Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's a Daguerreotype? PLUS a 30% OFF End of Summer Sale

What is a daguerreotype
and what is the difference
from an ambrotype?

After doing a little searching I found this website's description:

Daguerreotypes and ambrotypes differ in that daguerreotypes are captured on polished silver, making the image reflective, like a mirror. Ambrotypes use a photographic emulsion coated on glass; therefore the image did not have a mirror-like reflection. Ambrotypes were also much less expensive to produce than daguerreotypes.

There is a lot more to this process than I thought. Very scientific in fact. How we take for granted when we "click" a button on our digital cameras.

What  I do know is...someone else had to pave a pathway before us  or else we wouldn't be where we are in the "journey."

And that my friends, is my philosophical thought for the week.

NOW for my sales gal mind! I'm offering an
END OF SUMMER online sale.  Two ways to save!

 Spend $75 or more and get 30% off!
This includes items already reduced or placed in my FLEA BELLA category.


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Sale going on now until 8/31.

Enjoy the day!

Monday, August 26, 2013

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Sniff, sniff!

So long, summer! I'll miss you!

Please send me a postcard every now and then!

Now, how can it be my little Bebe is heading off to Kindergarten already?

We've had a great summer together.
A wonderful age to cherish, such fun
we've had during these early years.
Looking forward to many more.
Now wish me a courageous
morning as I walk away
from her classroom today!
Sniff. Sniff.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kindergarten, Fleamarkets and Carnivals, Oh My!

Yes. I am in it up to my ears now!

First day of school coming up.
School Clothes.....check.

Not to mention an outdoor antique show
and flea market coming up. The above photo is not where we will be setting up.
We are going to be in a nice grove with shady trees...but we have a canopy just in case.

Then about two weeks later, a carnival birthday party.  Going to use the same tent/canopy to get our money out of it. Budget is growing bigger each day!

Makes me wish for the Christmas season, I think I would be less overwhelmed.

Seriously though, I love it all, I just need another one of me.
Currently taking a look at some flea market inspiration to get ideas of how to set up our tent and tables.

Then taking a break tonight and going to a get together of antique dealers and friends.

See you soon!

Monday, August 19, 2013

On the Way to Cape May

Last week the Bella
household went on a
vacation. No working,
no remodeling of the
lake house,
just a real vacation.
Kind of rare these days.
We tend to work
during our vacations.
But this trip was
all about the sun,
the sand, and the waves!
This is a sandcastle
built by the Hubs.
He can't sit still ...
even on vacation.
We did take a side
trip to Cape May
for some antiquing.
So beautiful!
Look at these old
Victorian beach front homes.
This one is called the
Angel of the Sea.
Another beauty named
"Morning Star Villa"
Makes you just want
to book a room,
doesn't it?
Then there was this
grand hotel...
Now you must know
I was in a car taking these
pictures as my Dear Hubby
drove along Beach Avenue.
It was such a gorgeous day!

You can even see the
Cape May lighthouse.
The tippy tip of
New Jersey!
After a little sightseeing
we found an antique mall
to check out

There were a few things
I liked...this celluloid collar
box for one...

Of course, it is the
one that got away.
I decided not to buy it!
What was I thinking?

There were only a couple
of things I was able to buy.

A vintage book on shells
(which I am debating
about keeping)
and a bunch of smaller
iron horseshoes.

Hope you enjoyed
my mini tour
of Cape May.

Did you know there
was a song written
about this special
tourist destination?

 "On the Way to Cape May?"
Check it out, here.

Enjoy the day!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Surprises at the Zoo

When you're a kid,
everything is fantastic.
Especially a trip
to the zoo.
We took Bebe and
her cousin to
see a local zoo
while we were on

To my surprise,
I found a few pink

These very interesting
birds called Roseate Spoonbills...
And the cute little
Scarlet Ibis
We had a great time
and I found a few
pinks along the way!
Linking to the 
How Sweet the Sound
I'll be back to share
more adventures
of our trip to
the Jersey Shore....
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Take Me Out to the... CARNIVAL!

In my last post I
wrote about inspiration
There is something
about a fair or carnival
that really inspires me!
Is it the nostalgia?
The lights at night?
The smells of funnel
cake, cotton candy,
and French fries
with vinegar?
Or maybe it is the
sweet stuff...
like candy and ice cream.
I think the signs themselves
are so neat!

I'm planning a birthday
party for Bebe ...
and yep, you guess it.
A carnival theme!

Sometimes I wonder
what I have gotten
myself into...
But in the end,
it is always a great time.
I have fun creating stuff.
People have fun
seeing it all!

