Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Antiquing We Will Go

Recently one of my faithful bloggers asked how I go antique shopping with Dear Bebe.

It is tough, let me tell you! Most of the time we have to "tag team" and one gets to check out the antiques while the other watches her. Dear Hubs gets brave and lets her roam around the antique mall where we have a booth.

This of course, makes me nervous and increases the stress while I am shopping for more inventory.

But I'm thankful, don't get me wrong!
I often shop while I'm working at my own booth. Multi-tasking is key!

And sometimes I take a couple of hours and go check out other antique shops... this I really enjoy but it is not very often I get to do it.

Hopefully I'll have some "new" wares to share on the site... but for now I've left you with these photos of our booth.

And I'd like to thank my sweet friend who is watching Dear Bebe and her little guy while I get to work in my office this morning. Is she sweet or what?

Next week, it is my turn, at her house! Wish me luck!


Connie said...

She's a little over one year old so only 17 more to go, sugar, before she's in college and in her own room! LOL

Ms.Daisy said...

Yes, she is a sweetie to help you out like that! She is a dear friend to you and I know you are to her also! Can't do it alone and I remember when Aunt J. and I used to help each other out!

Ms.Daisy Mau

Ms.Daisy said...

BTW, love the pictures of your booth...things have changed a little since I was last there! I like the new white cabinet.

Lisa said...

I hear you! Taking a kid anywhere can be tough! One of nephews is great and wants to go with us. The other is so not fun!! Glad you have a plan!
Hugs, Lisa

Cottage Rose said...

HI Jillian; What a sweet friend you have,,, and so great the each of you take turns.... What a Blessing you are to each other..... and Dear Bebe sounds like she is not too bad in the shop's,,, just think of all the things she learning,,, she will be just like her sweet Mommy..... a lover of beautiful vintage and well loved you booth,,, so much to see and drool

Have a great tomorrow.


Victorian1885 said...

Thanks for the email about the tea cup stand..I have found one here at our Homesense store. Take care.