Friday, June 28, 2013

Rescued, Found, and Redeemed: A Sneak Peek at My Latest Finds

People ask me where I buy
the things I sell.

"Where do you get your stuff?"
Well, stuff can be hard to find.
We actually go and find
it all over the place.

And far.
This was found on my MIL's porch.

A book sale at a local college.

This beauty I found while looking through trays of old postcards
at an antique mall. That particular day the dealer
(an old guy who must LOVE postcards)
was sitting there with me and as I picked out
cards that I liked he would put a price on them!

An estate sale.

The antique mall where I have
my antique space.

Another estate sale in town.

Antique mall.

Yep! The hubs found
this hat box on his way out
to visit my Step Son who is
stationed out there in the army.
All rescued from their previous
locations, with a look
ahead at a new "home."
This is the season for
finding vintage.
Such fun!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And Then I Heard a Crash

Easy come, easy go.
Unfortunately that is the way I have to
look at it when things break.
The other night Bebe was in my
office with her Daddy looking
for something when I heard a
very loud CRASH and then
little pieces smashing.
Then screaming.
Crazy, loud, screaming.
It was Bebe.
Over and over again. Screaming the same thing.
(Also interesting, it was a Mother / Daughter plate!)
Poor thing. I have made her so paranoid
about breaking anything.
I made sure she was okay and told her
it was just a plate.
A plate from Bavaria.
(Ah, Bavaria!)
Nothing to worry about.
Easy come, easy go.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Calling All Sellers! Blog Shop Linky Party Today!

Tuesdays are great for blogging...
I get to link up with an all sellers party.
You can link up if you have
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Hop on over to Beverly's blog,
How Sweet the Sound to join up today!
Here is a button you can save to your
computer and use on your
blog to help spread the word:
I'm linking my Bella Rosa Shop today
and offering 20 percent off,
even items that are already on sale!
Remember to use the link above, or you
won't receive the discounted price.
Have fun!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

This Old House: The Drive By

About a week ago I took Bebe "back home"
for a visit with my Mom.
My Mom lives near the beach
so of course we spent a day there.
It was awesome.
Then on the way back from
our weekend trip I drove through
my old home town.
I drove by my old house.
This old house.
Driving by.
Like a stalker
with a paparazzi
smart phone.
Not only driving
REALLY slow and
holding up my phone,
but also shouting to Bebe
in the back seat.

 "LOOK! This was
The house Mommy
grew up in!"
Oh how cute it looks.
It looks a bit different
All of the big trees are gone.
They provided great shade.

But you can see the house well now.
The new owners have even
kept the color the same.
They added railing
down the front steps.
My neighbor Ronnie and I
played so many games
out on that front porch.

There used to be

a porch swing
on the left.

See those two
skinny windows
in the front?

That was MY room.
The room that was first
painted yellow....
and then changed to
(This is where it all
My cat used to meow
late at night,
underneath the
windows until
I would open
 one of them
and pull her in.
I wonder what my
room looks like now.

There were more trees
 here in the side yard.
Change is good.
And change was good
for this house.

It is SO bittersweet to see

what happens after
you've moved on.
The memories come flooding back.
Yes, the house has changed.

But I still have my
Memories of our little. yellow. house.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Arrivals Have Just Been Listed! Skeleton Keys, Weiss Jewelry, Victorian Calling Cards and More!

I did it!
I sent out my email alert,
Twittered and Facebooked.

I'm all cybered out!
Oh yes, one more thing to do...
Here is a collage of some of the items
that just made it into the shop:

My favorites this week?
It is tough because I really
liked most of what I listed.
As in, wanted to keep a
big handful for myself.
Will power, will power!
I really like the pink hair
receiver, the skeleton keys,
hat stand, the Victorian calling cards,
and the drama of Paris,
called Wormwood.

Keep, keep, keep.
(No, I must place it in the shop!)
And the steel beaded flapper girl bag!
Didn't want to forget to mention it as it
is a real beauty!
There are so many more:

Antique postcards...
two of them are of fans!


Antique copy of  Les Miserables
in French text, of course!

Glamorous tear drop
rhinestone necklace


Plus, each week I list new
arrivals I have a Mystery Sale:
This week's theme I selected items
that have to do with summer!

I love summer!
I hope you are having a great start to yours.
ENJOY and have a great week,

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Be Inspired
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Thursday Favorite Thing
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and Pink Saturday
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blog Shop Linky Party

Linking up with Blog Shop
again this week!
What can be better
than a weekly linky
party to buy and sell stuff?
What a great way to see
several different sellers
all in the same place.
If you've always wanted to
start selling online this
is a great way to start.
Or, maybe you just like
to browse and see what
is for sale!

