Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #98: To Chandy or Not to Chandy: Tales from the Flea

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!

If you love old things... stick around! If like to collect, re-paint, re-do or have a penchant for junkin', shoppin', sellin' or trash to treasurin', then you've come to the right place! 

Bebe is back in school and I finally have some extra time to work on projects and blogging! This years first-day-of-school was a little bit hard, emotionally, for me. She's just getting so big and so grown up! Anyway, this is where I am in life and I choose to embrace it. She even went to the fleamarket with me last week and was a big help.

This week I'm sharing a few of the pieces we found and added to my brick and mortar shop called Vintage & Co.
Now you will notice that I mark my photos with the name of the shop, which is a huge time saver because I also keep up with updating that site as well.

This was not my best photographic moment, but
it will do.

I came home with two large green, weathered, and naturally distressed shutters.

Plus...a coat rack and a pallet wood fence!

I lunged at this wire market basket for fear someone else may have spotted my treasure ... and then found the bicycle basket soon after.

I was pretty happy with my finds... we arrived pretty late so I thought there wouldn't be anything good left.

Then there was this:

Although it is hard to see here,
this gorgeous Victorian style chandelier
was just screaming "Buy me! Buy me!"
But in another ear I heard my hubby
saying "What? I have to re-wire this?"
You know how this story ends, right?
It has such wonderful style, and
 it had an even better price!
So now it sits in the store. Waiting
for me to figure out what to do with it.
The sockets for the lights seem
so much smaller than today's versions.
Do I just paint it and remove the
wiring and decorate with crystals?
Keep it gold?
Make it into a real working chandy?
Let me know what you think.
To chandy or not to chandy.
Now for this
week's features:
showed us how she harvests lavender.
Lovely to look at and I can just smell it now!
 Melissa of Melissa's Antiques
shared her finds from the
World's Longest Yard Sale.
turned a beat up metal cart
into a glamorous, rolling spa on wheels! 
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #97: A Funny Story From the Shop & A Few New Pieces

Welcome to "Let's Talk Vintage!"
This week I'm sharing some of the "new" items
we worked on and some of the
things we found to sell in the shop.
This vintage, bamboo desk is my favorite piece this week.
Maybe it's because I love the coral so much.
I think it will brighten up any room it is in...
but would love to see it in a bedroom,
sun room, or perhaps a kitchenette!
Where would you use it?
While you are pondering this ... I have a
funny story to tell you about the "RELAX"
word sign you see in the photo above.
A few weeks to a month ago I re-arranged
the shop and was happy with my results.
Photo courtesy of Primitives by Kathy
I used a few of my "word sitters" like the
one above, on a bookshelf,
and was pleased with how it looked.
A few days later I noticed one of the words
was missing. Hmmph, I thought. I don't
remember selling one of them. I'll ask the hubs.
Nope, he didn't sell any when he worked.
Now I was really starting to wonder if someone
stole it from the shop. You never know, so yep,
I was going there! I looked in our sales book
and in the sales reports on the computer.
No "RELAX" sign was sold. Hmmph I
thought. Maybe I forgot to ring it up and it went
into a bag without paying for it. Well, then that
is my own mistake and glad someone got a
good treasure that day!
Totally moved on and put it behind me.
This past weekend my hubby worked the shop
so Bebe and I could go to her Nutcracker audition.
He sent me a photo of the coral table with the
"RELAX" word sitting on it. The one that
was missing was a pretty beachy
aqua color. But somehow, this
other new one matched the table.
So I said.... where did you find another
"RELAX" word sitter? (Texting, of course.)
He tells me it IS the missing word sitter 
and that he "found it" outside the back door.
He had used it to prop the door open
while he brought a piece of furniture
inside that he worked on. Then he says
"It kind of got ruined from being out
there so long that I painted it with
your coral chalk paint."
I'm like.... "WHAT????????"
Oh my word!!!!! I can't believe it.
I tell him the color looks weird now,
blah blah blah. So, it was moved
to another white table in the shop.
A few hours later I receive a text.
Always the way, isn't it?
 I can't make this stuff up!
(And BTW, Bebe won the roles
of a mouse and a polichenelle! Yay!)

This antique Royal Typewriter made
it into the shop this week. Love
the industrial style of the early 1930's!

 (I use the "water mark" from my other shop's blog as it saves me a ton of time, which
is limited! Thank you for understanding!)
And this big 'ol steamer type trunk was
a fun find ... oh the stories it could tell
of travels taken! The hubby varnished
it and the color of the wood really
pops now!
Thanks so much for checking in with me
and my shop updates... time is very
hard to come by anymore so I do
appreciate your visits and link ups...
because I know you all must be
busy as a beaver too!
Let's see what you've been up to.
Here are this week's features:
Joyce over at the Quilted Nest
shared her kitchen reveal.
Love her vintage farmhouse, yet
new, style!
and Diane at Deanie's Stash
shared her junkin' treasures
with us ... because we all know
how much we love a good 'ol treasure!
(photo courtesy of Records and Vintage)
and Vintage Eve's shared the back-story
of Mid-Century Modern. Great post. 
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #96: Shop Updates & New Arrivals

Welcome to "Let's Talk Vintage!"

