Thursday, February 9, 2012

Walls of Pictures

While I was looking for samples of dining rooms on Google, I came across the photo below. It caught my eye immediately due to the color scheme and the wainscoting looked similar.

Besides the dining room project (among others) I've also had in the back of my mind a project for family photos in the hallway leading up the stairs of our home. What do you think of this layout?

Here is what KOVELS Antiques had to say about walls with multiple pictures:

Walls of small pictures are in style. Use frames that complement each other. One decorator says not to use gold and silver frames together—gold and wood or black and white work better. (We think any frames that are similar in size will work if arranged cleverly.) Hang with about 1 1/2 inches between them at the top, bottom, and sides to form a large rectangle or other pleasing shape. You can mix paintings, prints, and photographs if the shapes work.

I'm thinking of using vintage photos from our family's ancestry, on both sides. From the looks of it, I'd better start planning now!


gail said...

Hi this look. My daughter is doing this up her stairs to the second floor.

MJ said...

I love this look. I get b&w photos of the girls every year which would work so well in this context. The mixture of textures of the frames also is important as well as their colour and any mats used. That's why I haven't bothered to pull it together yet!

Regina said...

Beautiful collections and post.
Have a nice week ahead.