Thursday, February 26, 2015

So You Want a Vintage Wedding Theme (And Prom, too!)

You know, if I had to do it all over again, I would have a vintage wedding.

From the bridal gown to the shoes and jewelry... I would have a blast designing how it should look.

So because of this I often add things to my shop with vintage themed weddings in mind.

Today I added a couple of jewelry items to the mix:

Classic. Timeless.
And a close up.
This necklace has all of
the characteristics of a
Weiss piece. Nice
quality. Great design.

And of course, a
"matching" pair of earrings.
To top it all off, like a beautiful
wedding cake...
My favorite evening bag:
Just covered in lovely iridescent,
white seed beads... love. this. purse.
It is available in my shop here.
And what's a wedding or prom without
There's more styles & themes,
to choose from at
(in the wedding category)
A great stop, to shop for
vintage wedding and prom.
 (I also like to have vintage fur wraps and capes
available in case of a fall/winter wedding.)
Linking to Pink Saturday, because well,
I would wear light pink shoes if I could
do it all over again! :) 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage #20: Finding Treasures in My Vintage Stash

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!
This is the twentieth week
for this fun vintage lovin',
 blog get together.
I've been having a blast seeing
what everyone brings
to the party each week.
This week I'm sharing how I did not
go out to find vintage goodies,
but just looked through my vintage stash.
Can you believe this awesome frame
was laying around hoping I would
notice it and all of its greatness?
Can't tell you how many times I
overlooked it here in my office.
I added the antique postcard
and VOILA! I had art.
And not just art, but a new
And although a little shabby this vintage
aqua tin picnic basket also sits
in my office, waiting for me to notice it.
This week I finally did.

This is an Argus C3 camera... also noted for its use
in the Harry Potter movie by the Collin Creevey
And yep, it was found, right here
in a box, in my office!
And last but not least,
this treasure has been waiting
for the hubs and I to re-frame it.
Gorgeous, no?
 When we took it
out of the frame there was an old
Boston Herald newspaper behind
it from the 1870's. So of course,
I am super curious to know
who the artist was. Initials
 are E.C.B. Mysterious!
We are almost done re-framing.
While working on it, the hubs
accidently broke the original, old,
antique bubbled glass.

I'm not upset. Too much.
No, seriously, I think we can find new
"old" glass at a place nearby.
When it is finished it is going
to find a prominent
place in my office.
How could I not with the
beautiful "Bella" roses?
Now on to this week's features:
Check out this awesome
screen turned into wall art
shared her finds from the Waterloo
Brocante in Belgium.
Be still my heart.
Did someone say Pink?

and Tea shared this desk
she painted using
Annie Sloan chalk paint.
Now it's ready for her "Little Miss M!"
Now it's your turn!
Let's Talk Vintage:

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

It was C. O. L. D.

We went on a mini vacation last weekend.

I have one word for it.


This is the deck at our lake house
in the Adirondacks.
That tiny figure in the middle of the
photo is my hubby.
He was walking on the lake
which was covered in a couple feet
of snow. What was he doing
out there, you ask?
Checking to see where the
snowmobile tracks were.
This is how it looked the next day.
Frozen Tundra.
Not my kind of fun.
So what was I doing?
Scrapbooking with my Sweet Bebe!
I came prepared, baby.
So, no fun antique trips
or special finds.

At least, not here.
Stay tuned for my next
Let's Talk Vintage on Tuesday
to see what I found in my own
vintage stash!
Have a great weekend and stay
safe! Stay warm!
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absolutely awesome

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage #19: Ye Olde Books

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!

Each week I host a "Link Party" ...every Tuesday at 9 AM, inviting anyone who has a blog, sells vintage, or loves to create and repurpose using vintage things to link up in this weekly space.

This week I'm sharing my love for old books. Yep. I love 'em. Especially if they have artistic spines.

These photos are straight from my own collection.
I have noticed that some of the spines match,
coming from the same publishing company.

I have some of them grouped together.
Like the poetry theme above.
The gold gilding helps them shine
so nicely! Amazing how well
 they've lasted. Most are
from the late 1800's.

