Friday, January 29, 2016

Vintage Finds of the Week: Attic Discoveries

As I head into the weekend and the temps are rising, I'm
diving head first into things that were hidden in storage.
Yep, digging through my attic boxes again.
And why not... because lo and behold
 I came across some great stuff:

After doing some research I think
this is an antique Armand
If nothing else, the bisque
head is genuine.
She actually has four bisque teeth
and possibly a wig made of human hair.
Guessing she is worth 50 - 75 dollars.
I'm not a doll person so this is
a shot in the dark for me!

I showed this folding, antique child's table several months ago. It was placed in storage due to the Christmas rush.

It is back out now and I'm hoping to get 65 - 85.00
because of it's unique folding quality and the age.

Like I've mentioned before, I have a penchant
for old books. I grabbed this edition of Heidi
out of storage because my Bebe is reading 
 this book with her (2nd Grade) class.
It's funny how some things
motivate me to sell! I did think
about keeping it for her but
I have another copy somewhere.
(In my many boxes of books!)
Probably worth between
8.00 and 12.00

Last spring the hubs brought this home.
He grew up helping with the family dairy
farm so he was excited to find a milking stool.
I love the star cut out pattern at the base.

I think it is something Joanna Gaines might
use on the show "Fixer Upper!"
Farmhouse style is popular...
I'm hoping to get 35.00 - 55.00.

We found this pair of French opera glasses
 at an estate sale last summer.
They have wonderful old patina.
I could expect to get 25.00
 to 35.00 for them. They are
not all that uncommon so
we shall see!

This vintage whisk doll is something
I've always admired but never had.
She is so sweet and feminine.
These were all over the board
as far as pricing online.
I'm hoping to get 20.00 - 35.00.
I love these old sets of petite
an early type of encyclopedia.
There are ten of them.
They run about 3.00 a
book in some antique malls
so I'm listing mine at 30.00.
Now that I am looking at
them, what a great set to
use to decorate the mantel
for Christmas or Valentine's Day!

Last summer I found a bunch of
spools... I discovered one large
piece is marked "Made in England" 
(Not pictured)
which I thought was interesting.
I'm guessing they are worth between
29.00 and 39.00 for this group.
Thanks so much for checking out
my latest finds...
Enjoy your weekend,
I'll be back for
"Let's Talk Vintage!"
... my Tuesday link party.
Come join us!
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Love is in the air: My Vintage Valentine Picks

Love is in the air!

Or is it just the smell of yummy treats from the oven?

Either way, it's that time of year when we focus away from the winter chill and enjoy the warmth of deep reds, pinks, and all things Valentine. While we were snow bound, Bebe and I were busy making Valentine's for her class and family.

Today I'm giving you my vintage picks for Valentine's Day, right from my shop:

From paper pop up cards to heart shaped pin dishes to sparkling jewel tones, there is a wonderful menagerie of fun .... all in this special-time-of-the year category I just created: Be Mine, Valentine!
And they are all up to 50% off!

Plus: these fun, collectible, mid-century
 goodies I just listed in my retro Etsy shop:
I'll be decorating and getting
my Valentine tablescape ready for
next week's "Let's Talk Vintage!"
I like to incorporate vintage into
my design... what's your inspiration?
Let me know in the comment section below!
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage! #68: Huntin' Down Vintage

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!
Before I begin, let me just say we were
blasted by this gigantic snow storm!
27 1/2" in about one day!
 (That is a bird bath, way down in the middle of the photo)
Crazy! Needless to say school is
still closed and I am not getting much
done... but we do have some fun
memories and great photos!
Anyway, now back to the regularly
scheduled program! (They don't
say that on TV anymore! This
totally dates me to the old days.)
Today I'm sharing some of the things I saw
on my vintage hunt with fellow friend and
blogger, Joyce, of A Quilted Nest.

We hit some thrift shops and a semi-new 
antique mall, which is about five
minutes away from my house!
While the "secret shop around the corner"
has since closed, it is nice to know
 a new place has opened up where
 I can find some vintage treasures.

There were plenty of things
to take photos of!

My favorite find and buy of the
day was this LuRay dinner
plate in surf green.
It has some surface marks from use
but for this size of a plate (10") I was
thrilled with .50! I'm going to add
it to my collection but I'm going to
have to sell a few pieces soon
because I've run out of room
in my kitchen cabinets!

You can see my LuRay collection here.
While I was there I decided to
get these Pebbleford plates too!
They were made by the same company
that created the LuRay line:
Taylor, Smith, and Taylor out
of West Virginia.
After taking a tour of the Wheaton
Museum of American Glass
in my home state,
a few years ago, I fell in love
with these glass paper weights.
I'm not exactly sure who made

this one, but I decided that .99
was a great price! They also make
great bookends for smaller books!
Here are this week's features:
Pat of French Country at the Foot of 
the Rockies shared her chippy farm
house table and how it was
"Love at first sight!"

