project

Hello friends!
I hope you are all enjoying the season of SPRING...
Soon to be SUMMER!
We have been super busy. It was the end of school, Bebe
performed in her end of the year Ballet Gala, and we were
busy with the shop. 
They say when it rains, it pours, and it did.
In custom orders, that is! We had six pieces to paint.
I'm just sharing the last two, they were gorgeous!
This was a piece a really sweet lady from NJ found in another shop. It was a consignment shop so she wanted us to give this beautiful piece and updated look. Plus, some of the scroll work was missing from the secretary desk door.
After the Hubs repaired the scrollwork using wood putty, he painted it with Country Chic Paint in "Sunday Tea."
After it was all finished... of course I just loved it and had to start filling it with beautiful things.
And our client really liked it as well.

But we weren't done just yet.

She also had this piece for us to paint, from the same consignment shop.
Gah! I could have sold this sweet little cabinet about ten times over! So many customers were asking about it while it was in the shop, being worked on.
She is going to use it in her bathroom for towels.
Great idea!
And now, I'm working on this vintage French Provincial desk for a girl's room. It was a mess!
There were so many old stickers on the top,
scribbling, etc. I peeled off each sticker and attacked that baby with a spray cleaner.
Even though it was looking 100 times better, I still decided to paint the top.

What do you think?

I wanted it to be elegant looking in a Princess kind of way, without over doing it. I mixed Country Chic Paint in "Vintage Cupcake" with their "Vanilla Frosting" to achieve the light pink. I used gold metallic cream to highlight the hardware and around the desk. Then just a small addition of "Vanilla Frosting" on the edges.

So far I think I'm on the right track. I'm thinking minimal distressing, if any on this piece. Instead of a wax I may use the CCP "Clear Coat"  with "Tough Coat" on the top.

Thanks so much for stopping by and catching up with us!

Enjoy the day!


Monday, June 4, 2018

Our Much Needed Scenic Getaway

Hello friends! It is so good to be back to my Bella Blog...
it means things have slowed down enough
that I have time to write!

We took some much needed time to be together as a family to our scenic getaway in the Adirondack Mountains.

A place where we can enjoy the outdoors
and dine "al fresco"... 

Where we can see nature in all of its beauty...

And hear the call of the loons...

And enjoy the new crop of ducks and their ducklings...

Where the only important thing that needs to
get done is to go fishing...

Where we can feel right at home in this quaint little town that is right out of a story book set in the 1950's...
This is our favorite parade to watch, every year.

Where we can put all of the hustle and bustle of daily life out of our minds for a few days, or maybe even a week...

Hope you've had some relaxing days too, and if not, that you'll be still for just awhile...

We enjoyed our time at the lake. This year we took my Dad along. He loved it so I'm glad he was there. Alzheimer's is a difficult disease, the dementia and confusion are tough to deal with, for him, as well as for us, but we are getting through it day by day. Some days are better than others.

The weather is great now so we are working on a few projects for the shop, now that we are back! We picked up a couple of custom orders and in my next post I will share them with you.

Thanks so much for catching up on what we're up to! I'm trying to post at least once a month. After I get through the last days of school, Bebe's "Gala" dance recital, and a quick trip to the beach ... I'll have more time.

Summer is here! Yay!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Updates on Our Vintage Shop and Furniture Repurpose Projects!

Hello friends!
Spring is in full bloom here in the North East
and we have had some GORGEOUS days!
Nice weather makes it much easier to work on
furniture projects and the Hubs and I have been
getting a few new pieces in the shop.

Since we are Country Chic Paint retailers we have an ample supply on hand at all times, which is a great benefit!
I finally ordered some CCP aprons and have my extra apron on one of our dress forms. Why not use it as advertising, right? And "she" looks so cute!
I worked on this small desk (or vanity) and in this picture I hadn't had a chance to distress or wax it. I ended up giving it a moderately distressed look and added the Country Chic Paint wax in gray. The tinted wax gives it a
textured look and it was beautiful! I hightlighted the hardware with silver metallic cream (also by Country Chic Paint) and I was happy with the results. The next day was our Spring open house and we ended up with two gals wanting the piece at the same time. A little tricky for us as shop owners to handle, but in the end we navigated it well. It ended up going home that day with a happy buyer! So needless to say, it all happened so fast I didn't get a final picture of it.
This table has a cool feature.... flip the top up and over toward the back and PRESTO, you have much more tabletop space. This just sold this past weekThe weather is giving people fresh motivation for "spring cleaning" and decorating, I think! Why start guessing? I'll just have to keep painting!

