Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day - Let Us Not Forget

Remembering those who have served in the military in our past battles and those who have given the rest of their days so that we could have ours.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Pink Birthday

I can't believe it has been two years for Beverly and all of the pink ladies who post/read/support Pink Saturday! Here is a link to my first Pink Saturday post. I started the first week of January 2009.

I've been participating for a year and five months.

To celebrate I'm taking a look back at some of my favorite pink posts and what I showed you... the roses above were from day 1.
This was also when I showed my pastel dinnerware collection called LuRay.

This was DEFINITELY one of my favorites.
A pink prom dress only comes along once in awhile!

When I first had Dear Bebe I was amazed at how tiny her little socks were.

Dear Bebe's direction was usually where I was aiming my camera.

What a great model!

Here she was all dressed and very cute in PINK!

Couldn't resist the pink piggies.

Or this PINK Easter Bunny costume.

And who wouldn't want to put their pink piggies in these beautiful shoes? It is a shame they are too tiny to wear and only fit in a shadow box.

I did giveaways in pink!

I showed my spiritual self when I talked about my pink bible

and very special pink paper heart.

I made over an old antique doll vanity and was tbrilled with the results.

I've shown my wedding bouquet...

and the bridesmaids'....

My pink lustreware collection...

and my old ballet slippers.

(This is a photo of Dear Bebe and I last fall, as we were picking up Grandma at the train station.)

Every Pink Saturday has been just as pleasant as the first. All the "pinkers" who join in are fun, sweet, and have lots of great pinks to write about.

We're looking forward to many more birthdays!

A big thank you to Beverly of How Sweet the Sound!

Now have some cake and make sure you stop by and visit more pinkies today!

It's their birthday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Artful Blogging

Last week I headed out to our local arts and crafts store, AC Moore. When I was single I would go to a place like this on what I would call "an artist's date." This fun suggestion came from a book I had been reading about stirring your creative brain, or more specifically, the right side. I had been feeling like I was in a creative rut in my promotion job at the TV station I was working for.

Now that I am writing this I realize I wrote "when I was single." Ha! Yes, I am married now and don't seem to have the time to go on these artist's dates but the other day I decided Dear Bebe and I needed to go to the craft store.

I printed out my coupon (luckily it was 50% off that week) and when I got to the store I headed right for the magazine rack.

And there it was. The Artful Blogging magazine.
The last time I checked, they were sold out! But this time, fully stocked!

This was the first copy I've ever had a chance to read. Amazing blogs, bloggers, and ideas!

Now when I don't have time for my artist's date... I can just open my copy of Artful blogging and recharge my batteries.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Film Reel, Paris Postcards, Victorian China, Uncle Tom's Cabin Book

Last Sunday I grabbed a chance to visit one of my favorite local antique malls. Here are a few of the items I "grabbed" while I was shopping:

Just at the last minute I saw this large industrial size film reel. It appears to be what was maybe used in a movie theater. It has a fifteen inch diameter. I was just writing about this kind of home decoration last week on this blog...and wowie....I found a great piece!

I didn't just grab these postcards. I had to hand pick them out of a few trays of postcards. It ook me awhile but I thought the end result was worth it. Antique tourist postcards of Paris! You know how difficult it is to find the Eiffel tower?

These pink roses postcards are just adorable!
I love the one with the green top hat with the roses flowing out of it!

This piece I acquired two days ago. There is a set of china that goes along with it. I wasn't sure if this was a simple vase or what i've seen called a "brush holder" for the vanity. It may even be a spooner to hold utensils. Either way it is soooo sweet!

This is a nice size shoe form. Either a youth size or for a woman.

And speaking of hard to find... here is a vintage copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Probably from the 30's to late 40's....I could not find a date.

There's more to my finds... but I'll let you check them out here.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Land That I Love! My New Vintage Patriotic Category

With summer upon us soon and Memorial Day weekend approaching I decided to create a "Patriotic Items" category in my Bella Rosa store.

Vintage postcards , ephemera, and other patriotic antiques remind us how important our nation is, how much pride we take in our land and the people who have sacrificed for our freedom.

I've set aside a few things for a new category in my store just for this reason. Below are some of the items I'm featuring plus a few ideas on how to use them.

Remember how we started 234 years ago with this

lovely glass/metal handpainted motto sign.

A few patrioitc postcards to frame or to make a banner with!

(photo: Country Living)

For entertaining use vintage cake stands, canisters, and flags to
decorate your table like this.
I can almost hear the fireworks in the background now!

This vintage US NAVY pillow cover would be perfect
in a lakeside cabin or beach house.

Sit back with a tall glass of lemonade on your porch swing and read about the ladies behind the presidents and the lives they led.

A Philadelphia Centennial souvenir (photo book) for the serious collector.

Fill vintage jars with color coordintaed candies or snacks.

Make decorations using vintage streamers

And just have fun!

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Fun to Be a Girl

When I was about to have Dear Bebe, my family threw a shower for me. Gift after gift was opened and many times I heard "well, we sure hope she likes PINK!" and "if she's going to live with Jillian she'd BETTER LIKE PINK."

Well, even if she doesn't, I got as much in her room as I could for now. Here are a few glimpses of pink:

Dear Hubs gave this rose print to me for Christmas one year while we were dating. I never thought I would end up using it in her nursery!

Instead of buying new we used an older dresser kept in the family and gave it a shabby pink rose makeover. (Decal, I wish I could paint like that!)

Pink accessories... Being a girl can be lots of fun!

Here is a chandelier brought home from a sale at Lowes by hubby. He likes to just buy things on clearance even if we have no idea how we are going to use it. My job is to figure it out, I guess! It worked great in her room. I added the pink feather tiara and gingham shades for that extra girly touch.

And last but not least I'm showing the result of one of my Bella Rosa Antiques T-Shirt transfers. I was happy with it until it was washed. Seems to me the transfer is a one time deal! It came out all wrinkly. Maybe I shouldn't put it in the dryer????

For now I'm going to hold off making more for a giveaway. I'll have to think of something else.

For more ways than you ever imagined to showcase a color check out Beverly's blog at

How Sweet the Sound.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Graduation Blossom

Just like a flower. I really can't find any other way to describe it.

My Step-Daughter (#2) just graduated from college recently and she has literally blossomed from a young 13 year old teen (when I met her) into a bright, beautiful, and courageous young woman.

She graduated with honors! Her Dad and I are so proud to see her accomplish so much. Now she will travel abroad this summer to South America.

You go, girl!

We love you and pray for your safe journey and return.

~Jillian, Daddy, and your Dear Bebe Sister