Friday, October 31, 2014

Pink in My Vintage Polish Glass Christmas Ornaments

Is the day of Trick or Treat, the spookiest night of the year, all Hallow's Eve.... too soon to talk about Christmas?

I didn't think so either!

The box filled with vintage cheer is over flowing and I've started listing all kinds of holiday goodies already! I just couldn't wait!

You wouldn't be able to wait either if you had these in your possession.

While this is not their original box... I carefully hand selected them to create a box filled with charm and delight, lots of bright colors, pastels too. Of course there had to be pink in there!

Each one is marked "POLAND."

Here is a little bit of history behind the country's ornaments:
(You can find this and the earlier back story info from the website

The devastation of World War II left Poland with modest decorations, as the market lacked ready made items and necessary materials to create homemade adornments. With the reconstruction of industry development factory made blown-glass ornaments appeared on the market and became a major export of Poland.
Polish glass ornaments have a very old tradition and a reputation for quality, design, artistic imagination, and craftsmanship. Mouth-blown and hand-decorated, they are very delicate art treasures. Known as bombki, the ornaments are also a collector’s item.
Almost all companies that produced Christmas decorations during the Communist era were small private ventures which struggled during the difficult times of government restrictions. The regime also attempted to diminish the importance of Christmas as it was a religious feast.

Hope you enjoyed my blog post today...
and have a deeper appreciation for the
stories behind the things we hang on the
tree each year. This is just one of them!
Have a great weekend...
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let's Talk Vintage #4: Beautiful Booth Displays at the Antique Show

Welcome to "Let's Talk Vintage!" This is where you get to share your current vintage repurpose projects, your collections, your latest finds, even what you're selling... you can link up here!

Today I'm going to share some gorgeous antique dealer booths from the antique show I just did this past weekend. So, grab your cuppa and enjoy!

This was the booth directly across from mine.
Bebe saw the green parasol and just loved it!
The sweet dealer, Olga, gave me a great price and now
someone is going to get a big surprise at Christmas!

I just loved this booth. Gorgeous! Very French,
feminine and chic. The dealer, Laura, had an eye for
beautiful things! I loved just about everything in it.

This booth was filled with all things
Christmas and holidays. It was well
done and I found out from the dealer
that it was her first time doing a show!
I was impressed. I hope she does
another... who doesn't love vintage
Christmas items?

Now this booth was a joint effort of
dealers from the Brandywine, PA area.
Very high end antiques. I didn't even
look at the price tag on this set of china.
Amazing, though isn't it? You just don't
find this type of thing everyday.
Their booth was very well done!

This dealer was all about jewelry!
My jaw dropped open.
The cases are FILLED to the BRIM.
It was almost overwhelming...
but what a great collection.

This was another booth with dealers
from the outskirts of Philadelphia.
Loved this horse painting.
Didn't look at the price of this one, either!

And I thought this display shelf idea
was awesome! Really cool!
The whole booth was "Adirondacky"
if that is okay to make up my own word.
Everything was woodsy, cabin'ish...
with fishing creels, decoys, etc.
Really neat.

And now it is time for the link party!
Here is a peek at what other bloggers shared last week:

Joyce, at the Quilted Nest, shared this
gorgeous burgundy velvet jewelry box...

And Betsy at My Salvaged Treasures shared this set of scales.
How perfect is the color of the kitchen scale right now?

shared this awesome old feedbag
from her garage sale hunt. She had to
climb a ladder to remove it from a wall!

This is my fourth week and I'm having a ton of fun with it.
I just love what you are linking up!
Now it is your turn:

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Antique Show Re-Cap: What I Learned

A success!
The antique show this past
 weekend was awesome!
I had a great time.
It was the first of its kind
in this area so I did not
have my expectations very
I was thinking positive
about it and I think it met all of
my expectations.
I was leaning on the conservative
side and only rented a table instead
of a larger, walk-in booth.
During set up I was starting to
wish I had gotten the larger space.
It looked like so much fun.