The Hubby worked on this piece. It is very big and long... with 12 drawers for storage! I love the look of the French provincial pieces.

Here is one of my "Up-cycle" projects. We had an antique wooden ironing board that I was planning to make a "LAUNDRY" sign out of. At the last minute I decided to make it a laundry room cleaning caddy, that hangs on the wall. I found the baskets at one of our local wholesale malls and they fit perfectly! (The small white laundry sign was just being displayed there, it wasn't part of the completed project.) Anyway, I was happy with it and it also sold.

Now that Spring is here we are able to find more vintage goodies at decent prices (as compared to auctions) so  I'll be posting our latest finds in my next blog post.

For now I'll leave you with some of my favorite "Farmhouse" finds that are made to look old.

I see these awesome galvanized file folder bins and I
envision them in my office. They still might end up in there!

Most people like this saying because someone said it to them or they say it to their children.
It is just too darn cute. It sold so I'll have to find another.
This piece is SO COOL! It was expensive for me to purchase wholesale but the right buyer came along and it has sold.
It would have looked great in my craft space...

And last but certainly not least, I was looking for these tobacco baskets for the longest time and I finally found some! That and the cotton wreath.
Well, I have several custom orders coming up this week so I have to keep this short and sweet.
I will TRY to remember to take pictures of the "BEFORE and AFTER" so I can show and our projects better.
Thanks so much for staying in touch and for reading my blog posts! Like I said before, I miss my little 'ol blog and the friends I have made here.
Enjoy your day! 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of LuRay!

Hello friends!
Spring has SPRUNG! Finally.

 Flowers have bloomed, the temps are rising here in the Northeast, and I always bring out my LuRay dinnerware for y'all!
This year though I am totally swamped with all kinds of things. The store, painting projects, up-cycled projects, and now, yes, now I am sewing costumes. Actually, just alterations, which is pretty huge for me. Bebe is in her school musical, Cinderella and I dove in to help!
I love being involved with theatre, shows, dancing, etc. But the list of "To Do's" have grown immensely!
And this weekend is our Spring Open House at the shop. When it rains I pours!
Busy yes, but I wanted to share a
couple of our latest furniture repurpose projects:

This is our second "Farmhouse style" china hutch.
I love how they look with the white and the stained counter space area. We did a smaller one and it sold the same day we advertised it on Facebook.
This French Provincial buffet was a wonderful transformation. It went from vintage sixties maple stain to this rich black color (Country Chic Paint in Liquoric) with gold hardware.

I also transformed a vintage wooden ironing board into a laundry/cleaning product caddy. I'll grab a photo of that later today and add it  to this post. Right now I am working on a small secretary desk and a folding top table... it is so cool for smaller homes or apartments!

Now I must dive into the rest of my day... but I wanted to wish you a "Happy Spring!"
I do miss posting more and I miss y'all...
Enjoy the day!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Updates: My Bella Rosa Etsy Shop & Vintage & Co.

Hello Friends! I'm still here!
Busy as ever but enjoying the journey.
My BellaRosaAntiques.com online shop may be closed but I am still selling on Etsy.
Be sure to check out Vintage and Co. too, while you
are shopping Etsy.com!
I still have my Bella Rosa etsy shop but I am
thinking my life would be so much easier if I just closed it
and combined everything into one shop.
Isn't that what we need in life, to simplify?
I need it now more than ever!
I had NO IDEA I would be refinishing SO MUCH
furniture! It is crazy... but I'm amazed by all that
we have accomplished. And when I say we, I
mean the hubby and I. The ball and claw foot pedestal
table above was one of my latest pieces.
The color is called "Bee's Knees."

