Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Getting Fresh with Vintage Ornaments

We hauled out the boxes,
lights and such gear.
Fresh from the attic,
 not touched since last year.
And each time with pride, 
I am quite tickled
 with what's inside!
My old tree from my youth
Not too tall.
Not too small.
But covered in vintage
and really, that's all!
Each year I find more
and I think "did I buy this before?" 
So you see, my talk
about vintage is tried and true.
I really do walk the walk...
And my favorite color is pink
and not blue!

Linking to Pink Saturday!
We do not have our porch
ready yet so this is it this weekend...

Pink Saturday BLOG SHOP

Be sure to check out my last post
to see my latest "eye candy" listings like
the shabby ornaments
in the above picture.

There's also a Victorian feather fan,
a French phone,
and Victorian shave mug,
 like the one shown above.

I think they are some of the prettiest
vintage goodies I've listed 
on Bella Rosa Antiques this year!
Enjoy the day,


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Eye Candy For Christmas: French Phone, Victorian Feather Fan, Silver Lipstick Case, Vintage Jewelry all Make Great Gifts!

Just in time for Cyber Monday
One of the most fun,
Beautiful vintage
make great gifts for
a friend, or for

I'll be back later on in the
week ...
Enjoy your day
and be sure to check out
to date here.
Happy Shopping!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for
a loving and beautiful family.
Also thanking the Lord for
showing me more about
Him on my journey this year.
My hubby who got up first
to start the turkey!
My Mother who is with
us today and for God who
helped her overcome
some health issues this year.
For customers who
kept me going 
in my Bella Rosa shop.
For my home:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting Ready for Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving week.
Family is arriving soon.
The house needs to be cleaned.
But, I also know that Cyber Monday
is just one week away!
Here is a sneak peek at what
you'll find!

Just a sneak peek!
There's lots more to
check out coming up
this Sunday night
into Monday morning....

Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vintage Things Make Great Gifts! Check Out My Just Listed Finds

Some people are harder
to buy for than others.

Sometimes the answer
lies in finding
what makes their
heart go pitter patter.

I for one, love vintage postcards.
The kitty cats are purrrrrfect!
No one has ever bought
some for me as a gift.
I wish they had!
 What a neat stocking stuffer!

 A beautiful Paragon teacup
and saucer for the tea
partier! I know of
a couple of them already!

Aurora Borealis

Beautifully "flowing" cobalt trimmed
cup and saucer. Nice early set!

 A collection of Thomas Pacconi glass
Christmas ornaments in the
Nutcracker theme.
Have a little ballerina in your life?
This will steal her heart!
There are six all together

This set of four
vintage "Violets" themed
postcards are two RAPHAEL
TUCK'S cards. In great condition,
great for the collector!

A beautiful, holiday inspired
brooch made in
I'm sure it was made
using the lovely
crystals from the
Czech region.
There were several more things I listed
but they sold before I could post this.
Check them out with the
rest of my listings, here.
Enjoy your Friday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vintage Christmas: When to Start Decorating?

I know.
Not even Thanksgiving yet.

And I'm thinking about
vntage Christmas stuff.

Who couldblame me?

Thanksgiving colors are
brown, orange, and dull!

While I'm thinking
sugar plums and
eye candy!
I usually drag out the
decorations from the attic
a week after Thanksgiving.
This year I may have
to break my rule.
Too many ideas
on Pinterest.

(That's where I found
these great displays!)
How about you?
When do you start

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Building Memories

This week I decided to do something
special with my sweet girl.
We went to Build A Bear Workshop.

What color bear did she pick out?
A PINK one!

First up, putting the squishy
and soft insides in.
Bebe helped by pressing the
foot pedal.
Then, a soft satin heart
kissed with lots of love,
to place inside!

Then it was time to give
her new bear a bath.
So cute!

 An outfit was chosen.
Frilly and pink,
what else?

What a happy little girl
Bebe was!
So excited to bring her new bear home.
She was given a birth certificate
with her new name:

"Pretty Pink Bear"
My little one is quite literal, I see!
Calls things as she sees 'em!
A great afternoon
and a new lovable, huggable,
snuggly friend.
Of course I'm sharing her
with Pink Saturday this week!

A big, huge, Teddy Bear 
hug for Beverly...
Thank you for
featuring my blog today!
Enjoy the day...