But I think over all I did well with my
table... so I have no complaints.
I crammed in as much inventory as I could.
There were so many great people
that I met... new friends that
I look forward to seeing again.
The gal in the middle goes to one
of our local auctions so I've made
a mental note to try it out soon.
She was a hoot to watch in motion.
She had the antique show gig
down to a science.
My new friend on the far right,
owns a shop in Cape May, NJ
called "Out of the Past Antiques"
so I am definitely going to
visit her next summer!
Already planning my trip!
So here is what I learned:
1. Every experience is a valuable one.
2. Every opportunity is a learning experience.
3. Every customer is a learning experience.
4. You never know what people will buy!
5. Be patient. Observe More. Listen More.
6. Bring "new" items each day of the sale.
Next up: A peek at some of the other
antique booths ...
PLUS my fourth
"Let's Talk Vintage" Linky party
which starts at 9 AM on Tuesday!
Leave me a comment if you'd like
to be on an email list I am building.
This way you'll be reminded when it is
time to link up!
Enjoy the day!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

It's Here! Antique Show Day!

Where does the time go?
Today is the day of my antique show set up.

Things have been crazy around here. Our internet
was down more than it was up, which is bad
because this is a crucial selling time for anyone
with a shop. I did manage to edit a few pictures
for, but not all were listed.
And I added a few things to my Etsy shops.
I'll have to double down next week because
today I am heading to an antique show to
set up my vintage wares. Excited!
 I have lots to do and just wanted to
give a quick update. I will be using Instagram
this weekend so if you can, follow along
and you'll see some of my favorites at the
show and my own displays.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Let's Talk Vintage Linky Party # 3 - Using Vintage To Decorate a Banquet

Welcome to my third "Let's Talk Vintage Linky Party!"

Last week was a busy one! My creative skills were called upon to decorate a dinner banquet at Bebe's school.

My mission: Decorate in a patriotic theme... and more specifically include one of the most famous documents in our nation's history.

I was up for the challenge.

As always, I include vintage pieces.

Some of the items were from the staff
at the school. We emailed and asked if
anyone had the items I requested on my list.
The pitcher seen here holding the flags
is from my shop.
It has a pretty pink rose on it but I wrapped
some burlap and ribbon around the vase to
cover it... didn't want it to look too "shabby chic!"
A teacher lent me his reproduction of the
very famous signed document, the Constitution.
I printed this one from the internet.
Each guest was given a bookmark
as a party favor. The statue of Liberty
is from my own collection at home.
I found the feathers at our local craft store and added
 the "we the people" tags using parchment paper
from my resume stash. Yes, I actually used
to use parchment style paper for my resume!
This dinner d├ęcor really came together with
all of the right pieces... I was happy things
fell into place as I had a busy week planned.

The antique eye glasses are
from my bookshelf display...
the old Bibles were from
my hubby's collection.
I find it fun pulling pieces
from different sources...
and watching it take shape!
And now, without further ado,
Let's Talk Vintage!
I'm featuring a couple of bloggers
from last week's shindig:
Melissa shared her Pyrex finds...
totally retro cool!
And over at Adirondack Girl at Heart
we saw a FABULOUS pair
of robin's egg blue ice skates!
Now it is your turn!
Share your latest projects,
shop items, your personal
collections, etc.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Let's Talk Vintage Linky Party #2

Do you find yourself shopping for,
collecting, and just
loving vintage?
Want a place to check out
what everyone else is
collecting and buying?
(And even selling?)
Well, you've come
to the right place!
Let's Talk Vintage!
Here are a couple of awesome bloggers
I'm featuring from last week's party
who really kicked it off in style:
found a gold mine of a treasure with this
vintage mining cart!
made out well in record time at a barn sale:
What??? I never find gorgeous pitchers
like this at a barn sale!
And there was fleamarket madness
They always find oldies but goodies!
And now, it's your turn to link up:
Just simply
1) Add your post below...
2) Link back to me if you have a blog
3) Have fun! (So far there's no limit on how many)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Decorating for a Patriotic Dinner - Tea Staining - And a Link Party Tomorrow!