So far I have decorations,
carnival prizes,
games lined up....
One of my mom pals
has said she'll lend me
her cotton candy
machine and snow
cone machine.
How cool is that?
Saving money on the
budget is always
a big win in my book!
More to come as the
party gets closer...

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vintage Inspiration

Sometimes we all need inspiration, don't we?
When I need a little dose,
I just go to the antique mall
where I have a space.

 The owner of the mall
has a great talent and
an eye for what goes
But there is something
else that I can't describe.
She just has "it."
This deep red colored
booth above, is hers.

Then there is this sweet
lady who puts together
this adorable booth.
She mixes in some things
that she has repurposed
or crafted....and it all
blends so well you have
to really look close to
see what is original
and what isn't.

I love it!

Look at the cute
miniature house...
the FLOWERS sign.
Inspires me!

She just casually
lays her items here
and there.

And it looks like it is
right out of someone's home.
This is a painting by
the owner of the mall.
She has been into
painting the past several
years and she is getting really good!
Look at these cracked eggs!
I always sneak
back to this booth...
find goodies in here
on occasion.

A lot of her stuff happen
to like... like this little
set of mantel books.

I just like to look
around at all of them,
You just never know what
you're going to find.
But you will always
find inspiration.
What inspires you?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Spinning Plates!

Another week has gone by.
Where does my time go?
Up in the air?
I dunno...
I have so many projects
going on at once
it feels as though
I'm back in the newsroom
at the TV station
juggling all of my plates
in the air.
Let's see:
I've got Mama projects,
an upcoming 5th birthday party,
I'm the menu planner,
house hold clean up service,
an office redo...
(as you can see the desk is
NOT painted yet)
and antique show!

I'm spreading my wings
and getting out there
in the public... in the market,
I should say, to sell sell sell.

Getting a little crafty
(a new office layout
inspired me)
and making my tags.
They are not fancy by
a long shot...but they
are full of great branding.
Definitely the marketing
and advertising producer
coming out in me.
I'll keep you posted ...
will I drop any of the plates
I'm spinning?
Let's hope they
are not antique.
Linking up with PINK SATURDAY!
I'm so excited my post last week
was highlighted by Beverly
over at How Sweet the Sound.
SHE is the sweetest!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Freshly Listed! New Arrivals Are Here: Tin Toy Watering Can, Antique Poetry Book, Art Deco Valentines, Purple Turtle and More!

some very beautiful
and unique pieces!
Like this amazing red
crystal necklace which
arrived in an old
Kay jewelry box.
And to the right of that,
this gorgeous coral
rose hat box!
Found in Saratoga, NY.
Then below we have more
vintage goodies:
Enamelware combcase,
Antique poetry book,
Pink Lustre china
Some of my favorites have to
be this pair of antique
cakes and candies recipe books.
Gorgeous chromolithographs
inside and I just want to make
every recipe they look so good!

And I'll bet you were wondering
about that Purple Turtle,
weren't you?
Well, here she is!

To see all of my new listings,
hop over here,
ENJOY the day!

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What's It Wednesday.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Market Monday (To Market To Market I Go!)

Can it be time for Market Monday already?
A time to relax and shop right from
your laptop or desk computer?
(celluloid framed portrait)
No need to spend an hour getting ready.
Oh, you don't need an hour to get ready?

I must be the only one who does that!
(Victorian postcard available here)
No need to fill the car up with gas.

(New arrivals found here)
It's all in one place.
Antiques, repurposed vintage,
artisan crafted things...

So check out Market Monday
Right here on Etsy Cottage Style.
To market, to market, as they say!
Enjoy the day.

Also linking to
Blog Shop
at How Sweet the Sound.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Roll Out Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer! (As Long as They are Pink)

The mid way point of summer has passed.
I'm slowing down.

Yet I have a ton of projects
on my to do list and I'm moving
through them now like molasses
onto a pancake.


Since we have new goodies
to share but I have been slack
in my duties as photographer,
I will have to rely on my fun
Pinterest boards to share
with you today!

Today we are taking a look
at some interesting PINKS!

Great photo of a pink
umbrella. Amazing contrast!
A sign in one of my
favorite ocean side towns
This is sooo cool!
I'm not sure where
this picture is from...
the PINTEREST link
takes you to a blog

Is this not the neatest
globe ever? It is PINK!
It is easy to
please me.
coat. A little hot now
but soon enough this will be
 much desired here!
Linking to Pink Saturday
at How Sweet the Sound.

Have a great weekend.
Enjoy these last few
weeks of lazy hazy summer!
Will be sharing my latest 
vintage finds early next week...