Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dreaming of a Lake House: Decorating with Vintage

Everyone has dreams, don't they?
My husband's dream is to own a lake house.
While my heart is at the beach and seashore, I can't help
but wonder how I would decorate it.

(Unless I give a source, I think the photos were all from

Definitely add in some good 'ol patriotic flavor.
Vintage flags are great additions!

 Being organized is always helpful.
And of course, we'd all have to have matching tote bags.
My Father used to carve/create wooden swans
and other waterfowl.
I've seen some in our antique mall.
I still have one of his creations.
Savin' it for a lake house now.
Love the high celings
Farmhouse tables are the right fit here.
Source: via on Pinterest
I saw this one on Pinterest and thought it would be a great lake house look.
Look at the coffee table they chose.
An old wagon or mining cart?
This one also came from Pinterest. Great for a kids room.
Bebe could invite a few friends!
I've got my sewing machine ready...

Really like this.
Remove the sailing ship and it is not as much fun!
I always for get about navy blue paint.
Here it is softened with the wainscoting and the decorative plates.

It is fun to dream.
Maybe someday we will have all of the rooms
to decorate.

What's on your dream horizon?

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Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I love this dream and you know I'm a dreamer! I want a lake house or a beach house some day. The last photo with the navy blue paint and white wainscoting is my favorite!

luci wallis said...

Oh what great pictures. I am lucky enough that my family has a cottage in Michigan. Your husbands dream is a good one. It is generational as well as our neighbors. I am so excited to spend the summer there with my son as I did when I was a child.

gail said...

LOL Jillian....that's why I was playing....trying to think of a beautiful summer day instead of this yucky stuff.
Love all the photos, especially the patriotic ones.

thistlewoodfarm said...

Thank you so much for the inspiration....what fun! I love the blue and white.


MJ said...

Inspirational photos! My dream? Multiple trips to Europe! Altho I love the idea of a beautiful cabin, it's sounds like work to me (ie: decorating, cleaning, etc!)! I find keeping a blog enough maintenance for me! LOL!

Faye said...

It's always nice to have dreams...I have big ideas for a future home....wonder if it will ever really happen! :)

Old Time Cindy said...

Nothing is better than living with a water view. Fun photos for decor!