This week I have a bunch of fun stuff
going on! I'm even trying to tea stain...
Key word being... TRYING.
I've been asked again to decorate for an
event at Bebe's school. My creative
brain just can't say no!
I thrive on this kind of stuff. Sometimes
it is a little stressful, but mostly fun.
Or else, I wouldn't do it.
The theme has to do with the US Constitution.
Anyway, so I attempted to tea stain
some patriotic fabric. Not a real flag, mind you,
so don't email me and say I was destroying the flag!
(Obviously this is on my mind)
Anyway, the tea did not take.
The fabric looks the same as
before I put it in the pot of
steamy hot water.
Maybe the fabric was treated?
Didn't boil it enough?
Not enough tea bags?
Will have to research this later...
I also found (among our own stuff,)
a neat collection of reproduction
old American documents.
Then I had an idea... the light bulb clicked!
At each table, have a feather with a "We the People"
tag on it... as a reminder of the signing of this
important document.
Add an old glass inkwell, old spectacles and "Voila!"
Instant patriotism.
I'll be back later on with photos
of how it turned out.

Wish me luck!
Don't forget.... tomorrow is my
"Let's Talk Vintage" linky party!
Feel free to link up your posts.
Projects, vintage stuff you sell,
things you collect, things you love...
Tomorrow morning at 9 AM!
(Still trying to figure out how to do
the "code" for the logo/button... bear with me!)
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Let's Talk Vintage Thank you & Exciting Antique Ventures

First, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to the bloggers who helped me with my first day of a new linky party called "Let's Talk Vintage!"

If you are interested in linking up with me next time feel free to grab my button on my side bar or here below:

1. Then on Tuesday at 9 AM (Eastern time) link up your blog posts, shop items, or whatever you are working on that has to do with vintage. (Anything 1980's or before.)

2. So far there is no limit on how many times you can link per week. I'll have to take this one week at a time and see how many participate!

3. Simply link back to me if you have a blog post and we can help each other out by doing so.

And now I have more exciting ventures to tell you about. I'm going to be taking part in an antique show in our local area of Lancaster County, which is most often known as "Amish Country."

I'm starting out small and only getting a one table booth but if it turns out well I plan on expanding next year. It is a three day show and I am getting excited about what to bring and how to make my display.

The first night of the show, which is a Friday, includes an "Early Buyers Wine & Cheese Social." While it is not a "black tie event" I am definitely going to try and dress UP. Wear some of my vintage jewelry and see how it goes!

More details to come! I'll be pinning on Pinterest for great ideas ... follow along with me there or also on Instagram for updates.

But before that even happens I have other stuff planned! (It is great being busy but I'm starting to feel the pressure!)

First I am helping Bebe's school with another event... where they want ME to decorate their donor dinner. I love it because I get to infuse some of my vintage pieces. I think they love it because they never know what I am going to bring! ( I usually don't either until the last minute)

This event has a "American Constitution" theme. I'm thinking parchment paper, an "old" copy of our famous documents (a visit to the graphics fairy, perhaps?), a quill "pen," wooden crates, lanterns, and definitely cheer for some red, white, and blue.

Then the same day, my Mother is coming into town.  I'll be sure to pre-write and schedule my second "Let's Talk Vintage" post because it is on the same day too!

I'll be back soon... Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Let's Talk Vintage: First Day of My New Link Party!

Can we talk?
Can we talk about VINTAGE?

It is one of my favorite topics!
Today I'm starting a
"Let's Talk Vintage" link party.
You can join in or just have fun checking
out what others have to share!
Feel free to link up your latest finds,
treasures, photos, vintage shop items,
 or vintage projects like repurposing!
(Your post or link just has to have something
about vintage... preferably from the 1980's and beyond.)
Today I've been having fun listing some vintage
goodies ... some on my
website, and some in my "retro" Etsy shop.
What are you working on? Did you find
a vintage treasure or two recently?

SO, "Let's talk vintage!":

Copy my "Let's Talk Vintage" graphic
and link up below.
(If the graphic is missing then the link
party is closed. Try the current date and
there should be a current one there.)