Thursday, February 28, 2013

Starting a Bead Kit with Vintage Baubles

I have a category in my Bella Shop
This is where I sell bits and bobs
of things that have broken
from vintage jewelry or other
vintage bling and buttons.
Lately I have been keeping
some of the beads and charms.

Some of these came from my Grandmother's old stuff. Most are plastic but over the past couple of year's I've found at estate sales, some nice glass beaded necklaces that were either strung too tight or broken.
I'm filling up a nice little kit.

Another box is filling up now too!

My inspiration came from a girl's night out
last year at a local bead works.

It occurred to me that I already had lots of
beads, I just didn't know what to do with them.

My mom's group made these velvelt bookmarks
which I found on Andrea Singarella's blog.
This girl has some great ideas!
I introduced the bookmark craft
to my mom's group and they loved it!
I think I showed off my pink creation last year.

My new project is this black and silver bracelet.
I had purchased some jewelry for Bella Rosa
when I discovered one of the black crystal
flapper girl necklaces was coming unstrung.
Now the beads have a new life!

My new tools of the trade.
Looking forward to more new
things to wear... and maybe even
to sell in my Etsy shop!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Going Green: Wearing Vintage Jewelry for St. Patrick's Day

Everyone likes to wear a little
green for St. Patrick's Day.
I've selected some
sweet jewelry pieces
from my shop with
just the right amount of
green to put a little
Irish jig in your step!

Sometimes subtle is better.
A beautiful pair of glass leaf
cuff links in green!
Beautiful for the ladies
to wear at work or out
to dinner.

Or how about a bouquet of green?
THis six stemmed floral bunch
is filled with lots of sparkle of
the Emerald Isle!

crystals is my favorite!

If earrings that dangle
are more your style,
crystal gems are sure
to bring you some Irish Luck!

A 14k gold filled filigree link
bracelet is another favorite
of mine. Can you tell I
like bracelets?

earrings posts, for
the gal or young
lass who does not
have those lobes
pierced yet.

And a little "aurora borealis" shine in this
beautifully designed brooch filled with
green rhinestones.

May the luck o' the Irish
be with ye this St. Patty's Day!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ye Olde Lighthouse: Saving a Moment in Time

Last week we went to visit family.
Every year we take my Dad to
see something we've never
seen before, even though
I grew up close to the area.

So far we've seen an army
airport museum, a glass museum,
and this year we visited a lighthouse.
Always fun.

There is just something about the old history behind a lighthouse.
The reason for their being, the design, the look.

I had forgotten my nice camera and only had my iphone.
The photos turned out a little bit like paintings.

This lighthouse was originally built in 1849.
That was a long time ago.

It is along the Delaware Bay at the mouth of a river.

At the time there were 1500 men employed along the river.

Not so much anymore.

Technology changed things. Locomotives, automobiles.

But the lighthouse survived the storms of life and decay.
Saved by a local historical committee.

I'm glad they did.
(There is Bebe out in front)
Because as a lover of all things vintage this is a real gem!

And now I can add it to my list of lighthouses we've visited.

Tell me about your lighthouse adventures, if you have some to share.
I'd love to hear about it!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Expect the Unexpected! New Arrivals Are Here

This week I shopped the local antique dealers.
Some I know very well.

I just get a huge kick out of finding something
that they also loved and brought into their space
and now I've brought it to mine.

A few unexpected pieces.

Like the mod atomic vanity stool.
So not me but yet, totally me.

And the vintage trophy I found. Love!

How do I part with these things that I find?
Or maybe they find me.

This vintage, never been played with, LADY LOVELY,
girl's beauty kit was an amazing find! Why didn't the little girl
play with it? I certainly would have...

You can see all of the other finds, here.

Plus, this week's mystery sale is all about the jewelry.
Great sale prices from 2.00 and up!

Enjoy and have a great one.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Mom's Night Out: Use What You Have Decorating

Last week I was in charge of
setting up a Mom's Night Out
for my M.O.P.S group.
(Mother's of Preschoolers)
With a theme, of course.
Valentine's Day.
Throw in a spa treatment
and a movie and we had a
great time with a "night off"
from the everyday routine.
I decorated with things I had
from home. The deep red
tablecloths, the server,
roses, etc. Things I had
grabbed during my
20 minute tablescape here.

