Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vintage in a SNAP: Antique Cameras, Film Canisters, Photography

Having a love for antiques plus having a former career working in local media... makes me a softie for vintage cameras, film reels and vintage photos.

This is my actual shelf in our family room. It sits above the TV entertainment area. In my mind I wanted to set off this corner of the living room as "the media zone." As if the large blaring screen of video didn't do it, I needed a little something vintage to give it that feel. It actually helps tone down the techno look of the big flat screens.

So when I saw this great specimen of the past in an antique mall I grabbed it. It is in great condition. I currently don't have any more shelf space for it so it is for sale here, on my website. But I can't help buying . . .

Things like this.

Or these. I saw this pile of old film cans on the internet and thought they made a great sofa table decoration.

Within the next year or so Dear Hubs and I are going to tackle our basement and turn it into our family/play area. As Bebe gets older were going to need a place for the kiddies to play. I can't wait and I'm already starting to think about what to do with this newly created space. Don't you just love it when you get SPACE?


Ms.Daisy said...

Ohhh! A project in the works!? I can't wait to see what you come up with - I know it's going to be great and...something special!!

Ms.Daisy Mau

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

Awesome! I love old cameras. I just picked up a copy of Somerset Life and found you there.

MJ said...

i just envisioned Bebe getting ahold of those film reels and what she would want to do with them! Keep 'em high, Jillian!! LOL!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

i agree with the toning down of the flat screen look. What a perfect way to do it, they look fabulous!