Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Film Reel, Paris Postcards, Victorian China, Uncle Tom's Cabin Book

Last Sunday I grabbed a chance to visit one of my favorite local antique malls. Here are a few of the items I "grabbed" while I was shopping:

Just at the last minute I saw this large industrial size film reel. It appears to be what was maybe used in a movie theater. It has a fifteen inch diameter. I was just writing about this kind of home decoration last week on this blog...and wowie....I found a great piece!

I didn't just grab these postcards. I had to hand pick them out of a few trays of postcards. It ook me awhile but I thought the end result was worth it. Antique tourist postcards of Paris! You know how difficult it is to find the Eiffel tower?

These pink roses postcards are just adorable!
I love the one with the green top hat with the roses flowing out of it!

This piece I acquired two days ago. There is a set of china that goes along with it. I wasn't sure if this was a simple vase or what i've seen called a "brush holder" for the vanity. It may even be a spooner to hold utensils. Either way it is soooo sweet!

This is a nice size shoe form. Either a youth size or for a woman.

And speaking of hard to find... here is a vintage copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Probably from the 30's to late 40's....I could not find a date.

There's more to my finds... but I'll let you check them out here.

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Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Jillian,
As a former shoe person, that size 13 1/2 is a child's size (an older child or youth). I really like that copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin it looks like it is in good shape, too. Your "finds" are always interesting!

Ms.Daisy Mau