I decided to make spritz cookies
using the heart shape and I think
my cookies turned out not only
delicious but they looked
great on this three tiered server.
(I threw in some chocolate to
mix it up...momma's NEED
their chocolate!)

Another Mom brought these
homemade heart sugar cookies.
Look how she frosted them!
Gorgeous! And a depression glass
 plate to serve them on, too.

Here was the table by the time
the rest of the mom's had arrived
with their dessert or appetizer.
We know how to party!

I decided to add some signage
to give it a "salon" look for the
spa treatment.

We didn't forget the punch...
Red for Valentine's Day!

A little mood lighting and we
were all set to watch our movie.
And what did I choose?
The hilarious
Dan in Real Life.
A great night of food,
relaxation and fun!
I hope you enjoyed a peek
into my life as a full time job!
Up next, a peek at
an old lighthouse we visited
this past weekend.
I not only love to talk
about antiques, but I also
love history and historical
PLUS.... something new for you
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blog Shop Sale This Week: Save On EVERYTHING in the Bella Rosa Shop!

Linking up with Blog Shop and adding a special sale in my store, just for the link party!

Use this code link BlogSHOP20 to save 20 percent on all purchases, even Flea Bella
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Be sure to hop on over to How Sweet the Sound and check out
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting Organized (and Chic) with Old Card Catalogs

Card catalogs, yesterday's media magnet, today's decorating hot spot! This look is really in right now.

Here are a few inspirations, found on Pinterest:

I just love the addition of the vintage "accessories" in this shot.

Organize your craft room or studio and look what great storage you have!



The pinner of this card catalog loved how it went with her wooden floors!

This one was embellished by a woodworker, now it looks like it was made for the back of a couch or a side board.

This one makes me think of the one I just added
to my shop...
Who knew I was on the cutting edge? Okay, maybe I'm a bit late for this craze, but I'm glad I found it! What a great way to help me organize my Bella Rosa office!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Use What You Have Valentine Tablescape (In about 20 Minutes)

(This is a post from 2013 but thought it was a fun
post about using what you have to decorate...)

This week I am "practicing" with
what I have on hand for
setting up a HUBS Valentine's
Day table (with the hubby)
and maybe even decorations
I can use for an upcoming
MNO (Mom's Night Out)
with my MOPS group.
(Mother's of Preschoolers.)

All of this code wording
is really just short for FUN.
I just found things here and
there that I had literally
laying nearby or in a cabinet
and used it on the table!
A fun challenge in less
than 25 minutes.
But I spent HOURS on this cake.
Okay, I lied. It is faux!
It was sitting in my china cabinet.
So yummy to the eye,
I just had to use it!
There is a little bit of
vintage lacking here,
I have to admit.
 I did not go into
Bella Rosa storage
and gather up all of
my vintage goodies.
The tablecloth, napkins, and
stemware are antiquey
but the pink cake stands
are new.
Can you spot the vintage LuRay however?
 Making a fun tablescape actually
helped me come up with some
ideas for a Mom's movie/spa
 night we are having next week.
Definitely lots of Hershey's Kisses.
Chocolate, a chick flick, and
time off from the kiddies = bliss!
But, all of this sweet Valentine
fun was shared with a special someone.
My sweet little girl!
She helped me put out the
"I Love You" confetti and "Heart soup"
and even directed me on
where to put the red roses.
(Part of the reason I only
had twenty minutes!)
Enjoy your week!  
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sneak Peek for the Week: Royal Doulton Meets Rusty Metal

Every week can't be all about roses,
can it? Well, maybe but I have
decided to mix it up a little.
Antique calipers.
Old wooden bins.

And what better mix than to add
a rose posey for a bold

I'm selling these beautiful rhinestone
hat pins with this very tall
hat pin holder. I've been holding
onto them for my own collection...
It is so hard not to keep everything!

Plus a pretty Vienna Art Plate
and some gold accent mirrors
in various sizes and designs.
There are more vintage
goodies in store:
Beautiful rose and pansy
postcards,  vintage pink baby items,
placecards, feather plumes and
flapper girl dress trimmings,
hat pins, holders,
and pink lustre...
just to name a few.
Stay tuned.... I'll be back to
announce when they're up
Enjoy the day!
PS...Just wanted to mention this vintage
box of great old ornies is available again.
The buyer decided not to get them as shipping
to Australia is much higher than the item itself!
So, they are here, if you like good
'ol shiny brites and mercury glass
style ornaments!