Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I did it! 100 Vintage Goodies in My Etsy Shop PLUS a Sneak Peek

Goal Met.
I've been trying
to add enough
items in my Etsy
shop to total 100.
It has taken me
awhile...I know.
But, with a busy
five year old, she
keeps me on my toes.
The Christmas shopping
season is upon us...
My new goal is 150!
Five a day?
My new goal could
be met in just ten days!

Here is a sneak peek at
some of my latest finds...
Very blessed to be
able to stay home
while my Sweet Bebe
is young and needs me.
Working from home
seems to be a
good solution for now.
Thank you to all
who support and visit
my shops.
And to those who
visit my blog
and read my posts.

It is all so much
Enjoy the day!
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Monday, October 28, 2013

What's Coming Up at Bella Rosa Antiques

This past weekend was a busy one
for the Bella Rosa household.

I put in some time at
my antique booth.


It needs some revamping.
We just had a nice
sized crowd come
through from a local
car show in Hershey, PA.
The hubby brings all
of his car related finds.
Old oil cans, vintage
advertising, car parts,
So this weekend I went
and packed up the auto
things and started
bringing in Christmas...
but forgot to take
photos of my display.
These are photos from
about two months ago.
Time just seems to
zoom by these days.
Can't believe it is 
time to show Christmas
stuff already!
But I'm also excited about
all the fun this season
brings...from the
end of October to
Christmas, we are
busy, busy, busy.
Then after a birthday
party for Bebe's friend...
yesterday, we had a
chance to go into
an old Victorian home
that was a bed and breakfast.
The owners were showing
us some of the things
they will be selling soon.
I put my name in for
several of the pieces.

Hubby took some photos...
As soon as I can get them
uploaded I will show you.
They had some really nice
pieces, some I've
never seen before.
I'll also show you
some of our weekend
hardly a weekend goes
by that we aren't
Stay tuned and
enjoy the day!

Friday, October 25, 2013

New Arrivals Are Here: Vintage Barn Board Carry All, Old French Map, Royal Bayreuth, Shabby Rose Pitcher & More

New arrivals, Just Listed
Beautiful rose transfer
pitcher by the American
China Company
of Toronto, Ohio


Old chippy shabby
copy of A Tale of Two
Cities by Charles Dickens


necklace signed KRAMER.

Lovely vintage 1950's

Vintage map of

Vintage milk pail

French story

otherwise known as
"The Heavenly Pottery."

French book:
Heros et Heroines
de France

Wooden garden carry all
or a great organizer/ display
piece for your office or craft room.

in a vintage gold

Daily Bread
Thanks for looking!
Enjoy your weekend...
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This Week's Sneak Peek: Lucite Purse, Lustre Rose Pitcher, Daily Bread And More!

Just a sneak peek today...
hoping to have my latest finds'
listed by tomorrow night!

Been busy with school field
trips, scheduling our next
few months, and so much
more.... love to keep busy
in my shop too.

Stay tuned!
Enjoy your day...
it is mid-week already!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Antiques and Old Things in the Adirondack Mountains: How Life Used to Be

While we were up at
our lake house we
took an afternoon
side trip to a local
museum ... about life
in the Adirondack mountains.
Come along with me
for a quick snippet
of what I saw there:
The pictures above
are some examples of
the gorgeous and luxurious
hotels, built in the 1800's. 
Tourists would
flock there to get 
relief from the
summer heat.
Most of them, if not
all, are no longer standing.
(If you click on the photo it will make
it larger and easier to see)
These photos
show what it must
have been like for
the local residents
who didn't return to
the city to their
regular homes.
Snow shoes and tall
boots. Well, I have
some tall boots...
but I don't need snow
shoes like this!
The gown on the left
was a part of one woman's
wedding ensemble.
She was obviously
wealthy and owned
some very beautiful things.
To the right are examples
of badminton racquets!
They were very small
compared to what we use

On the left is a doll
a young man made
for his younger sister,
right before he left
to help fight in the
civil war.
He never returned.
The photo on the right
shows a very small
section of one man's
hobby of wood carving.
He made approximately
420 mini chairs
that were replicas
of larger chairs.
No two were the same!
As an old friend of
mine used to say,
"Shrunk in the
dryer cute!"

