Monday, April 22, 2019

Latest DIY Projects - Vintage Desk, Dresser, China Cabinet, and Hutch Makeovers!

Hello my friends! I am stopping in to Blog Land for a quick update on our latest shop projects.
This vintage desk received a makeover by using
Country Chic Paint in "Cobblestone."

The top was stripped, stained and varnished by my hubby.  I loved the tone so much that I decorated it with vintage Industrial finds.  The display turned out great using vintage movie theatre film reels, old phone, desk lamp, and suitcases.  It sold already so I was bummed my display didn't last too long but hey, a sale is always a smile bringer!
This piece is from a china cabinet. The top piece will get a makeover too sometime in the future. For the lower half we painted it with Country Chic Paint in "Sunday Tea."  The top was stripped, re-stained, and then varnished. These china cabinet bases are great for using as a large TV screen stand and media center.
This piece is so charming! My hubby took
a piece that was in rough shape and turned it into
something beautiful. One of my Instagram friends said it looked like the vintage Wedgwood porcelain pieces.
And let's not forget the gorgeous arched window
sitting there on top of the dresser! It must have been a corner cupboard door because it has a knob on it.
It must have been a very big cupboard because this window/door is not small in size. We were thrilled to find
it and now it has found a new home.
(This was the before)
 We've had a good turnover of vintage china cabinets and hutches. The Farmhouse style is still very popular in this area and I can't really keep them in stock for very long. This one was painted using Country Chic Paint in "Crinoline."  They usually only last a week or so in the shop. Again, a smile bringer!  

This piece turned out so neat! I selected the Country Chic Paint colors Cheesecake, Pebble Beach, Sunday Tea, and Driftwood. They all went together so well which made this mid century dresser new again!
This piece was purchased by a woman who owned two air B & B's.  I never imagined my creations would find their way to such interesting destinations!

I'll be back to share our latest escapades in picking, refinishing and anything else DIY.  Hope you are having a wonderful SPRING!