Each week, bloggers who love vintage
gather together and share their latest
junkin' hauls, projects, collections,
finds listed  for sale, and more.  
Today I'm sharing a couple of my most
recent projects and some shop updates.
I love how this dresser turned out.
Since there are multiple uses now for dressers, I decided to chalk paint this horizontal style piece in white and gray. I gave it a glamorous look by silver leafing all of the drawer pulls.
Then the top was given a special look with this stencil.
Now it is ready to be given a new home...
as a dresser, buffet, or baby a baby
changing table.
I still had some Annie Sloan paint left
so I decided this nightstand would be perfect
for a soft pink and cream. Lovely for a baby's
room or for a vintage style girl's room.
I painted the drawer pull in a shabby metallic, not completely covered, but just enough to look vintage.
The feet on this piece were not very
noticeable until I highlighted
areas in cream. Looks like icing
on a cake!

The hubby worked on this old kitchen
table and turned it from drab to fab!
I asked him to add the red "graphic"
trim on the table top. It really made it pop! 
I gave new life to a small half-moon
style side table and found this awesome
hand crafted basket by "Harry & David."
It was perfect for a box of silk flowers
I had picked up at a yard sale.
I love its new look!
(The table has already sold.)
I added this pretty mirror... love the
rich color of the frame.
And we added this beautiful Italian marble
coffee table for filler... such gorgeous lines.

So now we have a pretty nice
repertoire in the shop.
August has been a little on the slow side...
but since I am still managing my Etsy shops,
I have plenty to do!
Now let's get to this week's features:
The French Hutch shared her beautiful
gift of peaches and a homemade ice cream
recipe that is no doubt, pretty sweet!
and Heidi of My Sweet Cottage
shared her wonderful, three season 
greenhouse. She grows a treasure 
trove of beautiful things in there!
and Sandi of Old New Green Redo
shared her latest finds and this
antique pitcher is gorgeous.
Thanks so much for sharing it with us!
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage #95: The Allure of the Carousel

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!

This is where I post about all things vintage and at the end, other bloggers (and sellers) can share their posts about their latest finds, projects, collections, etc.

Today I'm sharing our trip to an old fashioned Pennsylvania amusement park called Knoebels. They are celebrating 90 summers of fun and it all started in 1926 with the "Crystal Pool" and a carousel!

Knoebels is well known to be "old fashioned" because you can pay as you go for each ride, instead of paying a large sum at the gate.

But for me, it was the allure of the carousel....

Since I've never really been a roller coaster kind of gal, the sweet sound of the music and the beautifully carved horses have always attracted my attention.

(This photo is from the Knoebels website)
And so did this Carousel Museum which features over 50 carousel figures, scenery panels, chariot sides and other memorabilia from carousels dating back to 1870!
(Note: Info is from the Knoebels carousel museum web page)

This was a side panel, which oh-my-goodness,
I just love this old style of design. I
would love to have something like this in my house!
This was a great shot of some of the museum
horses. All hand carved, by the way.

These are amazing examples of the horses from the turn of the century. They all have actual hair for the tails, too.

Just simply awesome... these horses have wonderful patina, to say the least! The black one in particular is a real oldie but goodie. It is referred to as a "Standing Horse" and was made by the Merry Go Round Company out of Cincinnati Ohio around 1880. 

Bebe also enjoyed the museum but was mostly

intrigued by the gift shop jewelry! (Because at age

seven, museums are real yawners!)



This was an example of a British piece, notably a rooster. The British refer to a carousel as a "round about."

And this is the "Grand Carousel" that we rode on, the kind where you can still grab the brass ring, which Bebe soon had an obsession with enjoyed immensely.

It was built in 1913 at North Beach, Long Island! The horses were purchased from a wood-carver named Charles Carmel. Carmel was born in Russia in 1865, immigrated to the United States in 1883, and carved carousel figures in his Brooklyn shop. Knoebel's received it in 1941 after purchasing it from Riverside Park in Piscataway Township, NJ. It carries 63 horses and 3 chariots, making it one of the largest in the world. 

Thanks so much for coming along with me to the carousel museum!

Now, let's get to this week's features:

And speaking of dreamy, check out Debby Goes Shabby, where Debby shares her"Cinderella Guest Room." Just absolutely lovely!

and Anne's Attic Design shared how to put colors and florals into your home d├ęcor. My heart goes pitter patter for the hints of pink among the teal blue!

and Melissa of Melissa's Antiques shares her great ideas to help you plan your trip for the world's Longest Yard Sale. Someday my hubby and I will have to try them out!