Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dreaming of a Lake House: Decorating with Vintage

Everyone has dreams, don't they?
My husband's dream is to own a lake house.
While my heart is at the beach and seashore, I can't help
but wonder how I would decorate it.

(Unless I give a source, I think the photos were all from

Definitely add in some good 'ol patriotic flavor.
Vintage flags are great additions!

 Being organized is always helpful.
And of course, we'd all have to have matching tote bags.
My Father used to carve/create wooden swans
and other waterfowl.
I've seen some in our antique mall.
I still have one of his creations.
Savin' it for a lake house now.
Love the high celings
Farmhouse tables are the right fit here.
Source: via on Pinterest
I saw this one on Pinterest and thought it would be a great lake house look.
Look at the coffee table they chose.
An old wagon or mining cart?
This one also came from Pinterest. Great for a kids room.
Bebe could invite a few friends!
I've got my sewing machine ready...

Really like this.
Remove the sailing ship and it is not as much fun!
I always for get about navy blue paint.
Here it is softened with the wainscoting and the decorative plates.

It is fun to dream.
Maybe someday we will have all of the rooms
to decorate.

What's on your dream horizon?

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Thinking Spring

Each year I deal with my winter blues by thinking spring.
And even though we did not have a harsh winter this year...I'm still
eagerly awaiting the first signs.

Some of them have already happened.
Flowers have popped up.
Birds have started singing in the morning.
It is coming.

Bring it on!
Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest for decorating:

Is this a cute idea or what for the front door?
I knew vintage umbrellas were good for something!

I like the decorating on the eggs
Looks like a vintage doily!

This caught my eye first because of the bright colors.
But then I realized we live in the woods and have tons of branches!

We're having an egg hunt here for some of Bebe's friends...
how cute would this make the table look?

Speaking of tables...this display rocks!

And my glass apothecary jar needs an embellishment
for spring. I like this idea!

There is a really cool store not too far from here.
I think I can get all of the supplies I need to pull some of this off.
If I go this week, I'm taking my camera.

I'll  be back with more!
For now, what's your best spring decorating idea?
I'd love it if you'd share it with me!

If you're on Pinterest, let me know too!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Just Listed: Comforts of Home: Vintage China, Antique Children's Books, Victorian Postcards

A few of my favorite finds this week, just listed!

Andersen's Fairy Tales

Condensed milk or jam jar

Celluloid Dolly
She is wearing crocheted pantaloons, too!

An old Bobbsey Twins book from 1931
Vintage "fringe" greeting card.... Easter

This is just the woman in the set I'm showing
mostly because of the pink in her skirt, of course!

Love the graphics in these antique postcards

Antique German postcard

Teapot marked Czechoslovakia

And another Czechoslovakian piece

Take a peek at the rest here, in my Just Listed category.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Funky Antique Spaces and an Update

Last weekend I checked out some seriously cool vintage shops all under one roof.
I shared my favorite finds with y' are some more:

While this was much more impressive in person, I liked how this dealer created a "sign" using funky picture frames and her printer. Plus, that retro pic of Wonder Woman just made me giggle.
There were two shops next to each other called Style Girl and Style Guy.
Selling vintage and retro name brand clothing.

Interesting homemade mirror using rolled vintage sheet music or book pages.

This was another space that I'm guessing is shared by none other than SISTERS!
Loved their homemade sign and embellishment.

And well, this pink plate caught my eye. Are you surprised?

This booth had a neat look to it as well.
What's not to love about "The Purple Giraffe?"
Still need to know the back story on that name.
Tee hee!

And now for an update on my Mom. I've been trying to give updates here and there but since it is not my health I'm broadacasting on the internet, but my MOTHER'S, I've been wary about saying too much. She has written her own post about it here and I wanted to share it with you.
She is on the road to recovery and we feel so blessed!
Thank you for all of the prayers, comments and well wishes.
That is what I love about the bloggy world, so supportive.

Have a super day! I'm off to a local antique mall while Bebe is at school.
Hoping to list tomorrow night what I find!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting Funky in Antique Shops and Pinterest

This past weekend we went downtown with my visiting Step Daughter to what we refer to as "antique row" in our area.
We came across this really fun gathering of shops. It was unique and had a different, funky feel to it....unlike other's I've seen.

Look at that funky sign!
Super cool!

This shop had homemade signs for your home interior.

This table caught my eye as well.
Great idea to do the vintage keys!

Fresh as can be .... right out of the attic probably!

Now this is cool! Wondering where this dealer found this amazing piece.
You know I want one now for my displays at the booth.

Hope you enjoyed my tour!

I'm also excited to announce I FINALLY created boards on Pinterest.
You all warned me... it is fun and addicting!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Soft, Romantic Hues, Timeless Vintage: New Arrivals Are Here!

Newly listed and just in time for Pink Saturday
Romantic, soft hues, timeless vintage.
My Favorite.
Available on Bella Rosa in the Just Listed category.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Just popping in to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to my bloggy pals, readers, and customers.

Bebe and I have been busy today with a sugar cookie class (heart shaped of course) and lunch with the Mommy's and their girls.

Perfect for a day like today.

And speaking of Mom's... my Mother has had good results from her surgery and treatments this month. A big praise for this great news. Still waiting for a couple more tests and the results from them, but all is good and she is resting and joyful. Thank you all for your kind thoughts, prayers and comments you have sent my way. They are much appreciated!

Enjoy the day and rest of the evening for Valentine's Day!

Big Hugs,


Friday, February 10, 2012

Treat Yourself For Valentine's Day: Latest Finds, Just Listed!

There are times when you just want to treat yourself to a little something.
Maybe that something is in our just listed items this week:

 A lovely Delinieres Limoges France nappy or bon bon dish.
Circa 1894-1900

This sweet petite Degas print is from my own personal collection.
Now that I'm typing this I am wondering why I have listed it for sale.

Very long black crystal beaded necklace.
About 120 beads in the entire strand.
If you've ever priced the beads in the craft store,
then you know this is worth it!

 The artistry in this old Easter postcard is great! Love the vibrant colors.
 Antique German shaving mug.
 Beautifully made gold filled heart pin. I call it "Two of Hearts"
 Lovely mint green crystal bracelet. There is nothing like vintage!
 Hummel figurine from West Germany. This one is called "Little Gardener"
 I've never seen a nautical/navy pixie before. Too cute!
 A set of petite mantel books for a romantic vignette.
 Remember these?
 Vintage printer blocks or stamps.
 Colclough fine English bone china teacup
 silver pin cushion
 Sheffield covered butter
 Van Dell carved rose bracelet. Nice larger size!
 This postcard is from the mid 1920's and reminded me of the style of artist Mary Engelbreit.
Am I right?
 Pink wooden shoe stretchers
 Antique rose postcards
And a pretty "peaches and cream" colored rose covered pitcher.
Unmarked so I'm not sure how old this piece is.

I hope you enjoyed my finds this week!
They can be found, just listed, here.