Today I'm linking to my
Bella Rosa shop here....
and my Etsy Shop here...
Thanks for stopping by
and I do hope you get
a chance to "Blog Shop!"

Monday, June 17, 2013

Beach Time

There really is no other time like it.
Time spent at the beach.
Even if the weather is bad,
it is better than being at home.
And I was treated to a special
surprise our first day there.
We were eating inside a
restaurant when I kept wondering
what people were taking pictures of
out on the boardwalk.
I kept thinking "What could possibly
be SO amazing that all of these
people are lining up and grabbing
their cameras?????
So I went to take a peek.
As soon as I saw it I thought
Duh. Just an another amazing
wonder of  God's creation.
It was actually a DOUBLE
rainbow but by the time I
got my camera out it
 was down to single.
Still amazing.

We really had gorgeous
beach weather.

And of course Bebe LOVED it!


At this point I have no idea when I
will have time to have my items
ready for the shop BUT I am not
giving up on having it done THIS
WEEK.... oh yes! I will get it done!
See you tomorrow for
Sweet the Sound...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another Peek at New Arrivals: A Vintage Menagerie

Well, I have accomplished
the photo shoot.
Now, to get these items listed
is another story
One that will have to
play out another day!
For now I will leave you
with a nice little
of vintage images...
new arrivals to be
listed next week!

And lilacs....
Stay tuned for more!
I didn't realize how busy I'd
be this summer with Bebe
in tow. She is quite active
and takes more of my time now.
I am going to enjoy it all while
I can.... the time is fleeting
and she will only be this age once.
Enjoy your weekend!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Down on the Farm

Taking a trip to see my In Laws
is lots of fun. We get out into
the country, see lots of unique
antiques and goodies....
and Bebe gets to see life
on the old farm.
Here she is trying REALLY
hard to blow away dandelion

My Father in Law's budding garden.

Bebe leading the way for Grandpa...
One of their cow's had
a new calf and Bebe
wanted to go see it.
She named it Larry.
The picture of Larry is on
my hubby's phone
so I will have to add
the photo a little

Where does her imagination
come up with this stuff?

We usually stop at the family
farm on the way to and from
the lake house. 

It cuts our drive in half and
we get a chance to see
my Dear Hubby's side of
the family there....
Lots of my upcoming finds
will have come from my Mother in Law's
"Front Porch" where
she likes to find vintage china,
books, and well, you name
 it... and she finds it.
She has a great eye and
knows where to get the good stuff.
We have this "antique" thing in common
so there is ALWAYS a lot to  talk
about when I'm there.
As soon as I get my photos uploaded
I'll add them in to this post.
Enjoy the day!
Linking to a
Fishtail Cottage.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

May I Have the Envelope Please.... Winners Have Been Selected!

Drum Roll Please....

Using the custom number generator here , the winners of my 125.00 Fifth Anniversary Giveaway are:

1. Tami
2. Jil
3. Maria
4. Kathryn
5. Angie

CONGRATULATIONS! You each receive a 25.00 "gift reward" to Bella Rosa Antiques! I will be contacting you all today!

Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun or simply just dropped by to congratulate me. I hung in there with my shop for the past five years. Whoo hoo!

I look forward to many more!

Enjoy the day,

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sneak Peek, Last Day of Giveaway, and Strawberries

The last day!
My 5th Anniversary Giveaway
ends tonight!
Five winners will be selected
to win a 25.00 gift reward
(I don't actually have paper
certificates) toward
merchandise in my shop.
The odds are good because
there aren't a lot of entries.
Winner will be chosen
tomorrow morning!
And here is a sneak peek at
some of our latest finds:
Tick tock around the clock! A cameo brooch
and ye olde skeleton keys...
Gone With the Wind
by Margaret Mitchell

Paint by Numbers
These look exactly
like a set that was
hanging in my
Grandmother's living room!

Art Deco era
Victorian era calling

Art deco evening bag
(like in the movie Gatsby)

Sweet mother and child
china plate of Bavaria

More FANS!
Antique postcards

French cologne bottle

And a nice book stack
with some oldies but goodies.
Poems etc.
There is SO much more to
share but I didn't even get
to edit all of these
pictures yet.

I also have a pile of new
finds in my formal dining
room. Still waiting for their
photo shoot. These poor
neglected antiques!
Just much too busy
this week with coming back
from vacation and
going places with Dear Bebe.
Yesterday we went
strawberry picking!
Bebe did a great job!
Now, what to do with them.
Think it is a strawberry
shortcake kind of day.
Then freeze the rest
for future desserts!
Linking to Pink Saturday....
Thanks so much to Beverly
at How Sweet the Sound.
Our Hostess with the mostess
pink on the net!