 And here we have an
example of what the
men wore in the summer
time....that sport coat
is made of corduroy.
To the right is an old
picnic or dining
set. The journey to
 the mountains probably
took much
stagecoach, rail, or by
the early 1900s, by car.
 Here is one of the
printed flyers to
report the news of a
hold up/robbery.
I found this particularly
because I had worked
in a newsroom in
my earlier pre-momma
We take a lot
of things for
granted today.
Check out this old
wagon...this would
be today's version
of WalMart or
It came into town
and you went and
bought what you needed.
There are of course,
many things about the
past that I enjoy
that we no longer
have in today's  
modern world.
Antiques and old things.
They tell stories
about how life
used to be.
So fascinating
to me!
Hope you enjoyed
my mini tour
of the
Adirondack Mountain
Enjoy your day!

Friday, October 18, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a LOT Like Christmas! Vintage Glass Beaded Star, Shiny Brites and More!

We are jolly and bright over here
and some shabby chic
One is a hard to find
"Merry Christmas"
hand painted ball.
The stockings are hung
by the chimney with care,
shabby pastel ornaments,
glass beaded star,
and vintage icicles too!



Music box that
plays silent night


Cranberry crystal bell

One of my favorites this
week...a glass beaded

Remember these?

Vintage retro
Holt Howard tree
shaped candy dish


Too cute!
A Kurt Adler



Peek a boo!
I see Santa
peeking around
that tree!

And a collectible
William Henry Harrison

To see my entire
Holiday collection
click here.
Enjoy your day
and have a blessed
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Monster High and Vampire Villas: Morbid toys put out by stores like Kohl's, Costco, Kmart, and Target

Have you seen the
toys being sold for
young girls
in stores like
Costco, Kohl's,
and Target?
As you can see,
today's post
is not going to
be about antiques.
I'm also a Mom
and I'm not
going to remain quiet
any longer.
The Christmas season is
just around the corner
and the toys being
marketed to young
girls are downright scary.
No joke.
They are given
titles like
Monster High

Like diner.
Get it?

Funny huh?

This one is called
Monster High
Scarily Ever After
Frankie Stein doll.

This is an actual photo
I took while shopping
in Costco.
This "Vampire Villa"
dollhouse is shaped
like a coffin!
The doll furniture is
decorated with skulls
and crossbones!!!!
The doll coffee table
is in the shape of a
coffin too.

They are charging you $84.99
for this dollhouse which will,
in my opinion, lead to many
years of costly therapy for
your precious little one when
she grows up!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not
a fuddy duddy. I watched the
Munsters while growing up.

But where oh where does
this toy go next when your
daughter is a little bit older.

What does she like then?
What clothes or accessories
 will she buy?
Nothing that looks like
Gidget, that's for sure.
I'm a Mom and I'm
not going to take it
The world is scary
enough for these
Writing letters and
making phone calls.
I'm letting my voice be heard.
It's my job as a Mom!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Judging Antique Books By Their Cover

They always said
"Don't judge a book
by it's cover"
But in this case, I do.
If I find a book from
 the late 1800's
or early 1900's and
it has a decorative cover

Then I most certainly
will bring it home.

The hubby knows my

magic price. Sometimes
we find beautiful books
for around five. And then
there are times
when I break my own
rules...because I can't
pass it up!

I like to arrange them by

titles...whether they are
old classics, poetry, etc.

I have managed to collect
so many that some of the books
have the same publisher
which will often show the
same artwork on the spine,
as in the case with the
two teal colored books above.
Some are worn and shabby but
were once beautiful in their prime.

This is one of my favorite
collections, besides my
pastel colored dinnerware,
What do you like to collect?
I do have a category
in my Bella Rosa shop
just for vintage books,
Enjoy the day!
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fun, ever classy ladies
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