And.... newcomer Elisha of
Sufficient Grace shared her
vintage hunting trip and this
 gorgeous cabinet that used
to be her Grandparent's.
Let's give her a big LTV welcome!
Rita of Panopoly shared her 
booth makeover for 2016.
It was difficult to find just
one photo of the re-do
but I finally went with her
"shabby chic" section.
So pretty!

and Tuula of Thrifty Rebel
Vintage shared her latest
finds... and if you follow
along with my blog you
will know why I chose
her antique books to highlight.
(Because I love 'em and have a
big collection of them, too!)

Thank you so much to all
who joined in last week!
I just love seeing what you
come up with. I'm happy
to have a place where we
can all come together and
be inspired by vintage.
It really works out well for
me! I host while many of
you come up with these
brilliant ideas! LOL.
Now, if you would like...
... if you were featured today or
during another weekly LTV post,
feel free to grab this graphic
to place in your post or
 on your blog side bar!
Now its your turn:

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage! #67: My Latest Attic Finds

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!
It's a come one, come all
kind of link up party!
If you can answer any of these 
three questions with a "YES!" then
 you've come to the right place:
1. Do you love vintage?
2. Does your mind love to take
something old and make it "new" again?
3. Are you a thriftin', junk lovin',
flea market decoratin' kind of person?
Feel free to link up your latest
re-purposed stuff, vintage items
you have for sale, thrift
shop finds and more!
Today I'm sharing with you
 some of my uh, attic finds.
They definitely came out of the attic.
As in, it is January and I am pulling
out things I packed away last year!
They are now in my Etsy
shops... or about to be listed there.

I remember buying this antique
local Tuesday flea market.
These old pieces continue to
have great appeal, no matter
how advanced we get with technology!
Which is why I love looking for
antiques. Old things evoke
emotions from us, don't they?

This spoon keeper is just simply charming.
I mean really! Look how sweet.
It has a great use, too.
But, now that I think about it,
where I found it is a mystery!
I love this teacup for the same reason.
Sweet and charming. More on the
shabby side due to some
gold paint loss... but the deep
green color with the pink roses
make it stand out for me.

It has been easier for me to find
depression glass lately. The
younger generation is just not
into buying this kind of thing.
Plus, the market is being
flooded with baby boomer stuff.
But lucky for us... we love finding
each and every treasure!
Check out this paper doll set
from 1953... "Here's the Bride!"

How times have changed.
I am always surprised how
nice vintage jewelry
pieces look when on display.
just pops!
I'll be hunting down "new"
treasures tomorrow with
Joyce from A Quilted Nest
 tomorrow... I haven't really
done too much shopping
because I had so much inventory
stored away. Should be fun
but Brrrrrrrr... it is now really
cold here! Hello Winter!
Let's take a look at
this week's features:
of Mrs. Olson shared her
Valentine cuties... hand made
treasures using tart tins!
Love how this vintage
chair turned out over at
It was the perfect vision for it.
The kitchen towel seat cover
was a great idea... plus
red is always a great color!
Sarah has done it again
Had to show you her gun rack
turned fabric holder!
Dianne of Deanie's Stash,
tugged at my heartstrings
when she shared some vintage
soap savers. I remember my
Grandmother using hers. How I
wish I had it now! The depression
era really taught people how
to be frugal and once those
habits were born, they stayed
for a lifetime.
If you've been featured, feel
free to grab this LTV icon
and share it on your blog!
Thanks so much for linking up...
it wouldn't be the same without
all of your inspiration!
Now it's Your Turn:

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Looking for Vintage Valentine Cards and Ephemera

I can't believe it is that time of year already! Time to bring out hearts in pink and red. I'm still putting away Christmas! Seriously.

While this elusive thing called time is whizzing past me... I am taking a quick look at my shops to see what I already have in place for Valentine's Day.

I'm also looking for things to decorate a tablescape that I have started. Note the word, STARTED.

Oh yes. These will do nicely.
Already for sale in my ephemera
category. The great thing is, if they
don't sell, I get to use them!
A win/win!
This one is unique as it has a sweet "locket"
and a poem on the inside about it.
Vintage and still unused, in my shop here.
Now this one above.... this style is my favorite.
The three dimensional "Pop Up" card, available
here. But if it is still around to use...
it would make a great centerpiece or
part of a centerpiece display.
Mechanical Valentines are also cool!
If you'll notice here the eyes go from
the right side to the left
by swinging the arm a little.
Admit it.
The little kid in you wants to try it!
This one has such an
eye catching red...
What are those
little cupids up to?
AND it is was made in Germany.
You'll have to stop back again
next week to see how I
incorporated them into
my Valentine tablescape.

With vintage paper goods,
red candles leftover from
Christmas and some other
goodies, I'm all set!
Oh and make sure to eat
all of the green foil covered
Hershey kisses from Christmas,
 because then you'll be left
 with silver and red.
For now, enjoy the day!
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