We use Country Chic Paint in the All in One line. It is clay based and we just love it. I decided to paint this four drawer chest/end table and it turned out so beautiful! I used a little elbow grease (brass cleaner) and really shined up the original drawer pulls.
It sold within two or three days!
In his spare time the hubby worked on this vintage cedar chest. It was so dark and dreary .... but stripping the top and staining lid changed this piece forever!
It is gorgeous. The lower portion we used Country Chic Paint in "Cheesecake."
Their natural wax is the perfect touch.

I find other unique items for the store at wholesale vendor malls like this awesome sign. I wish I had time to make all of our signs but, I don't. At this particular vendor mall, everything is made in the USA! 

Some locally here in Pennsylvania, too.

We make some of our own items as well. 
 Old picture frames become up-cycled wall art by turning  it into a photo or greeting card holder.
Burlap table runners are also easy to add into
 the shop inventory.
Can you believe how crafty I am??? (LOL)
I mean seriously, I was never this crafty before,
I mainly just sold antiques. I've come a long way baby!
As for our family, Bebe is getting SO big and acts so
grown up at times. She is getting very involved with  taking ballet and is blossoming into a beautiful ballerina. My Dad is still living with us as he needs assistance with memory. He helps us paint some of our smaller pieces
and he also goes along with me on many of my "Inventory hunting" excursions! Gets him out of the house and
it is great to have my Dad along.
I'll be back with more updates! Hope to catch up with so many of my blogger pals, I missed posting in the month of February. Stay tuned!
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The End of A Bella Age

That's right. The end of an age!  I closed the "doors" of my Bella Rosa Antiques shop.

I miss it already but I'm also so busy with my Vintage & Co. brick and mortar shop that I don't really have any time to think about it.
(one of my early photos...I learned a lot along the way!)
It was ten years ago that I started the online shop. Ten years! A decade. It all started whenI had won the website in a blog contest. And of course as soon as I started the process, I found out I was pregnant! It was a huge blessing to be able to stay home and take care of my daughter after she was born that same year. The website was my new part-time job.

So many pretty things came and went. Here are just some of my favorites:


This week I'll be going through all of the items that I had in my inventory to bring into the shop.

I still have jewelry, some antique books, and china. China is the hardest thing to sell these days. Probably better to store it all away for when the trend comes back again. They always do.

And speaking of storing things away, yesterday I took advantage of Martin Luther King Jr. day to take down Christmas and pack away everything in the attic. 

Onward and upward!

I'll be back to give you an update on our latest projects for Vintage & Co.!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Our Kick-Off to the Christmas Season: The Nutcracker

We have been very busy with performances
of the Nutcracker!
A beautiful ballet that so many people love,
including us.
This is a photo from the "Snow" scene in the first act.
For being a group of ballerinas, from all over the county
I am amazed by what they accomplish! They
rehearse every Saturday afternoon starting at the end of August.
My very own Sweet Bebe performed two parts.
(The laundry baskets are brought in to help keep all of their things organized in the dressing rooms.)

Here she is as a "Party Girl".
I put this photo on my Facebook
page and so many of my friends and
family thought I had done her hair.
It is a hair piece we match to the
ballerinas natural hair color.
It does look amazing!
This is what ballerinas do while they
wait to have their picture taken.
This year I helped get the word out by organizing
media outlets to either write stories or come out with a TV crew for videotaping. My old "promotion producer" skills come in handy!
So does my love of making gift baskets!  They need donations to sell during the shows, for a local fundraiser. This may be my third year making them... time flies so fast now!
I include teacups, Pirouline wafers, cappuccino mix, ornaments, Nutcracker dolls, Nutcracker ornaments, tea, candles, etc. This year the larger basket contained a wooden doll made in U.S.S.R. which helps to date it.
And of course my shop keeps me busy, always working on projects and displays in the store. Since my last post we have had a Fall Open House and a Christmas Open House.
And we started carrying a new paint line, Country Chic Paint! More on that later!
photo credit vyballet.com
Now that we have the Nutcracker behind us, I will be focusing on the holidays and helping folks find the right home d├ęcor item or Christmas gift.
What keeps you busy during the holiday season?