About Jillian


Who is Jillian?

My real name is Jill and the nickname Jillian stuck after a few people, including my husband, started using it. I thought it was perfect for my shop and blog! 
After working in the television industry for 16 years as a writer/producer, I am a stay at home, work at home Mama! You can usually find me buying and selling antiques, blogging and trying to get back to an old favorite hobby: photography. Join me as I blog about daily life with my Dear Hubs, sweet Bebe girl, and our two furry felines.

How did you get started selling antiques and vintage goods?
Being a nostalgic person at heart, I just couldn't help but love things that were old, something that had a history behind it. Other influences came from my Maternal Grandparents who had a shop in Florida. Plus, my Mother who would take me to antique malls for fun "girl time." 

How long have you owned your online shop, BellaRosaAntiques.com?

It all started when I "won" a website in a blog giveaway. I launched this Bella Rosa Antiques website in May of 2008.


oopsiemaizie said...

hi jillian... just started following you :) love looking at all of the treasures that you find!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Thank you, Angie! Love your fun blog too!