Where do I find them, you ask?
Several years ago my Hubby and I used to
travel to Maine each summer to visit my Dad.
I found a lot in New England.
Some are found locally,
here in Pennsylvania, too.
Some I sell, and some I keep.
I've decided to sell this wonderful
They look stunning, all together!
I'm not sure when my fascination
with old books started... but it
does run in the family. My maternal
Grandparents had their own
antiques and bookstore in Florida.
(I apologize this week there
will not be any features, due
to a mini-vacation during the
President's Day holiday.
Features will pick up again next week.
Thanks so much for being 
a faithful participant!)
Well, now it is your turn.
Let's Talk Vintage!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vintage Inspired: New Line of Home Decor Pieces Added to the Bella Rosa Shop!

This week I launched a new line of vintage inspired, home décor pieces. I've created a new category called what else? "Vintage Inspired!"

I think they are so much fun and
fit well into my style.
You may remember, back here, about
a month ago, I found the "LOVE" word
sitter in a store while we were waiting
to go see the Dancing with
And lo, and behold, I found a wholesaler,
 right here in my area who carried it
AND a whole bunch of other cool pieces.
Will I keep looking for beautiful vintage to sell?
Absolutely! I love finding antiques!
To help kick off the new line
I think there will be a giveaway
in the not too distant future...
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Let's Talk Vintage:#18: Valentine's Day Tablescape

Welcome to Let's Talk Vintage!
Today I'm sharing my
Valentine's Day Table featuring
my Great Grandmother's china.
I started with a light pink, damask, vintage
tablecloth I purchased at an auction
about ten years ago. I love it and for
occasions like Valentine's Day and Easter,
it is the perfect foundation.
Then I added some white,
elegant cloth placemats.

I was surprised when I tried the red
chargers... they looked so much
better than the gold I had tried earlier.

This sweet pastel pattern is
 by Homer Laughlin.

Made in 1948 according to the date

stamped on the back.

Then with matching cloth napkins
and some Dove chocolate hearts...
I also added a little color
by popping them into
 the wine glasses too!

While I was looking for things to use
I found these lovely candle rings I
bought at a shop in Cape May
called "Swede Things in America."
Totally forgot about them and was very
happy to use them again!
And what's a Valentine tablescape
without a little bit of romance?
These are dried roses from a bouquet
my dear hubby gave me a few weeks ago.
They were perfect for the setting!
And remember when I was
thinking about making the word "LOVE,"
like this one that I saw in another shop?
Turns out I found them in a local wholesaler's showroom! I've added a new category, here, to
my shop called "Vintage Inspired!" 
Along with my current inventory of vintage and antiques, I'm going to be offering home décor
and gifts with a modern day, vintage flair!
Well, enough about me, let's get back to the party.
Here are this week's features
from last week's participants:
Betsy from My Salvaged Treasures,
found an old radio speaker and
turned it into this cute night light.
shared this lovely shoe shine box, turned centerpiece! Beautiful!
And Tea Cottage Pretties
shared some of her Limoges china
collection. Be still my heart! Lovely.
Thanks so much for sharing!
Now it's your turn!
Let's Talk Vintage!

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Strolling Along in Atlantic City: Vintage Souvenirs

Well, okay, so the title of this blog post is a little
misleading... I am not actually in Atlantic City.
souvenir vase, from my shop, has
inspired me to imagine the
sound of the ocean, the sea gulls,
and to feel the sand between my toes.
All of that from an itty bitty
little souvenir someone
picked up while they were there
many, many moons and
high tides ago.

I love the 3D effect, the flowers
just shaped and molded there.

And to think it was made in Germany.
Were the workers at the factory
wondering what it was like to be
in Atlantic City?

Some of the souvenir postcards
in my shop give us an idea...
(heavy black bathing suits)

Here are some scenes at night.
What fun it must have been!
Walking along with the
moon lighting the way.
They were always dressed
in their best clothes.
And soon, we will be strolling along
the beach, too!
It is nice to get away,
if only in my imagination.
(Big smile)
Vintage souvenirs are great
inspiration pieces and I'm marking
my calendar for our first trip
to the beach of 2015!
Enjoy the day,
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